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But have they registered to VOTE?!

Sorry, 'busy' justifying my disability status.  So, in dispose all day.  Just checking in with one comment.

I graduate of Land of Nod University, I have always maintained that it was a certainty that there was life elsewhere in the universe - and beyond: intelligent life.  Listening and reading about UFOs, for many years, I concluded that it may not be probable, but there is a fair possibility that alien life is wheeling and careening through our atmospheres, defying the laws of physics as we know them.  Not so sure about the Greys, and abductions, and so on, all of which remain hypotheses.  But early readers of my journal may remember that I believed that aliens are possible, and the subject should be treated seriously.  There just has been too much good evidence that high strangeness has been afoot, for centuries or more.

Now a government report, (innitiated by Trump, I think), (late June), says pretty much the same thing: No evidence for aliens, but plenty of evidence of high strangeness.  That's a small step in the right direction, for Mankind.  What we don't if this defiance of physics is exercised by aliens, China, Russia, as-yet-unknown psycho-geological phenomena, just plain psychic nonsense, the Angels and Devils, or what have you.  Sorry I didn't use semicolons but I am tired.  I am also an Alien.  Not even a citizen.  And always on the border.

Anyway, another thought is this: It's OK to imagine the 'conspiracy theory' that aliens on Earth are possible - but it is BANNABLE if you imagine that SARS-2 escaped from a lab, or was weaponised, or was funded by our money - which, why the hell does China need anything from us, fcol?!  And it's White Supremacist to imagine that January 6 was not the Second Coming of Lucifer, paling in comparison to the hundreds of riots held across the country by Antifa/BLM/etc., killing and injuring hundreds and causing $2 billion of property damage.  And it is TABOO to imagine that there was NOT Russian collusion with Trump - although there was with the Biden's and Clinton's.  And so on.  I'm tellin' ya.  If you're looking for aliens, they're all right there in WDC.
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NEANDERTALIA - Red Hairing (Part 1)

I am in Day 7 of my relapse, will be better tomorrow.  More later.  Have been exercising painful brain by following intellectual curiosity online, despite glaring screen.  This research brought me back to olde, continuing interests and bookmarks.

Where does red hair come from?  Well, I had an old hypothesis that it came from Neandertal - a hypothesis I had to semi-reject later, awaiting further evidence.  Then, some weeks or months ago, I came upon this arti/blog, which asserts that, indeed, red hair, or more specifically, the Irish, derive from Neandertal.  This piece must, of course, be credible, because it was posted at rationalskepticism.org, right?  Not right, at all.

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"The History of the Red Haired Race"

And here is the full scientific report on those red-headed Tuatha Dé Danaan, who have been badgering us in their UFO's because they are the children of the fallen angels, (Anunnaki): The Dragon Lords of Anu
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Your Hollyrock Minute

ET 2

Remembering those early days...

The Garden of Eden experiment created, monitored and manipulated by Other Intelligences including the tall Praying Mantis being at gate; the two extraterrestrial biological entity (EBEN) scientist types in front of the Praying Mantis directing “Adam and Eve” to leave the Garden where a Mesopotamian/Reptilian ziggurat is seen beyond the wall; assisting in the Garden of Eden experiment are small, gray-skinned androids with large slanted eyes that often wear blue leotard-type uniforms with a circle patch that encircles a triangle; and the Tall humanoids, often described as having shoulder-length blond hair or longer copper red hair or even black hair and often wearing shoulder-to-feet robes. Illustration © 1984 by Debbie Pagliughi and Beau Peterson, The Order. - earthfiles.com
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Extraterrestrial Sausage Tweets Holiday Message, Insults

Is ‘Oumuamua an alien spacecraft? First scans show no signs of technology

I thought I posted about this some time ago - but maybe not. I know I also referred to it but not sure if that post ever went up either(!) There are, lately, a lot more stories about supposed gigantic UFOs in space, around the sun, etc. These might be asteroids, or plasma phenomena, or armies of aliens, I'm not sure just yet... We are passing through a rough galactic patch. On the other hand, what alien civilisation would not want to watch from the sidelines as we undergo the latest phase in our evolution: mass-extinction?

They found that the oceans have been warming faster than expected. They found that sea levels would be rising greater than expected. They found that the arctic is warming twice as fast as expected, turning dark, and so absorbing more heat from the sun - (an accelerative loop) - just as I predicted only decades ago.

If these drastic changes can happen in only a few decades, just imagine how things will be by the year 2100. And people get hung up on swimming polar bears as if they are cheering for their fabulous Chicago Cubs. This is not a game. Believe me, at this point, we should be contemplating any prospect of soliciting help from possible aliens. Unfortunately, that would probably be the other prong of a great existential Catch-22.

We have had an asteroid/moon which appeared to be sending out alien signals, once before. I can't even remember the name of that. There was lots about it over at earthfiles.com. It emitted an actual electromagnetic signal which sounded like some living creature. Then our landing craft fell over, (supposedly?), and that was that. The point is, do not close your mind to even the most bizarre. Some possible aliens might build their ships to look like rocks just to escape attackers. I know I would. In fact, that's how I dress when I go shopping. For Les Deplorables. Links to the past:

Interstellar asteroid checked for alien technology
Mysterious interstellar object to be scanned for alien tech as it flies through Solar system
Alien life? NASA poised to reveal latest findings of planet hunting Kepler spacecraft (POLL)
Newly found Antarctic ‘air-eating’ bacteria could change the way we search for aliens

Amateur Astronomers spots ‘massive cigar-shaped UFO’ near the Orion Nebula: / Long exposure...

........O R I O N
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A Good Year? - For Science!

HOUSE - spare me

Paranormal conversation.

There was a report that space alien signals might have been coming from around a nearby star. This was apparently debunked. But then there was a later explanation claiming that they had not actually have been debunked - and so the question is still open.Collapse )
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Leaked UFO emails rain from the heavens!

As you may know, emails released from Wikileaks on JOHN PODESTA are big in the news, with lots of incriminating info on Clinton and the DNV Dems.  A few of them, though, are about Unidentified Flying Objects.  Do you believe that UFO's exist - well they certainly do - 100%.  Any flying, floating or falling object which cannot be identified, IS a UFO.  There are countless UFO's, because we can't identify everything.  Simple enough.  The question is, is it possible that some of these UFO's convey extraterrestrials or time-travellers?  The answer is, yes, of course it is.  The universe is as vast as our minds are small.

So, the REAL question is, DO some of these UFO's actually convey the aforementioned?  We don't know yet.  But maybe some people do.  Since I see the possibility of extraterrestrial or time-travelling UFO's not to be small, then, if they do exist here on Earth, then it is highly probably that 'our' Military and Intelligence are aware of them, if not in some kind of communication, or conflict, with them.  Therefore, investigating what these agencies may know is NOT a foolish pursuit.  My feeling is that they do have awareness of such visitors.  And, there is evidence that some awareness goes back to WWII, and even centuries or millennia.

Do you believe that ghosts exist? I know some of you do. Do you believe in a God or an afterlife? How about synchronicity, or luck, or ego?  None of these things are proved.  They are, "conspiracy theories."  It is important to accept your inner tin-foil hat, before you can have compassion or comprehension for what others may be claiming.  In fact, compared to some things, theories of UFO "aliens" may have a lot more real-world evidence to back them up.  It's just that so many people automatically tune-out.  Again: The universe is so vast, and so rife with life, that it is inevitable that there are many, many intelligent beings out there - (just as there are many intelligent animals and insects here on Earth)!

I have pondered cattle mutilations; cat mutilations; alien abductions including implants; crop circles, etc.  I know that something intelligent is communicating to us, at least through the genius of crop-circles.  I don't know if it is extraterrestrial, or from another time or dimension.  However, I can imagine, that like ghosts or dream images, these symbols are passing into our sphere, conveying some significance, as avatars of some other consciousness, from some other place or dimension.  Maybe the sun.  Maybe something else.  Maybe they are completely coincidental - as if a thought in some mind somewhere across the universe hits a certain frequency which turns it into a concrete apparition here on Earth - a dream - a ghost.

Maybe these emergent, fleeting ghosts, are suggestions from the "alter-dimensionals", which blur into our own mass-subconsciousness, and all else.  Maybe there is no final accounting for them.  Maybe they slice up cattle because they are showing us, "This is what your genetic engineering will do to creation in the future!"  Maybe they send us dreams of being abducted, with implants being inserted, to say, "This is your own future in a Brave New World."  Maybe they cut crop circles into feilds of wheat, etc., because they want to reveal to us, "Your GMO monoculturing will one day destroy all your grain fields, and there will be famine and death - unless you: WAKE UP!"

Unless WE wake up!

The universe is all of the same "mind".  It is just that it separates out into an infinity of separate entities, operating in their own separate time-lines.  (And, the reverse is true: We all create "the mind").  In order to give all these entities reality, the Origami Universe folds together meanings - it brings together bizarre coincidences and apparently super-normal experiences, catering to each biased existence - each narcissistic ego.  Everywhere, this happens.  Occasionally, there is a merging of meanings, or supernatural events, so that, yes, we actually can dimly perceive ghosts from alternate universes or times or planets.  This is how dreams work in our minds, and this is how reality works in the universe, which, when mapped out, looks like a mass of brain tissue, btw.

The theory of alternate world-lines and dimensions follows from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, wherein, mathematically, all possibilities exist in some kind of reality - a "superstate" - until one of them is observed and therefore chosen and collapsed into the only reality.  The only reality for this particular observer, and time.  But, in theory, all other dimensions "continue" to be real.  Therefore, it is theoretically possible for someone to experience bleed-through or worm-holes from other dimensions: ghosts of some other time and place.  This is all based on math - but quantum entanglement is a related phenomenon which is sufficiently REAL.  That means that, yes, we may be visitted by beings, in UFO's, from other dimensions.  Controlled, deliberate bleed-through, on their part.

In the Podesta UFO emails, visitting UFO's are said to be from such alternate dimension(s), rather from another place in THIS universe.  Well, I look at this suspiciously, because the email(s) could have been concocted as a mimicking of math-based theory alone, which is nevertheless hot in the world of Sci-Fi.  It is not impossible that the emails were leaked by Russians, and that the Russians manufactured a few of the emails, as they are capable of doing.  On the other hand, this whole sudden canard from the Clinton campaign, which saturates NPR, over whether any of the emails are authentic, is complete political evasion and diversion.  Wikileaks is known to be an honourable organisation which has only released authentic emails in the past.  The possibility that some of them are now inauthentic is more likely to be a Hillary talking point.  That means: I am saying that the Podesta claims about UFO's from alternate dimension(s) MAY be correct.

Before I release to you all this stuff about the UFO emails, here is an article questioning the ability of extraterrestrials to come here, or even just contact us, based on the conclusion that they probably destroyed themselves before they ever got around to it - just as we humans would do(!)  That is a thought I have had in the past.

But, again, this thought ignores the vastness of the universe, and the whole variety of possibilities which would allow for the ability of creatures to become interstellar.  Certainly, many have the ability to contact us, at least.  The Podesta UFO's are not necessarily such beings, from some other planets, but are (?) from alternate dimension(s).  Like ghosts.  Or dreams.

Aliens haven’t made contact because they killed themselves before they could – like we will, says stargazing TV professor Brian Cox

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The latest news from Russia.

My mind is open to (some) UFO's possibly conveying intelligent aliens or time-travellers - but not so far open that my brains are falling out.  I have spent a lot of time studying them, or the reports.  I look for correlations, because direct proof is pretty much impossible.  A solid correlation I have found is between threats or weapons of nuclear war, and UFO's arriving to show force or even to disarm missiles.  This is a large HYPOTHESIS, or a theory.  But, it looks pretty strong to me.  I have no vested interest in UFO's, either way.

There has been cat-and-mouse play between Russia and the USA, ever since the Obama or Putin 'presidencies' began.  This can easilly be documented.  Now, that cold-play is getting hotter.  One reason why, is that Hillary needs an enemy to divert attention from Wall Street, and also from her emails.  It makes political sense to blame Russia for Assange and Wikileaks.  In fact, there is circumstantial evidence that Russia is indeed comandeering some leaks in order to hurt Hillary.  (Putin prefers Trump).  That whole can of worms can be read about over at wiki_truth, (where new posts are overdue).

You may have heard in the news that Putin and Obama have been trading threats thinly disguising the possible use of nuclear weapons.  This is serious stuff - the kind of stuff that comes out of bad economic times, and ends up as real war.  Humans will try everything, and no one has yet tried global nuclear war.  Scores of billionaires have been moving to the Southern Hemisphere, for a few years now, based on rumours of impending nuclear conflagration.  This must NOT be discounted as being, "tin-foil hat conspiracy theories."  Denial is fuel for the pyre.  Well.  We humans, mainly sheep, are limitted in our ability to act responsibly, as individuals or en masse.  So, if there IS more intelligent life in the universe, then they would indeed be stepping in at times like these, when nuclear push comes to nuclear shove, yes?  This is not so fantastical as many would try to make it seem.  The universe is an infinite place, and is rife with life, from molecule to star.  To think otherwise is primat-ive and selfish.  Even Stephen Hawking warns that we must be careful of extraterrestrials.  So...

Along come the UFO's!

RT: NASA cuts live feed from ISS after ‘UFO’ spotted (VIDEO) (This has happened countless times, including black-out of structures on Mars and the Moon).

RT: ‘Huge glowing’ UFO filmed above Moscow homes (VIDEO) (This came right after Putin's most serious verbal retaliation). Also at Daily Mail: Mysterious 'UFO' filmed hovering over block of flats in Moscow as locals claim 'it's not the first sighting' Of course, these could be terrestrial phenomenon, especially what with the Earth's core and magnetic fields going bonkers. So, this must be taken as an extension of a RUNNING HYPOTHESIS.

But, what is solidly REAL is the preparation for war, from building bunkers for the rich, to setting up nuclear missiles. I have countless examples of this, but not for this quickie theme post. Here just a little, the latest: Russia suspends nuclear cooperation with US, says Washington violated agreement

And this: Russia transfers nuclear-capable missiles to Kaliningrad

Another way of discerning how there is an edging towards possible nuclear war is simply to go back and look at what is going on politically, and figure out how such might benefit or harm such political actors as Clinton, as well as how it might benefit certain corporations, and campaign donors.  And, what is happening in Syria, with Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iran?  How would actors in these countries benefit or lose from a WWIII?  How about China?  And, have we not been treating Russia like crap since Georgia?  There is a concerted effort to make Russia an enemy - it's in the dockets!

A wide-scale war has a good chance of occurring - and so the USA and Russia will naturally crystalise along such a possibility, as if moved by an unseen force.  Now, there is talk that this probably-coming war will include nuclear weapons.  (Of course it would, because we've warred every other which-way).  THAT makes it more likely that some UFO's in the sky may indeed convey aliens.  As far as them saving us from ourselves, I think they might be more likely to bestow on us a quick end, a la Mars, yars.

Conveniently, we have creepy clowns to save us!  And more foolish fodder from Bill Clinton I mean Donald Trump. Oh.... READ / more / here.
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Maybe, Maybe Not. Probably.

Daily Mail, (yesterday): Have researchers discovered an alien MEGASTRUCTURE?
'Bizarre' star could be surrounded by a Dyson sphere built by extraterrestrials, researchers claim

KIC 8462852 is located 1480 light-years away from Earth
Has produced a series of bizarre light fluctuations team cannot explain
One theory is that a vast megastructure is obscuring the light from it
- (See also all the links to popular news videos).

2011: Advanced alien civilizations, have we already found some?

Infographic: Dyson Spheres: How Advanced Alien Civilizations Would Conquer the Galaxy (Infographic)

Earthfiles: Apollo 17 NASA Film Shows Rotating Triangle of Lights in 1972 Film from Lunar Landing Module.