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Talkin' 'bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman

I think this song is worth keeping alive...

"Internationally, this single was a big hit, reaching the Top 40 in several countries, including France and New Zealand, becoming a classic in Chapman's song repertoire.[2] The song received heavy radio play in Tunisia in 2011 during the Tunisian Revolution.[3][4] The song has also been used as an unofficial theme for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign. This song played before speeches at campaign rallies.[5]"

Note - It is interesting that both the Arab Spring and the Bernie Sanders fling were influenced by this song. The Madison protests (2011) and the Arab Spring (2011) both fed back into each other, and from that energy eventually came OCCUPY, in the USA, (etc.) Then came BLM and Sanders, neither of which could have gained strength without this question-authority momentum which preceded them.

However, the Arab Spring was seeded by American interests, along long-term strategies of USSR Containment, and the NeoCon/GOP "PNAC" - the Project for a New American Century. It was also facilitated by the CIA, Google, FaceBook and Twitter. Of course, destabilising 7 Arab countries did NOT lead to the hoped-for, and promised, democratisation. Only Tunisia was a success, in this regard. And, Egypt did manage to throw out both Mubarek AND the Muslim Brotherhood, who was backed by this Western strategy of destabilisation, and inserting puppet strong-man regimes. It is also said that Barack Obama had personal connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, but this is not widely acknowledged.

Apparently, the Tracy Chapman song might have been meant to be less of a protest song as a poke in the eye of people who merely TALK about change, but don't really instigate or get involved. Such has been the bane of American history, ever since 1/3 of Americans chose to sit out the American Revolution, (while another 1/3 supported England). This comfortable numbness is easy to adopt, in a culture of people who feel detached from government, yet are daily fed with delightful TV, junk food, political lies, infinite games of internet, and now, adept social programming via propaganda from the Deep Insecurity State.

Similarly, and regarding political lies, in most every (lucrative) war, it has taken some contrived event to shake people out of their complacency, and into demanding a fight. That includes 9/11. This social tardive dyskenesia could be seen as a good thing - or a bad thing. I'll leave that discussion for some other time.

But, when the time comes to move, people will latch on to the music and the marches that seem to fit the movement. Sometimes, the choices are absurdly odd or ironic, but they don't care. And so, whatever the true meaning of Tracy Chapman's song, it was used as a potent tool in movements which were both sincere and also funded by covert agents, such as the CIA, or George Soros. Of course, I prefer to see it as a song of protest. And that's all I have to say for now - I am done talkin' 'bout it, it, it, it.

Wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkin%27_%27bout_a_Revolution

Lyrics - http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/3530822107858554163/

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKYWOwWAguk

(See tag for other protest songs).
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debtors prison

All over a $2 bottle of beer. I love that the ACLU is getting involved in this issue. I have contacted the ACLU before, and they turned me down, because they want to focus on injustices relevant to broad groups of people. Unfortunately, they have failed to see how certain injustices DO affect certain broad groups. The problem is that they do in fact make their choices based on a mainly liberal agenda. This is great, but it ignores other injustices. Also, there is a limit to how much they can do. Anyway, I am glad they are focusing on this issue, which will apply to ALL the poor, rather than just to blacks, or to women, etc.

Back in the high days of the British Empire, people were sent to Australia simply for stealing a loaf of bread. People forget that the American Revolution was not so much against King George, as it was against CORPORATE EXPLOITATION, i.e., by the British East India Company. King George merely signed on to this exploitation, in order to benefit the power of the monarchy, rather stupidly, presaging the selfish stupidity of today's politicians, puppets to corporatism.

While these injustices occur today, there rises a countervailing spite amongst the poor, and especially amongst the disempowered blacks, who amplify their grievances towards practicing their own habits of injustice. And so, many urban blacks walk down the middle of the street, or steal cigars or beers. It is animal logic. These injustices are not just examples by the rich, illustrating their obvious, illicit privileges or abuses, they are impositions of police abuse and of poverty. Its the way the economic system rolls, and HAS rolled, for recent centuries. I think there is no question that the system must change. It SHALL change, somehow. Since the planet is in a mass extinction, et al, then who knows if this change will be progressive?

"Criminals" were sent to Australia - to penal colonies there. Luckilly, many prisoners managed to get out, eventually, and begin some kind of life there. Better than the industrialised squalour they knew in Britain. The fact is, there is only so much prison space to contain a burgeoning class of people ejected, en masse, by rising injustice. Even today's privatising prisons will fill up, and want less and less to do with extra prisoners, as the racket becomes easier and easier, thanks to economically desperate governments. What company wants to spend on more (prison) construction, when it is more and more profitting from simple games of money and corruption?

Big problem: Unconstitutional. Or do we forget?

Thousands of Americans are being sent to modern-day debtors' prisons every month - http://www.naturalnews.com/048526_debtors_prisons_justice_system_14th_Amendment.html

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Radio Zanity - (& war and depression)

This month's edition of the EARTHFILES report, with Linda Molton Howe, is tonight on AM radio "Coast-to-Coast", (or go to site and stream), at 1:00am Central. Always great. See HER site for more: http://www.earthfiles.com

NPR's "WORLD CAFE" has been doing a great 1980's retrospective - all week! Great interviews!! Billy Idol was on tonight, and it lead to me making a comment to a LJ friend, (after she told of her prophetic dream about Obama and impelling world war). This comment is relevant, so you can read...

"Well, it is the feelings in a dream which usually do the telling - so maybe you were right. On the other hand, in real performances, "blood" can be created. So, I don't know.

In a way, your dream resembles some people's feelings about their belief and hope in Obama - it died after many of the corporatist and big-brother decisions he made.

I do think it is very possible that there may be a WW3 coming, as a diversion by the bankster/elites away from their crimes and tragic economics. This is the purpose many wars serve. At the same time, such wars also betray an inherently broken system, finally tapped out.

Billy Idol was on "World Cafe" tonight, mentioning the depression in England in the 1970's. There were no jobs for anyone. So, some people, like him, did what they loved: art, music, punk, photography, fan-zine journalism... ((I'd think that these people had to have had a little money available - which may be why the leaders of revolutions, and the writers and intelligentsia, usually start in the upper classes, then recruiting thugs and etc. to do the real fighting, and so everything usually disintegrates - because - hey - neither rich kids nor bullies know how to negotiate reality too well, ha ha)).

ANYway... during a depression (which we are in), everybody believes there are no jobs, and there is no future, and there is no meaning, (i.e., "depression"). That is because all these people, the great duped mass of society, are still locked into the status-quo games of the past, as pushed by the bankster-elites, and their loans, and their politicians, etc.

But those who break away, and generate their own new little economy, as paltry as it may seem at first, defy this, and can move on to new successes -- and paradigms.

Unfortunately, the elites usually co-opt much of the latter.

I just mentioned all this because of the sentence above about war being the result of a tapped-out system, or of failed/ corrupt bankster-elites. It reminded me of Billy Idol tonight.

So - there may be ways out of depressions, and maybe out of the wars which are used to obscure them. Well, parallely, maybe there is a way out of your dream/prophesy. I keep having second and third thoughts about Obama - what is he REALLY doing behind the scenes?!???? He has been making such devastating decisions, but sometimes he does things which seems like he is resisting the pull of the NWO.

It has been 6 years and I still don't know."
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Jack & the Beans Talk - Part 1: INSURANCE, ENTROPY & CAPITALISM.

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Hi! My name is Jack, and I'm here to talk to you about BEANS. We all know that those bean-counting FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS like to nickle-and-dime us with fees and penalties and all that. Well, I'd like to talk to you about the nature of a certain financial industry which likes to refer to itself as "The INSURANCE Industry" ha ha - isn't that a joke. Well, just like the credit card companies, it has bean-bagged us with similar charges and outlandish legalese and fine print: But even more-so, it has put us through a year of watching CONGRESS COUNTING THE BEANS, concerning INSURANCE COMPANIES, all to no avail, because everyone enjoys abuse, yes? What is the nature of this "INSURANCE" game in our society? What are these so-called "Insurance Policies"?

A - They are COMMUNISM.
B - They are useful tools of enriching the middle class.
C - They are Ponzi Schemes!
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The cornbread turned out spectacularly, for once. Using no oats. Didn't forget any ingredient this time, including peas, which, besides taste, add a gluten-like bond. Also discovered that JASMIN RICE, although boring, is also great for baking in this respect, charlie.

Also made ketchup, tripling my supply. Also good. Lesson learnt: To easily transfer (cooled) liquid into, e.g., a tiny-mouthed ketchup bottle, (when you don't have a funnel), simply pour it into a ramen noodles packet and then pour that into the bottle. Very useful tip.

OK - now on with my pathetic life!...