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I am the person who will destroy China.

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I'll write more on this later - but: Past few days: There has been way more than the normal POSITIVE NEWS BOOST to help bring up Wall Street, which normally occurs every friday or thursday, esp. lately. THERE HAS BEEN COMPLETE NEWS SATURATION since weds - and I'm seeing this as an attempt to completely squeeze out and hide the $79 trillion BOA derivatives transfer, which is going to obliterate the economy. And since BANK TRANSFER DAY will be Nov. 5, they're going to want to execute the heist of our savings before then. Or, they could wait a year on that - after election - (or Obama could seize on EMERGENCY SUPERBAD ECONOMY and gain possibly get reelected via fear but I really doubt this!)... but: I can't emphasize enough to you what terrible trouble we are headed into because of the sociopathic greed of these bastards.

To see how lawyers and banksters have been in concerted conspiracy for years, (and how the TARP and MORTGAGE BUNDLING and Scott Walker destruction of pensions and PRIVATISATION all resemble each other, as if from the same mother), see BOOK: "RETIREMENT HEIST" by ELLEN SCHULTZ, recommended: stream/pod first hour of tonight's show: http://www.coasttocoastam.com with Ian Punet. Also, BOOK: "How Wall Street Fleeces America."

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