How microbes in a mother's intestines affect fetal neurodevelopment

During pregnancy in mice, the billions of bacteria and other microbes that live in a mother's intestines regulate key metabolites, small molecules that are important for healthy fetal brain development, biologists report. Scientists had not known until now whether the maternal gut microbiota influenced brain development during critical prenatal periods.
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I wanted to try for the extra $20 or so on the SNAP benefits.  Various reasons worked against this.  I eventually wrote a letter to my interviewer.  Just explained that I never went for the extra $20. because I locked down b/o COVID, etc.  Turned out she gave me the extra $$ anyway.  How about that.  Good people are still in the world.
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Fixing for a FAIL.

Tomorrow, I am going to call about the class-action regarding Post-Finasteride Syndrome.  After I went off that drug, I basically began aging rapidly, contracting some kind of arthritis, a cataract, and issues down below, besides the immediate anxiety, depression, heart probs, etc.  Not sure the lawsuit/s is still going on.

Anyway.  Outside, the traffic was insane.  And, over at A-hole Guy's territory, there was a gathering of blacks, most certainly discussing today's decision in Kentucky.  (Btw, you can listen live to happenings in Louisville via AM 840, after dark.  AM 890 or 780 for Chg, and AM 830 for Minneapolice).  Tonight should be interesting.  Riots and looting over a crime that didn't happen.  Do you wonder where they get this from?  Say Russiagate.  And so forth.  And provocateurs: Soros, China and Big Tech.  And the media, which constantly plays up every police shooting as if it were unfounded and racist.  It's a cabal.   By forces that wish to profit from decline.

Today, Chuck Schumer, whom I detest, made an official announcement that, since Trump was going ahead with a SCOTUS appointee, Schumer would be closing down the Senate - blaming Trump for the destruction, just as the media blames Trump for the riots, and for the virus - it is all insanity.  The hyped reaction over Trump's plan to make an appointment is completely fatuous and disingenuous.  Why?  Because it is common practice for a president to make an appointment whilst the Senate is of the same party.  Four years ago, that was NOT the case.  There is zero hypocrisy on the part of the Republicans.  Rather, the Dems are projecting all their own hypocrisy, destructiveness, biases, racism, lies, ONTO the president, hoping this will convince people not to vote for him.  It is disgusting and completely transparent to anyone with half a mind.

Instead, the Dems wanted to cut a deal with Trump: "You leave the seat open, and we won't blow up the system by eliminating the filibuster, packing the court and having PR and DC become states, which will both vote Democratic.  Talk about coercive tactics!  This is deliberate destruction of the country.  Imagine what would happen if they fulfilled these aims: Red states would rebel.  Literally.  In a war, eventually.  It was sour-puss Hillary Clinton who declared Trump an illegitimate president, because he won via the constitutional electoral college.  Considering him illegitimate has never stopped, and he has been sought to be removed by hook and by crook.  FYI, Woodrow Wilson, Bill Clinton and JFK all won via the electoral college, having no national popular majority.  Are these Democratic presidents not held in high esteem by the party today?  It's all bullshit.  I am sick of it.

OK.  About the electoral college.  I support it.  (Those who don't should be called Nationalists).  All 50 states are not provinces of a main state, they are meant to remain closer to being actual countries in and of themselves.  For this reason, we have one house of Congress comprised of two senators from every state, all states being equal!  Paradoxically, we have the House of Reps., which acts as if it were representative in population of the entire country.  The constitution brought these two together, paradoxically, in order to avoid some serious problems, and allow equality of voices of people and of states.  We are NOT a democracy, thank goodness, because in democracies, mobs rule!  The powerful rule.  We are a representative Republic.  It is sinful to preach that we are a democracy, which only leads to hatred and violence against the system, which we are seeing today.  Are we next to abolish the Senate?

So, this hatred over Trump not cooperating, it reminds me of A-hole Guy.  For years, he has been telling people he owned this house, and has felt complete legitimacy in breathing down my neck and yelling at me for things that had ZERO to do with him.  I stood up to him, and he just could not accept this.  Even after I called the cops on him, even after I sent his mowers away, explaining to them that this idiot does NOT own the place, he continues to lie that he does.  Why?  Because, like Barbers claiming ships because they merely SEE them, A-hole Guy feels he deserves it, because he, is him.  What more do you need?  Sorry, but that is animal behaviour, and that is what the rise of the western system of justice has meant to restrain.  But, because it benefits him, A-hole Guy has it in his head that I an a horrible person, and therefore must be undone by any means.  That's how the Dems orient towards Trump.

Why does A-hole Guy think I am terrible?  Because I fought back against the Nethers, which eventually led to them being thrown out.  (But, before I fought back, I was very nice to them, which they refused to understand).  This town is very close-knit, and even more so in the downtown black community.  Everyone knows everyone, and every one has gossip to spread.  Doesn't matter if it is valid or not.  No one has ever come around to hear my own story about things.  In fact, the Nethers attacked me by banging on walls and playing house-shattering music at 3:am, because they wanted the white guy OUT.  So, A-hole Guy sees himself as the protector, or king, of the hood, and therefore I was forever terrible in his eyes after that.  Anyone, especially white, who pushes back against the status quo need to be forced OUT!  And, isn't that what is true about Trump?  More than many of you know, Trump has really tried to undo the crap that has petrified around WDC.  And, I would say he handled the virus situation pretty well, compared to all others.

Back to the god-Dem party...  During and after Bill Clinton, the party really infiltrated the machinery of government.  That's why we had FBI agents illegally spying on Trump, and continuing the crime into becoming Russiagate.  On the East and West coasts, esp. in WDC, the party had become the status quo.  In comes some clearly-racist asshole trying to change that.  Billions of dollars were at stake - for the Dems, Soros, China, Big Tech, the media and Hollywood, not to mention the Military-Industrial Complex, which Eisenhower once warned us about, as we all recall dearly from our HS history books, yes.  Witness the highly concerted attacks by Woodward, (another jackass), the Atlantic, and the media: Trump said all these horrible things bout McCain, and yet there are no sources to verify this.   Doesn't matter, if the theme is, "hate on Trump," then the media runs with it, and liquid minds are moulded.  And he supposedly hates the military.  In fact, Trump is crazy over the military.  But it is those people at the top, millionaires and billionaires, who want to spread the rumours.  They bare the military-industrial complex and, the height of all irony, Trump is widely castigated for speaking out against them.  This is a sign of what our country has become since the glorious days of Ike.

Who is the base of the Democratic party?  Blacks, women, LGBT, environmentalists, labour  - and now, socialists and progressives.  Inh fact, the so-called progressives have taken over the party.  They should more correctly be named the destructives.  I remember writing a lot about the problem, in society, of, "me-tooism."  Next thing ya know, there is a whole, "me too," movement afoot.  It was basically waged as a pronouncement that Hillary Should have won, and was, no doubt, funded partly by Soros, who has also funded black riots in various cities, as well as BLM and Antifa.  Anything to break apart the country.  BLM, comprised mostly by blacks and women, rose up with the same attitude as the Party, and as A-hole Guy: Destroy things, by any means necessary, we deserve to rule, and so forth.  Doesn't matter that most of the shooting were found to have been justified.  Eg., "Hands up don't shoot!" was never actually said.  And so on.

Just as A-hole Guy never stopped, and keeps on lying, and pushing, and hating, these, "Almost-peaceful protests," (i.e., riots), will keep going.  Critical Race Theory, and countless writers, all give justification to vioelce against the system and those who stand for it.  So, anyone who thinks the Democratic party is still the party of love and cooperation is completely deluded.  These faction, violent groups are becoming the base of the party.  There is no moral justification for the rioters, such as, "Don't confuse protesters with rioters"; or,
It is important for Everyone to resist fascism everywhere!"  There is a consistent attitude and agenda running through the party and its base, which is receiving money at the top, and is directly oppsositional to the advances this country has indeed made in social justice, peace and security.

What I see coming from A-hole Guy is probably something that is coming from a lot of self-righteous blacks across the country, and I can tell you, point black, it is wrong and injurious.  It began back  in the 1990's, when blacks started to want to be segregated from whites.  Today, many blacks are acting like they own the rights to the neighbourhoods, the cities, the country, and are not learning the lesson that many of us have already learnt, which is to live with each other in eminent fairness and respect.  Destroying the minds and properties in your own neighbourhood is not progressive, it is arrogant and selfish.  And stupid.  Fueling the mentality that rationalises this end-justifies-means attitude is unforgivable, and that responsibility lies square at the feet of the Dem party leaders.  By some measures, some of them should be hung.  Pelosi.  Schumer.  Clinton.  What they have been fostering is absolutely unforgivable, and by all means contrary to Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, and Common Sense.  Money, it is fine with.

I want to note...  BLM leaders are avowed Marxists, which means they believe violent revolution is called for against capitalism, and whatever systems appear to protect it.  The little land-grab in Seattle, where a so-called new country was set up, was sponsored by BLM and Antifa, another Marxist and pro-violence group.  In USA law, if anyone or any state attempts to take property away from the USA, being so an enemy of the country, and is a Marxist organisation, that group may be attacked militarilly.  Guess what Donald Trump never did, even though he had legal justification to do?  The most he ever did was leave it up to states to invite in the National Guard.  He never went in with missiles and guns, did he?  But he is painted as being a reckless, um, anarchist.  Meanwhile, he gets the Noble Peace Prize for brokering a peace deal in the Middle East, which had evaded successors.  And the so-called peace-loving Democratic party?  What has it ever had to say of the fact that this president has kept us out of wars.  Results.  Results and facts.  Base your decisions on these.

Note: I am not anti-Marxist, as you can see from my latest theme post.  I am against ends justifying means of violence, just like Gandhi, and all the other good wise guys.  You think enough, you come to similar conclusions, yo.

Earth Hopes Weird Burning Sensation Nothing Serious

LITTLEROCK, CA—Wondering if it should get the stabbing discomfort checked out, Earth reportedly expressed hope Tuesday that a weird burning sensation was nothing serious. “There’s this nagging feeling of burning that seems to be spreading around, and I’m really starting to worry that it’s indicative of a much bigger…


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I think it is pathetic and weak when people base their daily personality on what happens in the news.  My siblings did this all the time.  When a conservative was having a good news day, suddenly there was something wrong with me, and my words were negligeable.  When a liberal was flying high, you could see them hide their tails, and my lib sis was suddenly my best friend.  For lack of an actual life, or certainty over one's beliefs.  They pulled this on me when I announced I was an atheist, since their close-mindedness could not fathom what I ACTUALLY eblieved.  I don't really have any regrets over this, because a lot of people do this, which is pretty sad.  I see it all the time.  In fact, you could create a computer programme that predicts how people will act, based on what happens in the news, etc.  This morning, I went out with my dog, and black males were shouting, everywhere.  One was shouting right at me, out a car window, and I couldn't figure out what he wanted, it wasn't me.  They'd hook up downj the street, and make the yowling wolf shout, etc.  It was nuts.  So, I figured something had happened in the news.  Well, so far, what I know is that their is a ruling die on the Briana Taylor case.  So, they are getting ready to riot again, possibly.  I can tell you right now what the decision will be, and it won't be one BLM approves of.  Because it was a legal shooting.  I never approved of warrantless invasions, but as the law stands, it was a legal shooting.  In fact, Briana's boyfriend was guilty, to boot.  That doesn't matter, though, because it is another publicised incident, and one to go crazy about.  Just another excuse.  Pathetic.  Once again, the lives of my dog and myself become endangered, because of racism fomented by media.  It doesn't help that the Dems are gearing up for an illegal fight over the next SCOTUS appointee.  When will this bullshit end?  And Cindi McCain supports Biden.  Who cares?!  John McCain was a Jackass.  Remember that little dance he did during one of the debates with Obama?  Crazy people!!!  It's like an ant trap that everyone falls into, spending their whole lives in.  There are things to think and do beyond this sad pathos!

Unrelated, found this:
FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) - A prominent Abraham Lincoln impersonator in northern Illinois was arrested on child pornography allegations. George A. Buss is well known for portraying the 16th president ...
Btw - I thought the guy who play's Claire's husband, (forgot his name), would be great at playing Lincoln in a movie, yeah.  He has a Lincoln head.  Like he's a penny.


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Claims about desert are familiar and frequent in ordinary non-philosophical conversation. We say that a hard-working student who produces work of high quality deserves a high grade; that a vicious criminal deserves a harsh penalty; that someone who has suffered a series of misfortunes deserves some good luck for a change. Philosophers have made use of the concept of desert in several...

The psychological traits that shape your political beliefs | Dannagal G. Young

Social psychologist Dannagal G. Young breaks down the link between our psychology and politics, showing how personality types largely fall into people who prioritize openness and flexibility (liberals) and those who prefer order and certainty (conservatives). Hear why both sets of traits are crucial to any society -- and how our differences are being dangerously exploited to divide us. What if things weren't that way?