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Eloquent rant; CFS, and stuff on Nether-like PSYCHOPATHy.

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Oh! A very important point I meant to add: People think that psychopaths can be evil geniuses. Well, yes. For one thing, they spend their adolescence learning how to put their higher brain and related thoughts into the service of their reptilian brains, rather than vice versa. Also, like animals, they also key into psychic signals, although they may not realise this - although, they often tend to be superstitious and cultish in their private lives as well. But the important point is that sheer limbic or reptilian emotionalism is what carves out most of the so-called genius - the schemes and logics and manipulations. It is the method of emotionalism which virtually PHYSICALLY devises the logics of death - what, to normal outsiders, may seem surprisingly intelligent. No. Not so much! EMOTIONALISM CREATES THE ELEGANT LOGICS OF DYSFUNCTION. Do you see what I am trying to say? I will emphasise this again in the later post(s).

NOTE: The mini theme post below, posted earlier today, is NOT the theme post mentioned in this here post, I reckon, and has yet to be written.

On Cellphones, Zombies and Existential Transcendence

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Let go of your heart,
Let go of your head,

pink floyd - dark side

"To breath together" - or hang alone

Ha ha - earlier today, I heard a clip of Obama announcing that he will stop at nothing to track down the Bosston Marrathon perpaTraitors. But his tone sounded very artificial - bored... He sounded like he was just repeating the same-old same-old litany or script of the whole endless dumbass War on Terriblism which he, for one, was royally sick of by now...

"Be sure. We will hunt you DOWnnnnnnn blah blah... whatever...

"And we will find youuuuu blah blah... eh...

"And... Blah blah BLAH ...etc. etc. ...

"Whatever I suppose..."

It sounded like he was testing the water, sending out a subtle signal to the future, when, one day, all of this obscurity will be cleared up, and the great War-monger Parasite Machine will be turned around, and we will all be aware that people like Dick Cheney and Rahm Emmanuel and the London and Saudi and USA and Asian and German banks were actually the ones behind these crimes, and all the BS. It's almost as if you can hear his mental calculations through his vocal tone. Or - maybe none of this - maybe it's all caused by true Terriblists, and there are no large conspiracies linking things together, but he is fucking sick of it all anyway, to paraphrase Craig Furgusen. But, I will not forget that clip. File it away. Cuz YA NEvER KNOW.

OK - I will be defining a few of my terms later in this post, unrelated. But first:

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pink floyd - dark side

Envy, Part 2

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