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Peewee knows

Yet More, "Russian intermeddling" ...

Here we go again! US lawmaker says he was told Moscow played role in Charlottesville riots

The fact is that the media is trained to hype and run with these stories so no one ever really gets to know who is behind anything. Most probably, George Soros was behind Antifa, as he was proved to be behind BLM - in the interest of a free and open society, of course! Despite agitating violence there, as they did in Portland, Antifa keeps getting special treatment from the press, etc. Because they are liberally Anti-Trump.

Moral and ethical decisions, these days, are based on politics, or "likes".

I am reminded by a song by Robyn Hitchcock where the devil shows up in his bowl of cereal. The Russians are EVERYWHERE! Eeek!
eek - bleh!

The Cushions are Running. The Cushions are Running. Eeek.

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Blame the Russians!

Washington Post: U.S. to ban use of Kaspersky software in federal agencies amid concerns of Russian espionage

That's the same newspaper that broke so many UNSOURCED "leaks" about the Russians-are-coming insanity. That's basically the main (fake news) source of the hearings, which have two purposes: to foil Trump; and to create an easy enemy, as an alternative to Saudi Arabia + Israel. If we are going to ban Kaspersky, why don't we ban every OTHER software that the USA infiltrates in its spying of everyone on the planet? Removing Kasperky wouldn't solve anything even if Russia WERE infiltrating government computers. Russians are smarter than that. They play chess. And live on turnips, and vodka. All they really want to do is get drunk, and put out great internet security products, oh, LIKE THESE!>>>

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What do you suppose this whole kerfuffle has to do with the rogue USA government finding it impossible to infiltrate its own computers, so long as they are being protected by Kaspersky software?! Seriously. That's always how it goes down. Nothing comes out of WDC which isn't fake news.

There are no accidents, except the big, big one.