I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

LJ must adapt - UPDATED

OK - I'm going to write to LJ - and if you have suggestions, and/or want to be included, make comment below - as usual...

we can keep this going for a while

Let's see...

1 - LJ needs a CLOSEST FRIENDS ONLY switch

2 - LJ needs to include a little note pad / calendar where friends can make quicky notes

3 - LJ needs to have a multi-factor search - like for "all LJ people in Rockford" + "who eat rabbit" - or - "all people interested in punk rock" + "and feminism"

4 - LJ needs to allow us to put a tiny bio after our name, along with our city. Then when we make a comment, the person can immediately remember who we are - he/she could even be allowed to add an additional identifier.

5 - We should be able to list our friends according to their city, for better identification.

6 - If we accidentally make a jnl entry that is "EARLIER" than our last entry, then there should be a "backdate" button immediately available. Otherwise, our entry gets deleted.

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