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I have been listening to the BBC World Service ever since I was a little boy. They have the best news, but also some of the best feature programmes around. "Outlook," is one of the best. It is up there with, "From Our Own Correspondent," and the science show/s they air here at around 5:am Chicago-time, early Sundays, (that would be around 10 or 11:am UTC/GMT), right before, "Living On Earth," airs here. That makes early Sunday morning one of my fav times, and I often resume wine from the night before. The Devil may care. Because it's hell in a hand-basket.

By the way, while we are in this conversation about how we are destroying the global ecosystem, I think we should take time-out-of-mind to realise that most animals are, in many ways, just as wise, just as sentient, and just as human as we be. So, all the catastrophes that are increasing, the fires, the disruptions, the wild winds and our own wails of sorrow: These pains take pains to affect the many strains of humanity that go amongst us, disguised as dogs, or as cats, or as apes, or as all and any other number of living, breathing, feeling avatars. Avatars we call animals, present company excluded. (How's that for triple entendre?)

Animals learn, think, feel joy, and hurt, too - just as we do. Even ants mourn their dead, and I have a theory that all animals have a kind of religion in them. So, the whole Hindu thing about all creatures having a kind of soul, I believe that is true, at least in the sense that every being has its own being, its own timeline, and its own approach at eventual mortality. Most beings apparently prefer to be alive, with something of a passion.

When a forest falls, you may not hear it, but it does. So do all the living things within it. Ever since I can remember, every time I ever tore into some lettuce, my top lip would weirdly curl a little - beyond my control - probably because my body was picking up on the plant's emission of signals of hurt.

You may not think that your dog is a kind of human, with his own compassionate side, but that may be only because he does not show it, due to worry, or mistrust, or fatigue, or anxiousness, or anticipation of food. And maybe you're not listening...

Dogs Notice When People (or Other Dogs) Sound Sad

Hungarian research shows how dogs understand what we say AND how we say it

Man's inhumanity to coyote

You may not think that someone who stands by, whilst the murder of another is committed, acquires any conscience or guilt over the incident - but in fact, that person does, and may need, "therapy for life." Oh that life itself could find its own therapy.

So, things are happening in this world which most of us believe we do not see, but they do. Our sixth sense is seeing everything. And, if we open up, we will not only see that animals are just like us, and that we are just like them, but that they are capable of opening up, as well.

OUTLOOK: How the famous primatologist, Jane Goodall learnt mothering techniques from chimpanzees and the autistic woman who says gorillas taught her to be human:

The famous primatologist Jane Goodall went to live with chimpanzees in Tanzania and made a discovery that inspired a new way of thinking about apes and about ourselves. For a while the American primatologist Dawn Prince-Hughes was a dancer in a peep show and spent her earnings on going to the zoo. In her thirties Dawn was diagnosed with a form of autism and through observing gorillas, she learned the social rules of human behaviour.

Outlook Weekend: Lessons from Apes - BE SURE TO LISTEN TO PART TWO OF THIS SHOW!


I hope you will find my other posts on animal sentience, because this is a very important topic for everyone.

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For a good while, I have been sure that OCTOPI are sentient beings, probably beyond the abilities of dogs and cats. Yes, their bodies are slime, but they have eight arms and various perspectives, and so their brains are multifarious. Indeed, I have been waiting for more study to come out confirming this, and here it is. Found via NPR/BBC, ("The World"), tonight:



Building up steam. Yesterday turned out to be a pretty bad CFS day. So - mini-post. About animals. This week, NPR's, "Wait, wait! Don't Tell Me," is a collage of various excerpt from past shows, all to do with animals. One of the guests was Kevin Fitzgerald, formerly a bouncer for the Rolling Stones, who is now a veterinarian living in Colorado. I mention this because this guy has an awesome sense of, what's the term, dead reckoning, (which most humans mistake for dumb luck). He is like a living divining rod, when it comes to getting answers right on the quizzes. He feels his way through. Like an animal. He was also very sharp with funny come-backs, which greatly comes from all his experience with on-the-edge people. But, he has a deeper sense, which I think probably comes with his close understanding of animals, or nature, like the horse-whisperer. Uncanny is the word. Also featured was an animal guy from south Florida, who told his story about capturing a 26-foot-long Boa from out of a hole, kinda using a boy as bait. While his resourcefulness was clearly genius - or cunning - his people-sense, and answers on the quizzes, sucked majorly. So... But maybe that doesn't mean he didn't have animal-sense - although maybe he is more like a genius Machiavellian war strategist, knowing mostly not about the subtleties of animals, but of their wiley survival ways.

Remember I mentioned the idea that southern Florida, land of ten thousand sinkholes, is an area where, "cosmic lines of force," are strong? Down near Bimini, or off the west coast of cuba, great blocks of stone were moved and carved for ancient civilisation. And, more modernistically-like, some guy in Southern Florida built a mega complex out of giant rocks, and no one knows how he lifted them. Soon, I will speak of many things, including levitation, and "counter-gravity," which maybe I will call, "contravity," if that works. It's "anti-gravity" but really it's based on the concept that gravity is a lightly repulsive force. To tap into this force, one must have an awareness of, "rock consciousness." Maybe a better sounding term for it would be, "stone-sense." It goes beyond people-sense, animal logic, or animal-sense - it is a sense of the cosmic force of consciousness living within stone, and other matter. Many animals are better at tapping into it - the the Australian Aborigines, and the NEANDERTALS, were apparently good at it too. Thus, we have lots of big sacred dolmens everywhere which we of shrunken brain don't have a clue about.

So, following this episode of, "Wait, Wait!...", was an installment off NPR's, "Radiolab," (both of which I have heard before, so I come prepared, which is the motto of the gay boy-scotts, I am told. By fantastical coincidence, "RadioLab," was about animals, too. A main theme was that if you take a fight-flight, Reptilian beast out of its cage - or if you take the poor out of their squalour and pressure - within a month, its linear, polar neurons start branching out like bushes. That is, reptilian, fundamentalist, black/white processing wanes and rich, imaginative, relaxed associational learning takes over. How about THAT for supporting my ideas, (which are based on {my} associational learning about REALITY). Well, the show's primary, primate example of this was where, around 1979, some caring researchers released an angry caged gorilla named Kiki, (also my maiden name), from a cage against which he had always rebelled, into a nice, calm, wild-like nature-scape new area in the zoo - a new home. New, new, new. It was awesome to hear about his initial response to this change. He took forever, eventually crept out into it, then he sat down and stared up at the birds and the trees and the freedom. What did he do after that? When he eventually spotted the caring zoo researchers, looking in from behind a pane of glass in a wall, he went over to them, and stared at them. Then, he reached his had deep, deep into some sand, and there he grabbed a big chuck of concrete, which he pulled out, raised over his head, and prepared to slam against the glass - to break the glass and run out. But, that's not what he did. He had more sense than that - ANIMAL SENSE, (a form of, "humanity"). Instead, he lowered his arm, let the stone fall to the ground, and he walked away. He went off, back into his new home. thereafter, he played with a baby ape, and went on living happilly, and within a month, he had a brand new bushy brain. Maybe, "people don't change," but gorillas do.

Now, what the show didn't discuss was the psychic, or tele-empathic, ("telempathic"), dynamics in what had happened here. For one thing, with my knowledge of animals, I know that he must have sensed the compassion, fear and intentions on the other side of that glass. Maybe some of you can remember my post about this animal connection, (which might be tagged under, "animals - panthers", or something similar). There is something in our shared nature which transcends our more concrete interactions, languages or assumptions - our ego-consciousness. There is something bigger going on, in all our lives, even in the lives of people who have very odd-looking knees. This can be called, "animal-sense," even though it is perhaps more. But - there was even more to to this encounter than this. There as a wider consciousness which also lurked down - deep down even into stone. Stone-sense.

How did that great ape know to reach deep down into sand, and there find a block of concrete to throw? Not only was the environment completely new to him, but the caring researchers had scoured the area for EVERY POSSIBLE TYPE OF OBJECT WHICH MIGHT BE USED TO BREAK THE GLASS. They had actually MISSED that stone. But the animal's rock-consciousness knew it was there. Ambient consciousness knew it was there. For, as the universe tests us, it pulls us to transcend, and to override the polar and reptilian, towards the compassionate. Yes, KiKi was surveying all the situation(s) with his calculating, rational and angry reptilian minds. But he was also part of a memory, a positive cosmic memory, now being created by his transcending will, which, having been generated - like a stem-cell correctly into place - has paradoxically existed for all time. So... Above the realm we think we have figured out, there lies a memory of what yet will have been, or has been forever - which only we can make real. And this is the wisdom of the rocks. I'll have mine with a twist of lemon.

Female frogs prefer males who can multitask - http://phys.org/news/2013-08-female-frogs-males-multitask.html

On animals, economic slavery, and fundamentalist donkey farts ...

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MEAT IS MURDER, Part ??? - Science, Death, &: AM I NOT AN ANIMAL!!Réduire )

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