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The Ice Man Cometh.

Norway is the happiest place on Earth

I know why Norway is so happy. It's called Global Warming. Pretty soon, they all get to be Vikings again. They're so happy, they gotta wear shades! Enough of this ambient socialism and fairness. Let's PARTY!

Listen, Dubliners. Scots. Britons. Gauls. Sicilians. Minnesota Twins. When Global Warming prevails, down they will all come, looking for grapes, mead and pop culture booty. They will take over our fields and factories with their true NAZI-communism. You don't believe me. Look at this:

The other happiest countries are: Denmark. Iceland. Finland. Netherlands. Sweden. All Scandinavians! Closet VIKINGS!

All the happy countries are currently COLD countries, including Canada, and Switzerland. The other two are way, way south, I don't know what that means, except that they are far away from all the crazier countries, like the Vikings. If I were alone on a mountain in New Zealand, I'd be happy, too. Especially since my country is named after some SCANDINAVIAN place!

Still not convinced? Look at the list. ALL of the unhappiest countries are very hot countries. What do they have to be happy about? Another invasion of Ice People?!  Famines, disease and war?  Being swallowed up by jungles of carnivourous plants?  No chance of ever hosting the Winter Olympics?  Going to a Nordic BBQ to find out that you are it?


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Come join with us.  Become one with the great white whale.

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"Listen, kid, we're all in it together." - Harry Tuttle, Brazil (1985).

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