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I never promised you a rock garden

The most important post you will ever ignore... [This is a personal post with an eye to letting it at least be viewed by folks over at so_very_doomed, and one or two of my own communities]...

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Image of three red unidentified lights in triangular pattern and pale shaft of low, rainy fog that appeared right after loud boom at approximately 8 PM on April 14, 2013, southwest of San Diego in the City of Imperial Beach, California.

OCCULT MONEYISM: From chicken shit to Vain capitalism.

Make your orders now for your piping-hot GF pea-veggie spaghetti and win a free pancake. (Not responsible for syphilis or locked knees).

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"pulchritude: Great physical beauty and appeal." - ha! that's ironic. Who made this damn brain anyway?! I want a refund.

"They writhed in their chairs to gaze around and over the impending form of Tildy, that Aileen's pulchritude might season and make ambrosia of their bacon and eggs."

Also, I have no idea where, "Houston, we have a problem," comes from. It might have been from a 1980's movie. Crucify me.

I couldn't find the examples here but I'll look a little more - http://madman101.livejournal.com/947965.html
Maybe this is in a similar Vain - http://fascist-watch.livejournal.com/3529.html