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Last night's movie was a part of the Trailer Park Boys series, a Canadian thing which went global, for some reason.  Countdown to Liquor Day.  There was a guy with coke-bottle glasses, which was a direct rip-off from Office Space.  The humour was a slow moving dud.  And people acted odd.  Because Canada is different.  Different, I think, not only from the USA, but from the rest of the world.  It's like what America would be - naive white people left to their own devices in the middle of nowhere - but without all the acrimony of slavery, war, religious-political ideology, and a bunch of other nonsense.  It's like Australia but without the poisonous snakes.

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Canada warming twice as fast as the rest of the world

Publication catches up to natural observation: Canada's accelerated warming is something that is congruent with facts of the warming in Alaska; forest fires in Canada's west; melting glaciers around Glacier National Park, USA; melting ice-skating trails in Ontario; the accepted mega-fact that the Arctic and northern areas are warming faster than lower latitudes; the rapid increase of methane from land in Siberia and Canada; the disappearance of Arctic ice, and so forth.  It can also be gleamed from prehistory: Canada is where massive glaciers like to form - and diminish.  This not only has to do with wider oscillations of temperatures in Canda, (due to changes in Pacific temps., to changes in the weakening/strengthening jet stream, etc.), but to with wider oscillations in humidity.  Thus, repetitive waves of cold and warmth, and humidity/precipitation, can lead to the formation of glaciers an ice packs.  Conversely, this same variability in warmer times can lead to rapid meltings, dryings, fires and floods.

Some think that Canada is in for good times because of global warming.  That will be partly true.  There will be more oil and natural gas to tap, yay.  There will be an increase of wheat and corn in the middle plains, and easier dairy agriculture, etc.  But there will also be an increase of flora and fauna disruption and conflicts.  There will be more wildlife entering the cities in an attempt to escape starvation.  There will be increased fires in the west and midwest.  Increased flooding, esp. around Winnipeg.  Tornadoes from the south.  There will even be sudden fires or animal die-offs due to methane releases in current tundra areas.  And  lets not discount rising urban rents due to an influx of American climate zombies.

(And mark my words: There will also be rare pockets of increased glaciations, as recently seen in Greenland, due to the humidity variations mentioned above).

These are all extrapolations of my own readings and naturalistic observations.  They are ghosts of what pretty much are going to happen.

Canada warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, report says

The federal government report warns Canada's Arctic is most affected by the changing climate.

ANOTHER POINTLESS NOTE FROM MM101: Seriously. I don't know why are are bothering to try to save the wolf and the Grizzly down here when those guys will all want to be moving north of the border pretty soon. Or should we build a wall to keep them in?
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Property tax based on rent potential: What a concept

Property tax based on rent potential: What a concept

New research from UBC Sauder School of Business associate professor Thomas Davidoff could help combat Vancouver’s housing affordability problem. In new research published in the Canadian Tax Journal, Davidoff outlines how a new model for calculating property tax could help renters. According to Davidoff, because housing supply in Vancouver is very inelastic, even if prices rise, […]

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Large Parts Of Canada Are Missing Gravity

Large Parts Of Canada Are Missing Gravity

I liked exaggerating the title/headline. Actually, the variations in gravity across Earth are minute. But - if you understand chaos, then it is important to focus on the subliminal or discrete or minute - because that is where change comes from, most often - and sometimes, rarely, in a revolutionary fashion. (See butterfly effect).

It doesn't do well to scoff at people who decide to study these things, and who form hypotheses about them, brushing them off as being CONSPIRACY THEORISTS. If that were the case, then most scientists through history have been conspiracy theorists, (according to the current popular definition of the term). It does no good to confuse these students and scientists - and innocent free-thinking spirits of nature - with those marginally mentally ill people who blow everything out of proportion and believe hypotheses to be realities - and then they go and blow up buildings and all that. Currently, BIG TECH is making that BIG MISTAKE. But ya gotta love em cuz who else do you got?

In any case, there are gravity variations across the globe, which we have known for a while, but which have been illuminated lately due to the work of recent satellites. This is how we determined that California is sinking, probably due to excessive water use, (which will one day exhaust itself).

PS - Sites which deem themselves paranormal like to exaggerate headlines and facts and pics - just to grab their target audience, which includes some crazy people and some normal people and some very smart intense thinkers such as you and me. Note the absurd pic of the floating man. This leads kids and crazy people to think the world is in far more intense gravitational distress than it actually is.

But facts are facts, including the facts that the geomagnetic field and poles are becoming unsettled. And probably including the strange case of time perturbations in Nevada, but I cannot vouch for that. I can speak about time at some later... time...

Read all about the bizarreness of NEVADA HERE - including that article about the space-time warp near Las Vegas, um hummm...

"I don't want to die north of Fargo!"

The early day was bad with illness, but I managed to do a long walk to the stores around 4:pm. Was rushed. Caught the scheduled bus back home, around 5:45.

I watched a movie and now my head hurts, after GF Redbridge. I have to tell you. Wine is starting to taste repulsively sweet these days. It's disgusting.

I told you about the movie, "Under the Skin," which is the weirdest thing Scarlet Johansen has ever done. There is a reason why the trailer for that movie played before the one I watched: "Tusk."

I think that Kevin Smith maybe wanted to do his own version of, "Fargo," based on our much-emulated, central serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, in Milwaukee, correct name right? - Only setting it even farther north, in Manitoba. As a remake of Fargo, I think it is completely independent and creative - a movie in its own right.

But I do think he was trying to make a cult film. I hate when people deliberately try to do that...

Add to this overview, the ff movies, and you will get an idea of, "Tusk,"...

Boxing Helena
Little Shop of Horrors
Silence of the Lambs
My Dinner With Andre
Bob & Doug Mackenzie's Great White North
"Tusk" - by Fleetwood Mac
The Island of Dr. Moreau
Am I missing anything?....

This movie is an indie-type rehashing of a horror genre that has seen better threads, made for generation xy. A copy of many other copies... It is cute and quirky and freakish and all that. I just don't know how much more of this I want to see. I never liked 'horror' movies. For one thing, I don't see the point. It's a MOVIE. For another thing, horror movies are rather predictable and stupid. Also, they take advantage of scared movie-goers and get away with some really cheap costumes and sets.

I thought that this movie was supposed to be a kind of comedy! It turned out to be a quirky horror cult film with smatterings of funny - like when it makes fun of Canadians, which is the best part. Ironically, it points the finger of blame back at Americans. I do appreciate crass campy horror movies that include a lot of dumb humour, but this was not a comedy. I don't know what audience they were aiming for. Coffee-swilling cult film hipsters and marginalised adolescents maybe.

But, still, this movie is interesting to see, when it is not boring or trite. Worth seeing on a Saturday Night surrounded by accoutrements.

People like to be scared, I guess. I, myself, do not have the need for playing at struggle or strife, because that's what I am trying to get OUT of. However, I heard an NPR thing today about how teens love reading terrifying novels and so I guess, if I want to survive, I guess I should write horrifying bullshit.

Blame Canada Russia.

The Mystery of Oak Island

Well, I was imagining living on an island, offshore from Canada. But it would have been a trap. I would run out of food. And money. It would have been a money pit. An exercise in vampiric futility, comparable to this less lonely scenario: The Money Pit, (movie).

Here's another island, Oak Island, offshore from Nova Scotia, Canada, which has its own Money Pit:

The story of the Oak Island Money Pit Treasure is fascinating and complex.

Is this a natural sinkhole? Is this a sunken family dwelling of prehistoric times? 13,000 years ago, the sea level was much lower than it is now. But coconut fiber? This is not something natural. Did travellers bring the coconuts with them? Or was Nova Scotia a land of tropical warmth thousands of years ago - as suggested by Erickson's, "Vine-land"? Could coconut fiber survive for so long, in cold waters? Could it really be that this pit was made only hundreds of years ago - by the Knights Templar? Were the layers of metal bits layers of coins? Whatever is the story - Oak Island's "Money Pit" has in fact been a huge sucking money pit, with many people, and money, being thrown down into it, over many, many years, and with nothing conclusive yet being found. Apparently, the History Channel has made a series about it. And you know what? I bet this legend inspired the movie, "The Goonies".

The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar: Solving the Oak Island Mystery

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OIL and WATER. - (Never the twain shall meet - unless by fire).

North Dakota seeks to outlaw masked rallies, allow driving over protesters
© Stephen Yang / Reuters
Activists march in protest with veterans outside the Oceti Sakowin camp where "water protectors" continue to demonstrate against plans to pass the Dakota Access pipeline adjacent to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, U.S., December 5, 2016.
Protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline are shocked over bills introduced by GOP lawmakers which would criminalize road protests, restrict what protesters can wear, and allow the federal govt. to be sued to cover enforcement costs...  Among the bills, one would exempt drivers from liability, if they unintentionally injure or kill a pedestrian obstructing traffic on a public road or highway.

North Dakota Lawmakers Want to Legalize Running Over Protesters

Standing Rock, November 2016:
Andy Clayton-King, AP
Protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline rappel from the catwalk in U.S. Bank Stadium during the first half of an NFL football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears, Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017, in Minneapolis.
Pipeline protesters urge activism across U.S. -Collapse )