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FYI re: EOW - Gotta love it! - FASCINATING! -

Today is food day! - It is also EARTHFILES day! - Tonight, on Coast-to-Coast, (hour#2, 1:am Central), Linda Moulten Howe gives her report and discussion. Where can you hear it? Am 840, 850, 1100, 1140, 1180, 1510, and possibly locally. On some stations it is preceded by, "Ground Zero," or by, "Joe Pags," both of which are also recommendable!

Earth Life Is Dying In A 6th Mass Extinction As Great As.. 65 Million Years Ago - But This Time the Cause Is Humans.

What Was “Creepiest” Red-Orange Glow Over Pacific Ocean?
http://www.earthfiles.com/index.php#RedGlowMysteryPacific082714 & http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2734573/Mystery-glow-Pacific-Ocean-Pilots-left-baffled-strange-orange-red-lights-spotted-dead-night.html

Sea Stars Continue to Die By the Millions from Alaska to California — Is It A Virus?

These are topics I will continue to be discussing in my journal...

(Note: I was seriously influenced by Daniel Defoe's, "A Journal of the Plague Year." Can you tell?! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Journal_of_the_Plague_Year )
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I never promised you a rock garden

The most important post you will ever ignore... [This is a personal post with an eye to letting it at least be viewed by folks over at so_very_doomed, and one or two of my own communities]...

Collapse ) That's what I always say.

Image of three red unidentified lights in triangular pattern and pale shaft of low, rainy fog that appeared right after loud boom at approximately 8 PM on April 14, 2013, southwest of San Diego in the City of Imperial Beach, California.