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The Narrow Path of Totality.

As you all know, by now, the end of days is at hand.  Tomorrow, the world will end, due to a total eclipse of the heart.  Yes, I, too, am transmogrified by the unforgiving, exaggerated, highly Americanised hype.  However, if the world is indeed ending, then I suppose I should post about it.

Answer me this: "Can I look directly at the sun during an eclipse?!"

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monthly announcement!

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Planetary change of underwear.

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I thought, "Five feet of hail," was a little much. So, I looked it up and, yes, it's true. In Denver-Boulder area. It happens, at higher elevations. Lately. And, after that big Global Warming (shhhhhh!!!!) fire in Boulder, we now have 15 inches of rain washing everyone away...

Rain - http://news.yahoo.com/three-dead-thousands-evacuated-colorado-flooding-023123640.html
Hail - (good site) - http://cocorahs.blogspot.com/2013/09/hail-storm-in-denver.html
- http://www.examiner.com/article/severe-storm-buries-new-mexico-town-under-2-feet-of-hail
- http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/weather/weather_news/incredible-thunderstorm-dumps-four-feet-of-hail

Remember, with Global Warming, the Stratosphere is getting colder, which may be why large blocks of ice fell on Brooklyn or somewhere lately. Remember this. I am trying to break you in to the whole end-of-the-world discussion easilly..

Ok - so.. There have been a lot of sinkholes lately swallowing bedrooms, golfers, horses, Republicans, vehicles. They are everywhere, including in front of my house. Look at this big one in Kansas, (Sharon Springs, late July 2013) - http://www.earthfiles.com/images/news/K/KansasSinkholeGigantic080213.jpg - And, we tell ourselves that the sinkhole in Louisiana is all about salt mines below, but, come on, they're all related. This little boy was wandering on the Indiana Dunes on around July 11 or 12, and he get completely swallowed away by a sinkhole. Hours later, he was dug out, still alive, and he was like, the Devil now - not really.. Around August 11, there was another inexplicable Earth-boom, this time near South Bend Indiana. That's not far from the Sand Dunes sinkhole - directly East of it. And, around September 11 & 13, more Earth-booms, South Bend. ( http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=2126&category=Environment ) See any connection? They are all one month apart. I'm hunching that the same geological forces causing the booms are causing the sinkholes. And, recall, I've said that rising magma deep in the Earth is probably related to most recent sinkhole events..

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Go to sleep.
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underground cow farts

Methane is 10-40 times more deleterious than carbon dioxide, when it comes to building the global warming, "greenhouse effect." The natural gas we use to heat our homes is methane, with a scent added, for detection. Note that the Gulf oil disaster was caused by ignition of an expansive bubble of methane. While methane is always associated with oil drilling, lately methane has been increasing underground, especially as methane ICE melts around the sea floor, or in the warming Siberia tundra. But, methane might ALSO be increasing deep underground, due to geological processes involving magma rising, and earthquakes. In an earlier, long post, I theorised this possibility. You can find that via tags. Specifically, my hypothesis that methane may be correlated with sinkholes may be true. That's a sad feather in my cap. Yes, stored methane under the Louisiana sinkhole is a big problem, but methane from natural processes may be contributing as well, agitated or opened up by human drilling - and/or by related earthquakes. An even more toxic gas to worry about is hydrogen sulfide. That has a tag, but I'm not sure how much I've written about this doomsday gas. I will tidy up this post later.

Earthquakes trigger undersea methane reservoirs: study

Earthquakes Burp Up Methane Bubbles

"Within twenty-four hours of the quakes ending, the sinkhole emerged, Horton said."

Mysterious tremors 45 miles from sinkhole

Sinkhole explosive methane officially life threatening, residents not told

La. sinkhole emergency zone quakes, methane extends 2 miles

Horse Swallowed by Sinkhole...

Gulf Stream might be releasing seafloor methane

Rapid Arctic thawing could be economic timebomb, scientists say

Paired microbes eliminate methane using sulfur pathway

Arctic Methane Claims Questioned
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I never promised you a rock garden

The most important post you will ever ignore... [This is a personal post with an eye to letting it at least be viewed by folks over at so_very_doomed, and one or two of my own communities]...

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Image of three red unidentified lights in triangular pattern and pale shaft of low, rainy fog that appeared right after loud boom at approximately 8 PM on April 14, 2013, southwest of San Diego in the City of Imperial Beach, California.
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no-moon again - time to consider quake possibilities

A coupla no-moons ago, I said there was an increased chance of Earthquakery near Portland, OR. It never happened. Instead, significant quakes have been hopscotching back and forth between Mexi-Cal, and BC/ Alaska. While this takes temp pressure off the Portland area, it only means that longer term pressure will continue to mount, and so a significant quake will prolly be happening there soon enough. "Predicting" quakes (probabilities) isn't so hard, and isn't so crazy. You just have to look at a few things. 1 - Where else are quakes occurring, and how does that relate to the areas of interest? 2 - Is there a no-moon or a full moon, (quakes often happen just before or after, usually after). 3 - Are there pressure changes, (especially a giant passing storm, esp. if it has released a lot of precip)? 4 - Are there Piezo-electric and/or UFOs in an area of interest. 5 - Is there erratic animal or social strife in an area of interest? 6 - What is happening on the sun, and from the sun??? PS - quakes (and sinkholes) also seem to be more likely during quick temperature changes, esp. warmings. Not to mention FRACKING, fcs.

I prefer the term, "Global Warming," to climate change, because it addresses what is really happening to the GLOBE, entire and per se. "Climate change," is either a local and/or subjective term, or it suggests that the entire globe is either warming, or is cooling, or whatever. People act like, "climate change," is the more scientific term, when in fact it was chosen in an effort to try to educate the great unwashed Republican masses, who have this tendency of thinking locally and acting LOCO. Anyway, it is assumed that, (mainly), the Earth's crust is warming, and so is also expanding. This seems logical. However, there are two other theories I maintain, which says that the near-core is also warming and expanding, which is far more dangerous - and far more likely to produce the strange piezo, geomagnetic, auditory, etc, phenomena we have been seeing. Depending on which theory is more true, the nature of crust behaviour will be different, and this will affect surface geologic activity, as well as predictability of such. But, it can safely be said that the crust is expanding. Melting icecaps also distort expanses of land in temperate/tropical zones negatively. Rising oceans push down land at the bottom of the oceans. These also play into the equations. It is not to be discounted that a sinking of the mid North American continent is within the realm of possibilities. However, the simplest trend to watch is the movement of the Western plate outwards towards the Pacific (Cascadian) subduction plate. If you see quakes hopscotching at either end, as described above, it suggests that the center of the continent is going to want to make a large push westward eventually. This is why large quakes are more likely for Portland or San Fran, as time goes by. HOWEVER. I seem to be witnessing some no-moon social strifes here in this area near Chicago at the moment. So, I am putting you on notice that perhaps a quake may be hitting around here soon, before the mid-continental move ever comes to be. They do say that the New Madrid fault is overdue for a massive quake, but I'm thinking maybe something a little more local, near our dear little sinkhole, with perhaps two bedrooms, and a balcony... (?)...

It's funny. People on the far-right are back to ridiculing Al Gore again, now that one computer simulation has notched down the forecast from continued warming in the next decade, to slight cooling. This is precisely why the term, "climate change," was applied, cuz these meat-heads just don't learn. No matter how much ice disappears at the Arctic, they point to the more stable Antarctic, which happens to be temporarilly insulated by a circle of winds. Even so, 1800 sq. miles of ice shelf simply fell into the ocean there a year or two ago. And now Australia is burning up, in temps of 120-130. "Heat waves happen! Floods happen!" - oh, like that flood that submerged practically the whole NE of the Australian continent? The world has experienced its 8th warmest year on record, with the USA experiencing its WARMEST year, by a full degree. "Lots of droughts happen!" Well, this present drought, brought us some of the highest temps, PLUS some of the lowest precip, which, combined, made this summer worse than the Dustbowl of the 1930s. (Thanks to big FDR Ag policies, we today don't see the dust they saw in the 1930's - just like today's "food stamps" have lessened the obvious danger of today's depression). And the drought of 2012 followed on the heals of other droughts in TX, AZ, the NE, Cal, Col., etc. Temperatures were above normal in every month between June 2011 and September 2012, a 16-month stretch. It has been something like 320 days since Chicago has seen one day with over 1" of snow. Lake Michigan is at its lowest level ever recorded - and the Chicago River may try to reverse and dump both sewage and Asian Carp into that lake. The Mississippi River near Thebes and Cairo is in serious threat of becoming too dry, i.e., too low, for river barges to pass through. Everything is drying up, birds and god-knows-what are falling from the sky, Polar Bears indeed have to swim 100 miles for food, there are more and more sinkholes and methane rising from the seas and land and permafrost, KATRINA, SANDY... and when the far-right finally gets a clue in their heads about all this: THEY BLAME IT ON THE GAYS or some damn thing. Until they switch into blame mode, it is we people who actually THINK who are the conspiracy theorists and conspirators, fabricating scenaria and mongering fear cuz we are desperate to control and tax them, when we just want them to shut the hell up and stop drilling for oil! ha ha... no but really I love Alex Jones like a sad little torn Teddy Bear... I listen to him like I listen to the train tracks... woohoo!
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Gloom and boom and doom - dot com

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And concerning U.S. politics... I've concluded that we're looking at - for the 2012 campaign - a Republican presidential ticket of Romney / Obama.

And they will run against the Democratic ticket of Obama / Romney. You heard it here. *flops back down into his bed full of brimstone*