I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

when the want of love becomes the need to destroy

I've seen about 5 examples of whacky, askew females messing everything up because the MUST INSIST that they are right, and must get their way. Even though they can "see" that they are wrong and irrational, they use their negative emotions, mainly crying, ultimately, to sway men to agree with them. Acting like babies, they try to CONTROL and conquer their worlds. Because their emotions know best - their emotions know the way, the truth and the light - and the men are like, "OK, I guess I'm just a dope, and after all I still need SEX. So, OK. If the only way I can shut her up is by relenting and letting, then let her cry in my arms and make me feel all big inside. Big and idiot, but what the hell, I'm a man, after all. Duh." Back to the giant TV screen and beer, for more mind-numbing-over...

These women are fulfilling a stereotypical female role, that may even be natural. At least socially. (And at least by straight women, feeling chosen to be in control). The BIG problem is, though, that their values are completely awry - and so their goals, or wants, and schemes, are really destructive to society. They have taken traditional values and functions that a formerly half-way functional society has given them, and - in their completely BLIND FEAR and SUPERSTITIOUS DREAD and COVETOUS, NEAR-RAPACIOUS HUNGER, (i.e., wants have now become "needs"), they go crazy in defense not of social HEALTH, but of the social STATUS QUO, which is now DYSFUNCTIONAL and DESTRUCTIVE. And, the ultimate, overwhelming need they feel compelled to shut-up by - just as the DYSFUNCTIONAL status-quo social system/economy MUST, IN CONTINUANCE OF IT'S OWN LOGIC, FULLY COLLAPSE - these insane females, out-of-control by trying to be IN control, wish nothing more than to fully DOMINATED, preferable by some EVIL ENEMY of the society.

Haven't I said that a major force behind the crazy angry TeaBaggers are the older, middle-aged females? And I have also post on how this type has, heretofore, vehemently HATED me, and I never knew why. The never knew me - but I represented a threat to them - maybe being younger and cuter and MORE CORRECT and LESS DYSFUNCTIONAL than their status-quo husbands? Was I, to them, some ENEMY OF THE STATE, which the were forcing themselves, through anger, to DENY - because deep down they secretly wanted to do the dirty with me? Because deep in their true female hearts they knew their whole lives were now, relatively speaking, FUCKED UP? And look now at whom the TeaBaggers are lining up behind - a evil BLACK MAN, the ultimate heretofore enemy of the state! And his fricken name is CAIN!

The main problem these women have, it seems to me, is that their values have followed a spiritual separation, occurring in the system/economy, between, simply empathy and gifting - or between true VALUE and, or versus, MATERIAL THINGS - just like the U.S. dollar, abstracting away from the values or FUNCTIONALITY of things/people/jobs, etc., in the COMMONS. So, when their emotions tell them to insist on preserving/attaining LOVE, the true value, what they end up doing instead, DRIVEN BY FEAR, is not to insist on love, or charity, or empathy, or sharing - BUT ON COVETING WEALTH - OBJECTS - PAPER DOLLARS. And, so, instead of supporting the COMMONS of once was a fairly decent society, they are now foolishly demanding that THE PAST be defended, and they are the ones to steal it away for themselves, by blindly DESTROYING the COMMONS, and sucking up "value" and CONTROL and things and money, up from the poor and middle class, to themselves and to those in authority - in power. This game keeps going on, feeding the upper 1%, until, one day, some giant army ENEMY OF THE STATE invades and rapes all the women. Oh yes!

And, we we do in fact need is a President who has a big enough mouth, or a big enough stick, to beat off, so to speak, his political rivals, and get a good agenda of change passed. nstead, we stupidly fall into the same mistakes, and the system presents us with more spineless puppets, or else proto-Hitler types, both doing the bidding of the mega-corp, zombie-bank elites, and merely hastening forth the day when we all must bend over and take one for the team.

I was at some festivities recently, which betrayed some interesting, entirely unsolicited social dynamics. First of all, I was requested to attend. Also, I was full of great CFS pain/fatigue. Third, I pushed myself through, and managed to be a delightful, funny guest. Forth, I spoke the truth. I was COYOTE.

One thing I want to include is this: Talking wasn't 100% easy for me. And people "knew" I was disabled. I know that many were kind and gracious in putting up with me. And several nudge those who were a bit rude.

But, why would people ask me there, and ask me a question, knowing I am disabled, and then hem and haw because my answer wasn't the one they were expecting, or perhaps implicitly demanding. Most everything I said was not boring, or boorish, or threatening, or OLD NEWS, or irrelevant. Instead, most things I said, albeit sometimes clumsy, has a beginning, middle and end - tiny stories - and some people would just keep launching into their hemming and hawing AS SOON AS THE FIRST WORDS WERE OUT OF MY MOUTH. As if they were experts on what I said or knew, and had the authority to reject it - to judge it - to seek social disapproval of it, as it came from the mouth in my lowly station.

But they did so out of some insanely, insatiably hungry A.D.D., eager to jump in and not see that something more was being said - something logical and relevant and pertinent and possibly even WISE. An actual CONCLUSION, which exactly answered the question posed. Eventually, one or two would start marvelling at how these little tiny stories or parables were constructed - and became amazed. Well, what's so amazing - when they already know I can look at any situation or statement and make some very funny joke, in a flash? They think I am only a comedian, for the attention, but when it comes to actually expressing a thought or opinion, I must be some kind of ENEMY OF THE STATE?! I must be some smug and boorish and controlling LIBERAL ELITIST or something? I must be some kind of MILITANT ATHEIST? Or how about this: I simply made a lot of conservative asswipes jealous and uncomfortable? Because their idea of being a man was to shut up and drink the beer, watch the TV, talk about sports only, and let the wifey get her way.

Thing is, these were all Catholics. And we all know how, even though many Catholics are stuck on status-quos, and very conservative and moralistic on a lot of things, sometimes they let some important things change, which must change. (It's something like the Germans or Lutherans in Germany or Wisconsin, where you can the most sane of PROGRESSIVE movements on one hand, or you can have the most INSANE Scott Walker FASCIST movements on the other).

Catholics, (like Dixiecrats), are a major swing vote in national politics, representing wide-scale social movements. Whereas on the one hand, they have a big commitment to conservative morals, etc., on some issues, they also have a deep CONSCIENCE, a sense of GUILT, and some strong associations to SOCIAL JUSTICE.

So, when they finally come around to seeing that the STATUS QUO has become INHUMANE, they will, remaining in touch with their hearts, at least TRY to swing in favour of more progressive CHANGE. This is certainly true of Irish Catholics. But the swing doesn't normally, if ever, start from, or even occur at, the top, it comes in through the margins - that way, at least, the authority structure of the Church itself always remains intact.

Well, there I was, at the margins, even choosing to be away from the main throng, mostly to nurse my health. And I mostly avoided culturing jealousy, (which leads to social anger/fear and paralysis), and I moved about a bit, tiring easilly, wafting here and there. But, at the margins, I also saw, wafting about as well, was the anaimal called GUILT, and it was hunting for me. It wanted to see me dead. I know enough of this coward animal to out-do or out-run it, to fight or flight without bother, but I was ill as well. Nevertheless, it never got to me.

But I saw this hound of Hell running about, trying to nip at the heals of the others, from the margins. Now, what I want to conclude: Is to say: It is very interesting how societies WILL seek to paralyze themselves back into dysfunctional status quo, once this animal is running about. (And alcohol often is an element in how this may or may not happen). At the margins, besieged, afraid now, people go drifting towards whatever bully might protect them. If there's a Herman Cain in the room, they will gravitate to his big mouth. If there is some controlling Bachmann or Palin, or some TeaBagger witch, then they will gravitate to that.

Knowing themselves wrong, knowing the bullies wrong, and even injust, fear compells them to support the bullies, even against their own best interests. And so, they will defend the values and absolutes and the WEALTH-ARRANGEMENTS of the past, willing to conflate LOVE and MATERIAL THINGS, out of some kind of paradoxical fear-infested altruism. They will follow the dictates of the bully, who makes everything seem CLEAR and DEFINED and ABSOLUTE once again - black vs white, good vs evil. Even if it is the exact opposite of what is good or just or rational. I.e., even if it is evil.

BUT, when it comes to the point where their own MARTYRDOM is requested to defend this conflation, the either swarm en masse into self destruction, or, always more likely, they let the BULLIES point out some ENEMY to fight and crucify. (Um, yes, that would be the enemy who ultimately ends up raping all the women, ultimately, in one way or another).

The other night, there was no traditional BULLY present. But I saw the groups aggregating anyway, like lumps in porridge, spooked by guilt, and whiskey perhaps, looking for their bullies. And it moved towards two such groups: On the one hand, a group of males all trying to amp up their voices by discussing SPORTS, (for what else have they? - they were experiencing too much cognitive dissonance - and who be the man who states his truth in such times?), so as to put the women at ease, of course. On the other hand, there was a group of females, seeking out their own bully, in a gaggle of stereotypical silly yakking and gossipping and general stereotypical weak female behaviour, so as to comfort the men, of course. Fear does this to people - to societies. Fear of their own souls, dirtied. The experience of dirt. The lust for life.

Thing is, these were Irish Catholics, whom I love. And the worm did turn. And the potential bullies walked off, after I, in good conscience and good sense, like saints. And so, let us praise the Catholic God for once, shall we?

And let us give another night to Coyote, please.

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