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critical shifts - irony raises its physical head

We have, as of late, been passing through a field of turbulence. The air, the deep sea, the planet, have been warming, yes. More importantly, the Earth's core has been wobbling a bit, seeking to adjust its balance relative to the Sun, the solar system, the galaxy. This has been associated, or correlated, with some chaos in our planet's electrosphere, and magnetic poles or lines of force. So, we have read of strange booms, and explosions, and sinkholes, and, "Gabriel's horns," and such. Plus, we have strange events involving Nukes, or lithium batteries, and other chemical dynamics. Be sure, that such activity is going on below our feet as well, on a gross scale.

But what almost everyone does not understand, is that this "elecromagnetic" turbulence the planet is going through is but a vying by the planet, and all things involved on it, for a proper WORLDLINE, or "dimension", (or "alternate universe"), to fall into, like a bowling ball in a bowling alley gutter. So, as this wavering, and hopping between alternate possibilities - a dynamic with which the subatomic realm is WELL FAMILIAR - unfolds, then all sorts of strange events occur around us as well -like UFO-type phenomena, crop circles, politicians gone mad, shootings, psychic phenomena, synchronicities, dys-synchronicities, weird dreams, brain illnesses, and so on. Everyone and everything is in a tense, subtle, critical tussle, trying to find a new rut - a new universe - a new self - to settle into. Of course, in parallel, human civilisation is confronting the same cusp or cliff, rocked by issues of energy use, population, self-interference patterns of stagnifying capitalism.

What we have going on is not immediately evident to our eyes, especially when we are lost back here in the philosophies of Relativity, Euclidean Geometry, standard economics, fundamentalism, Darwinism, and even ever-trusted Big Science. But, it is going on LIKE CRAZZY on the quantum level, let me tell you. And that is profoundly affecting the criticality of events, and even the nature of reality itself, such that both disasters and miracles are more likely in these days of so-called Apocalypse. This is why governments turn into evil villains, making wars, and blowing things up. And yet, even without their help, things manage to go critical, and blow up all by themselves, thank you very much. It is all of the same cloth - the same climate - the same heat, or entropy. Chaos. So, this is why we have airplanes suddenly plunging when they reach that critical time of nearing the run-way - (which we wonder may perhaps have been a terriblist event). Yes, there is now more turbulent wind in the weather, but there is also more turbulence in the fabric of reality itself. So. One minute a plane is thought to be here. In certain coordinates in space and time. But, then... somehow... time somehow shifts... space somehow shifts... below our very feet. We thought the planet was HERE. But the planet is actually a few feet OVER THERE now. Do you see what I mean. This is very important what I am saying. Please dream on it. Search also, "The Great God Pan...", by the Beat Poet, William S. Burroughs.

Well, here is the article which inspired this mini-theme post, which is just a fraction of other posts I ave been wanting to make. - http://www.naturalnews.com/041327_Fukushima_radioactive_cesium_radiation_leak.html - See also my tags #nuclear reactivity, (or #fukushima).
cheers - sunshine rainbow

I never promised you a rock garden

The most important post you will ever ignore... [This is a personal post with an eye to letting it at least be viewed by folks over at so_very_doomed, and one or two of my own communities]...

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Image of three red unidentified lights in triangular pattern and pale shaft of low, rainy fog that appeared right after loud boom at approximately 8 PM on April 14, 2013, southwest of San Diego in the City of Imperial Beach, California.