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Global hunger for soybeans destroying Brazil's Cerrado savanna

Global hunger for soybeans 'destroying Brazil's Cerrado savanna'

Brazil's highly biodiverse Cerrado is being destroyed for soybean production, conservationists say.
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These Farmers Switched to Organic After Pesticides Made Them Sick

And these:
More organic than thou? Rebel farmers create new food label: A rebellious group of about 15 farmers and scientists from around the country are creating the standards for an additional organic certification program that would indicate that a plant had been grown in soil.

Pet food is an environmental disaster – are vegan dogs the answer? - A quarter of the impact of meat production comes from the pet-food industry. Has the time come to change what we feed our dogs and cats?

'Toxic garbage will be sold here': Outcry as Brazil moves to loosen pesticide laws - A Brazilian Congress commission has approved a controversial bill to lift restrictions on pesticides despite fierce opposition from environmentalists, prosecutors, health and environment ministry bodies, and even United Nations special rapporteurs. Driven by a powerful agribusiness lobby, the bill now needs to be voted on in both houses of Congress and sanctioned by President Michel Temer before becoming law.
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seeing stars, falling like cars

Connecting the dots:

Constellations are real.  In our minds.  Sometimes, it is all in our subjective perspective, and stars we see as being related, in a Big Dipper, or such, are actually very, very far apart in space-time.  Correlation is not (always) causation.  In fact, correlation is never causation, and all reality is but theory, to our primate noodles.

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The sky is infinite - the stars can be blinding. The authorities can be enticing. The tin foil hat can protect your crazy brain from cosmic radiation, yars... So - I do have more in my tags, y'all.... YOU'RE IT!
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Part 2: Life of Brain

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2012 countdown - includes important BOOKS FOR XMAS GIFTS!

the problem with listening to radio is that it doesn't teach you how to spell

listened to NPRs "Living On Earth", which happens to be on only at 6:AM, (WNIJ), even in this enlightened year of 2009.

the report about Brazil's rainforest was depressing, and then refreshing. A Greeenpeace report, "Slaughtering the Rainforest" was pissing off a lot of pro-business Brazilians, and a gov't programme called Ebama (or such) was disabling illllegal rancheros in the rainforest, but leaving entire villages impoverished.

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So, yeah, they kild Kennnedy. Now they've got Obbama yoked. Anyway, try reading those books or giving them as gifts.

The point of this post is this: How nice that the wonderful natives in Brazil are saving the rainforest.

It ain't gonna happen.