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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

They are saying that, "Politics makes strange bed-fellows," regarding Bernie's support of Trump regarding the TPP. But the TPP was the major, shared issue of both sides of the 2016 populist uprising - the hopeful Bernie side, as well as the angry Trump side. Any journalist who cannot identify this basic fact is indeed someone who cannot be taken seriously, by middle Americans - and the "facts" doled out are only selective spins: either pro or anti, Trump or Sanders. There is no coming together in the minds of such journalists, etc.

So why would it ever be easy for there to be any kind of comprehension and synthesis, from the ever-partisan politicians, the banksters, and the corporate elites? It is all of the same cloth, that average Americans are seeing through. Because the Empire has no clothes.

Notice how the two major Military-Industrial puppets, McCain and Graham, (who both, like the Bush's, opposed Trump in favour of Establishment Clinton), get their talking heads in the news again, this time to oppose Trump for opposing the TPP, NAFTA-as-it-is, and other moves. Notice how most of the GOP comes out warning Trump not to change NAFTA. Yet, so many of their party's more populist base fully support these moves by Trump. And many liberals and progressives are hopeful regarding Trump's meetings with labor and business leaders.

But, of course, Donald Trump is a nut - which is something I will be discussing in a later post. So, he has also been doing things that disturb either political side - and even left and right progressives. Although he says he is much of an environmentalist, his way of, "resolving," the Dakota and Keystone Pipeline issues, is to start them up again - albeit with American steel, (although, I don't think he has the legal authority to do the later). Hopefully, there will be some stay, because it seems clear that the Native Americans and local landowners shall be proved justified, in inevitable legal proceedings.

It becomes trying, when trying to take Trump's good with his bad, hoping that extreme measures shall eventually be worked out, through Congress, and so forth. Meanwhile, both parties may become so enraged, we may end up in an even a bigger stalemate than we did, due to Obama's GOP-insulting year of ACA-fervour. It has been my feeling that Trump cannot survive the first term of the presidency. He is so anathema to the Global Corporate Establishment, which controls most of both parties, that he will probably be assassinated, e.g., via the standard unfortunate heart-attack or brain tumour.

But, one reason why patience shall be stretched, is that Trump's Irascible Narcissist Paranoia sports ridiculous, and seemingly ridiculous, issues and diversions. This natural tendency of his has served him well, as the, "Chaos Candidate", (or monkey-wrench), appealing to a disgruntled throng. By this, (and because of DNC corruption), he did what the other populist, Sanders, could not accomplish. Kudos on that - because it is what a broken system called for. But so long as this fight continues between Trump and the Corporate Establishment, (Dems/GOP), Trump will remain in Reptilian, defensive mode. And every time he feels slighted, and every time he IS slighted, he will naturally respond with some desperate loud quip, as he moves on to business - never settling down to learn the bigger, presidential, global picture.

Another BAD thing Trump wants to do is to expand the most massive military on Earth. He wants to use this easy tool, a MONEY PIT, a grave for dollars, this purchaser of elitist hyper-technology, mainly as a source for jobs - for the common person - (?!) Big mistake, all over again. But it will shut up McCain and Graham. The intention is actually good. Almost everything he does has the idea of creating more jobs. But, to do it, he mainly wants to accelerate conventional economy in a reckless way, harming environment, the poor, and even jobs, in the end. In some ways, we, as a country, are trapped, to do this. Our contentious, bipolar politics never gives us a chance to build a more progressive, profitable way.

It is important to look beyond this stooge, and see that what is going on is all a part of global economic changes, and the decline of status-quo empire. When such massive changes occur, large wars become inevitable. So, the irony may be that Trump's pumped up military may, by its own moneyed-inertia, go to war with our favourite anti-Christ, Vladimir Putin.

Bernie Sanders supports Trump's TPP order while McCain criticizes opting out

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The Wasteland

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Unfair Trade UPDATE

Thousands protest TTIP, CETA deals in France, Poland, & Spain as EU vote looms closer

People march to protest against the planned CETA free trade agreement (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) between the European Union and Canada, and similar plans between EU and United States (TTIP) in Warsaw, Poland October 15, 2016 © Agencja Gazeta / Reuters


September 28 - The “Secret” TISA, TTIP and TTP = Corporate Hegemony and Economic Warfare

Oct.10 - Our Revolution: We Still Have to Fight the TPP

October 14 - Think Hillary Will Flip Flop and Support TPP? So Does Her Speech Writer — Leaked Email


Oh... and Canada

Attacks on Sioux opponents of a gas pipeline this week have galvanized international solidarity, including in B.C. where pipeline funder TD is under fire.

Vancouverites occupy TD bank in support of Standing Rock pipeline standoff


Vancouver: a guide to the underground music scene – video
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The Flowertown Massacre

Yesterday, (Friday), while I was out front with the dog, a giant bumble bee stumbled around, low in the grass.  Something was killing it.  And, this was a sign to me, because everything is connected.  Because, today, came this news story: A bumble bee species is recommended to go onto the Endangered Species list. -

Wake Up Call — Bumble Bee Just Proposed for U.S. Endangered Species Status

As you know, humble honey bees, and others, have also been in decline - in fact, a collapse. You know of, "colony collapse disorder." The bees become intoxicated and disoriented, and cannot find their way back to their hive, so they suffer, starve, and/or dehydrate, and die. This species collapse is concurrent with a tragic illness hitting bats, showing a white mold on their noses, causing a comparable disorientation.

‘Have we lost our mind,’ one beekeeper wrote, ‘spraying poison from the sky?’ Photograph: Gemunu Amarasinghe/AP

If all the actors in Hollywood started dying, there would be a big to-do, yes? If all the politicians started dying in WDC, you can bet there would be action. But, what about all the bees? What about the bats? Bees are essential to the successful growth of a huge proportion of our our food. Bats are efficient "insecticides" - and could even be used to fight Zika. They also provide deeply rich fertilizer. And what about the butterflies? Or the Star-fish? Or the Sea Turtles? Or the Great Apes?

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This is our Flowertown Massacre.    This is the SIXTH EXTINCTION.
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JUGGERNAUT: The Trans-Pacific PUTSCH that just won't die!

Every time I hear Lori Wallach speak, it is better than sex.  I heard her again the other day, this time on "Sly," a Wisconsin talker.  Hear Lori Wallach, (also from Wisconsin), speak against the TPP*.  Lori Wallach, trade expert and superhero, has an expressive, articulated voice, similar to that which develops in some artsy-progressive females.  I think of the woman on, "This American Life"; or Rachel Maddow; or Lois Lane, or the reporter on, "Hudsucker Proxy." It's a dorky, indie-kind of sweet - (possibly exclusive to women who have graduated from women's colleges in western Massachusetts).  Her voice made me think that Lori Wallach was in her thirties - but she's in her 50's.  And her hair isn't jet-black.
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But it is what Lori Wallach has to say which I find most attractive! She is really the main voice speaking out against the TPP, and similar sham-wows, and the whole scam referred to as "FREE trade." In the interview with Sly, Wallach warned that President Obama will be pushing for a vote on the TPP during the lame-duck session of Congress. Traditionally, lame-duck presidents have not been able to get a lot done, especially when opposed by the majority. However, there are a lot of people in Congress who will be on their way out, and they are looking for nice cushy jobs with mega-corporations, so they are likely to do a little quid-pro-quo voting. And Obama just might pull it off - this, the major goal of his presidency, apparently. If Obama passes the TPP, he won't have to grovel, giving speeches to Goldman-Sachs - he'll be set for life. (And ya know what? It disgusts me).

Wallach also mentioned that the Wisconsin Congressman from La Cross, Ron Kind, is very pro-TPP. You might also be surprised to know that so-called progressives, Howard Dean and Ron Wyden, who has supported other "free" trade swindles. (One reason why? Port cities). .  (Jeff Merkley, the OTHER progressive Senator from Oregon, was the first Senator to endorse the venerable Bernie Sanders - Why I’m Supporting Bernie Sanders - by Senator Jeff Merkley).  I think the Democratic Party has achieved its ultimate goal, which was to morph into a slicker, $icker version of the Republican Party, hiding this behind its resort to liberal social issues and identity politics. Thus we have even seen Russ Feingold and Tammy Baldwin turn away from Bernie to support Hillary, and all her corporate baggage.

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Lori Wallach is the founder of Global Trade Watch, [explore site further], not to be confused with Global Research, (Michel Chossudovsky).  You can hear and see her in action, just search "Lori Wallach youtube" - (past year).

'Disappointed' in Obama, Sanders Calls on Top Dems to Drop Lame Duck TPP Push
TPP will cost American jobs, harm the environment, increase the cost of prescription drugs, and threaten our ability to protect public health

Hillary Clinton may not have heeded progressives' call to clearly say she'll urge the White House and her fellow party members to oppose a "lame-duck" vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership, but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has done just that, calling on Democratic Congressional leadership to publicly oppose a post-Election Day vote on the "job-killing trade deal."
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The End of the American Dream and Beyond

From social to economics to politics, to climate and earth changes, the end seems near for centuries of progress...

... and for decades of trickle-down, debt-induced delusion.  As we progressed, we sold out, and off-shore. To the banks and mega-corps. Now we daftly agree to disagree, and disagree, and disagree... Meanwhile, leading economic indicators continue to point to one thing: A growing bifurcation between the now-poor middle class, and the corporate elites, who eat our land, and weather, and taxes, and health, and wealth - and play left against right, and so on. And the mega-media likes it this way: Manufacturing consent, and fear, and false flags, and war. Is this what we bargained for?

So - I put together an awkward little compendium of articles relating to the faltering of our drunken journey to OZ, especially as of late - and to come. Pedantic economics, mainly. Let's start with an article from late 2014, when times were simpler, and most people had never heard of Bernie Sanders...

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Note: I have less or worse to say about the Status-Quo Republicans.
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So many blindspots swirling around, it's like a full-on concussion.

Now it is said that the hacking of the Dem Party has gone beyond the DNC. It is said. Ya never know. They could be building on the issue, just to further blame Trump for being a rascal. In fact, maybe the whole thing was a set-up. I never trust ANYTHING I hear or see in politics, or the press, or my talking dog. Especially from the All-Hillary Network, NPR.

As soon as the hack was revealed, NPR rolled out some prominent DNC hack who reported over and over, "The EXPERTS say it was from Russia, i.e., Donald Trump... The EXPERTS say it was from Russia, i.e., Donald Trump..." making it sound like an actual NEWS bit. And when Trump snarked back about this, the issue became oh how dangerously un-PC he was being! Um, if the guy is cool with Putin, who actually has some sense, then this is NOT comparable to yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre....

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For more scoops on Hillary Clinton and associated corruption, you can hit this tag CLINTON - HILLARY. You can read NEW, even better, posts over at bernie2016, which is morphing into a site for "OUR MOVEMENT", as inspired by Bernie Sanders. There continue to be posts there about the 2016 election, Clinton, etc. You may also find many of my political posts, especially regarding corruption, over at liberal_plus. If you are thinking of joining, here's another community which continues to be relevant: o_c_c_u_p_y. There will be another WikiLeaks post coming up over at wiki_truth.

That's all for now! - mm101
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Bernie. In a heartbeat!

Here is something I am posting to bernie2016. (Note to LJ Friends: I don't actually vote, since I am not a citizen. Instead, I work hard on this sort of stuff, and have also been very "politically" active in the past)..

Thom Hartmann has hosted Bernie on his show every week, basking in his (supposed) conviction to democratic socialism. But, like virtually every other liberal talk show host, he grouses that Bernie, "probably doesn't have a chance to win the Primary." So, I ask, what is this game being played - this fantasy of words and supposed academic sophistication - when all the while it is assumed that Bernie will actually lose?! Why are they spending months - years - bandying about these false promises and hopes about real democracy, when they are praeter-consciously devoted to supporting Hillary, when push comes to shove, which they "know" it will?! Why are they wasting their own time, and the time of millions of listeners?

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You have a right to vote for Bernie Sanders.

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alexithymia: difficulty in experiencing, expressing, and describing emotional responses.

TPP Will Restrict Internet, Punish Whistleblowers

(Sourced from The Independent and The E.F.F.)

btw - Matt Drudge was on Alex Jones the other day. I didn't listen to it, but apparently it was momentous. One thing Drudge said was that a Supreme Court Member told him that his online days were numbered. (Legislation or?) a ruling is going to be made on placing outside news links on one's site. Such sites may be taken down. Only original material and reporting will be allowed. (If this is true, which it probably is - and if the law/ruling succeeds).

So, that could be extended to cover innocuous, unknown, completely worthless sites like madman101, perhaps, should someone have a grudge. So says Drudge.

See link.