I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Cain and Able - Part 2

Did you know that when you turn a Mormon upside down, you'll see, "666"? And when you turn a salt shaker upside down, it becomes a pepper shaker? PS - Booga, booga.

Did you also know that the WOLVES, i.e., the 2-big-2-stand-up banks and businesses, have been Playing a game of Chicken, called Wall Street, called "the economy," and now all those wolves are hiding in the chicken coup? And one wolf says, "You go out, and see if the wolf is still out there!" And another wolf says, "No, YOU go out! I'M not going out!" And some DEMOCRAT PARTY wolf says, "Hey! Let's get the GOVERNMENT go out!" And everybody says, "Are you crazy?! The government IS the wolf! (At least when you turn it upside down!)."

And did you know that when tens of thousands of people are in the streets, demanding an end to mega-corp control of government, Congress is responding by... by... uh, by.... BY KILLING THE JOBS BILL AND INSTEAD CREATING NEW FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS? Yes, that's right, we really stand to gain by freely shipping jobs to Panama, Columbia, South Korea, and basically, drug-running MAFIOSO, as prophesied in, "The Great Transition." Which reminds me, Mila Kunis. Wut?!!

WDC is, clearly, not listening. Because they don't see the CLEARLY STATED OBJECTIVES of the movement - i.e., the detailed red tape mess of legislation - i.e., THE CAMPAIGN MONEY. "We just don't UNDERSTAND! Because THEY'RE communists! Or useful idiots! Or they're there for the pizza! Or WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, woo hoo! MACE! MACE!" Well, a government that doesn't LISTEN is simply a government that is TOO BIG TO FEED! I mean, let's get real, and simply say, WTF?!

Did you know that 1/2 of all stocks, bonds, securities, and all that kind of valuable Wall Street Paper is owned by the top 33%? No, it's not - it's owned by the top 20% - I mean by the top 10% - I mean 5% - no I mean 2% - no, what I mean to say is this:

One half of Wall Street is owned by the wealthiest 1%. So, yay for them whenever Wall Street goes up. And everybody acts like their economy is our economy, but they're all in the hen house eating chickens. Yay that Slovakia supports the Euro plan and so makes Wall Street go up, and they all make money, an so I ask, once again, WTF?! Don't tell me there are no conspiracies, cuz that's all this game is - a conspiracy. Of people who went to Harvard or Yale. Zombie people living off of daddy's money - like THE KOCHs, like ROMNEY, like BUSH INC., and so on.

And, oh, by the way... That top 1% own 42% of the wealth of the entire country. And the top 5% own 69% of the wealth of the country. That basically means: THE OWN US. The are not only our owners and managers. The not only set the prices. They not only gauge us with fees and interest rates and inflation and force us out of our homes or get us thrown into privatised prisons for growing tomatoes... THEY have the FED print free money so they can pay of their own debts, and every dollar the FED prints is a dollar of debt we, the people, owe the FED. And all that extra cash means our dollars are cheapened, and so INFLATION makes it more difficult just to survive. Oh, and by the way, 47% of us have become too poor to pay U.S. federal taxes - and yet the rich are not required to pa what the legally and morally owe. Because the mission is to destroy and to privatise the government, so the top 1% get even richer.

Today, one third of the profits in our economy are made, (controlled), by the FINANCIAL SECTOR - banks, financiers, investors, gamblers, etc. That is an ABOMINATION, and the corporate world knows it. THAT's why they are all hiding with all the chickens and hens. They know that figure should be at 10% Instead of being a facilitator of REAL ECONOMY, like manufacturing and trade and JOBS, the financial sector - OR MAKING MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - is an END IN ITSELF, going nowhere, doing nothing, leading us into decline and nothing else. They know that MANUFACTURING (etc.) is supposed to be at 33% - instead IT is at 10%. That is a recipe for doom. And yet they are killing the Jobs/INFRASTRUCTURE bill. You're damn right this is a conspiracy - of the selfish, sociopathic rich.

Well, Bank of America seeks to continue the fine tradition of sticking it to us in the form of FEES and FINES - because they are basically in the business of gambling away wealth, and they need ways to feed their addiction. What do the do when everyone takes their money out of their accounts? They go crying to the government to save them from the big bad wolf.

And Morgan Chase has been shorting silver so they can profit and buy more - (that's one reason for the recent gold/silver dip). Now, they're going LONG, holding on to their silver claims for a while, which makes the value of silver go up, (which is GOOD if you own silver). And they will keep hop-scotching back and forth in this game until they eventually have to face the reality that they are pretending to hold 40x more silver than they are actually holding. What happens when they have to deal with this debt to their customers demanding their silver from them? They go whining to the government to bail them out.

So, after the little deliberate gold/silver dip, and after Europe doesn't look so healthy after all, (and since OUR banks are loaning to Greece, etc.), the banks are showing government that THERE IS STILL A CRISIS SO PLEASE (FEDERAL RESERVE) BAIL THEM OUT BY PRINTING MORE FUNNY MONEY. Although the government has already gotten the FED to secretly print more funny money, they are now moving to print the official THIRD WAVE of new funny money, QE3. So the banks, via the Fed, have more money to throw around, on pointless -end-in-itself gambling, but not on SMALL BUSINESS LOANS or on JOBS FOR US. Because they are too big to fail. The are destroying everything because they are too big to fail. The fact is THEY ARE TOO FAR IN DEBT.

Greedy hedge-funders have crashed the economies of governments and the banks are in debt for it, while the people are pointlessly MILKED, and we end up paying for these debts via funn money, which becomes GOVERNMENT TAXATION, and which becomes LOST OPPORTUNITY/credit, and which becomes POVERTY VIA SPIRALLING INFLATION. Where once they bilked us with FEES, the are now bilking us with TAXATION, FORECLOSURE and INFLATION. Because TOO BIG TO FACE REALITY. TOO RICH TO GROW UP. TOO SELFISH TO STOP THE RAPE.

And, we say we are the 99% - What does that mean to them? It means they must, yet again, try to steal away the message. So the invent this new slogan, called "999" - which is about as relevant and useful as the new free trade deal legislation. "Hey, folks! Protesters! 999! Say it! 999! It's just like PIZZA, ha ha ha. But even BETTER!"

And did you know that the reason why all the stately republicrits were suddenly in the news, together, declaring, oh, HOW WONDERFUL IT WOULD BE IF CHRIS CHRISTIE would run for president? And why Christie drew the whole thing out for weeks by constantly saing, "I'd LOVE to run, but unfortunately, I am a man of principle at the moment"? IT WAS A PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN, to make us think this guy had some merit - because he is set up to run as ROMNEY'S VP, and/or for PRESIDENT in 2016. IT'S A SCAM BY THE RICH - A VERY OBVIOUS CONSPIRACY! FACT: Christie has been meeting with KOCHS, and KOCHS, who have been reinventing their daddy's JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY, have their invisible hands in far more crap, including governments, than most people could possibly IMAGINE.

Who do you think Palin floats around like a vulture, at the margins of campaign events, (not releasing her contract with Fox)? Why do you think there are these millions of GOP "debates", with candidates out-doing each other IN CONCERT, all pushing the same bullcrap policies. It's because it is all CONTRIVED. They have less votes, they have more money - so what do they need to do to stay in power? They contrive. The CHEAT. THEY CONSPIRE. It's all done for the top 1% - 5% - you don't think, then, that this is all CONTRIVED?! For a centralised special interest group who has infinite money? OF COURSE IT IS. This is CHUMP CHANGE to the rich. They've the Dems cornered too.

Look: The Kochs came out of Wichita, where the were involved in national retail franchises, oil, mining, etc. And who's now running against a black Obama? A black man who worked in national pizza franchising and was ON THE BOARD OF the KANSAS CITY FEDERAL RESERVE. CONTRIVED. And, a consummate opportunist, knowing he is a throw-away and so PROMO-ing his book, like Palin, he lies like a frickin DEAD BODY - and smells as bad. And where else have the KOCHS been infested? Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas oil. Look who's ALSO been running: Minnesota's TIM PALENTI, Minnesota's MICHELLE BACHMANN, Michigan/MA's MITT ROMNEY, TEXAS's RICK PERRY. CONTRIVED. With the approval of the BILDERBERGS. FACT. Where was the last GOP presidential convention held? Minnesota. And where has this whole GOP/TeaBagger/libertarian revolution of RAPE been occurring? Wisconsin. Minnesota. Indiana. Ohio. Even PA, NY, and NJ. CONTRIVED! Just goggle "ALEC." See a patter here? That's right - the Great Lakes.

THE KOCHS HAVE A VERY CLEAR OBJECTIVE: TO OWN AND CONTROL THE WATERS OF THE GREAT LAKES SYSTEM. They're bringing in oil from the environmental travesty of the Alberta, Canada OIL SANDS project. They are bringing in CHINA to buy land in TOLEDO, for shipping, and steal production. They are behind the great NAFTA (China) SUPERHIGHWAY heist of our rights and safety and wealth, extending from Canada to Texas. Through KANSAS. And TEXAS. And surely linking to Duluth, MINNESOTA - where the Canada shale pipeline stop. It currently is planned to go through SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS, BUT THAT IS JUST TO GET OBAMA TO APPROVE IT. (And NEBRASKA Senator Nelson voted against the JOBS BILL - he's also in the NAFTA corridor).

I am telling you, there is far more going on than most people will allow themselves to imagine. Like oil, when water becomes scarce, during global warming, the KOCHS want to be in charge. They are PLAYING THE LONG GAME. And, since they have become so big, they CAN NOT FAIL, and will stop at nothing. THERE ARE EVIL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, AND UNREGULATED CAPITALISM ENCOURAGES BOTH PROFIT-THROUGH-DESTRUCTION AND THE EMPOWERMENT OF GREEDY SOCIOPATHS AND PUPPET PSYCHOPATHETIC cohorts, with all their obedient zombie sheep of BULLY-WANNA-BEs, TECHNOCRATS, BEAN-COUNTERS, LBBBs, and so on. And TeaBaggers running from "THE BIG BAD WOLF". Because he's TOO BIG! PS - Booga, booga!

All this stuff about this Republican candidate disagreeing with that Republican candidate - it's all a media event, a charade, a lie repeated over and over. In facts, they are opportunistic puppets being moved about on a chess board - like a pea in a shell game. It is a magic show catering to those amongst us who still want to be the dupes and zombies OF OUR OWN MAGICAL THINKING. And those of us who see themselves as magically wise and politically astute, they say they are all about RealPolitiks, Objectivism, and "Cost-Benefit Analysis," and they are the first to join in on the stoning of anyone accused of, "conspiracy thinking." I see the sky is blue, and therefore I am a conspiracy theorist. And they came for the Jews. And then the came for the Catholics. And then they come for you, and there is now no one to save you. Listen, apart, we are alone - and to them, not one of us is TOO BIG TOO FAIL - so stop buying into their game!

You want to know the REAL TRUTH? Here's the REAL CONSPIRACY: It's called THE 99%. It's called the 99ers. The jobless. The disenfranchised. The duped. The human.

You want to know who is REALLY too big to fail?!

We are the 99%

That's who.

And that makes me happy.

PS - Booga, booga!

Happiness can be so fleeting.

You know, here we have the crazies on the Right, convinced that, "The Day of Rapture is at hand! Sweet Jehovah God!" (Michelle Bachmann). And so, they all swarm, and they make sure that they, and their 1% MASTERS, get as much as they want, as soon as possible. Because the end of the world is coming. Therefore, covet all you can. For fear and denial. Because HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS. I.e., more wealth proves you are more righteous in the cross-eyes of a false god. More things means you go to heaven - or to the bunkers or the spaceships, when the wars begin... And, here we have those on the left shouting, "WE ARE TIRED OF YOU GUYS RAPING US!" And those on the crazy Right think, "What on Earth do they mean?! We're just ding what we've done since we were BORN. After all, WE GOOTA EAT!! They must be NUTS! They're trying to take the food out of our mouths - they're trying to deny our AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM - THEY'RE TRYING TO EAT US! Therefore, THEY MUST BE COMMUNISTS! KILL! KILL!"

That's what crazy money does, anyway. For every dollar, some life, somewhere, is taken. To make money is to take money. At least with our current debt-based Imperial system. Well...

You have the self, and you have the other - the Able that will, and the Cain that cracks.

You have the one, and you have the mob.

You have the sole, and you have the many.

You have the soul, and you have the MONEY.

One is an eternal spring of hope. The other is an ever-regressing sucking sound. Entropy, or else the pain that allures, conspires.

Speaking of the wars of 2012, as foreseen by the crazy locust people... Here they come.

The other day, LJ was down again due to routine technical stuff which only the gods and their priests understand. Once again, this shut down LJ for a lot of people. And, once again, it occurred on the same day that a (bogus) threat "from Anonymous" threatened to REEK PROFOUND DEVASTATION ON WALL STREET, (Columbus Day). Since the threat was bogus, it never materialised. But if I were to say, "What if LJ ONCE AGAIN had been induced to cripple social networkers, because of that threat? You might immediately conclude that I AM JUST A PARANOID CONSPIRACY THEORIST. Well, no - I am a naturalistic sociologist, who makes HYPOTHESES. On the other hand, why would one feel so insecure as to accuse me of being a crazy conspiracy theorist, hmmm? Whatever - I am noting this topic because...


Speaking of conspiracies...

Here's one example of why I still LOVE Alex Jones. He is declaring that WAR IS ON WITH IRAN, and it begins within a few weeks.

Everyone is urged to listen to his show, (esp. 1st hour), today 10/13 FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. It will be replayed tonight on SHORTWAVE, 4840 MHz, at 9:pm Chicago time. Or, listen via http://www.infowars.com.

I'm pretty sure he is correct. I've considered MANY sources from the past that such a war is plausible and likely. The Holder "Fast-and-Furious" conspiracy is true, (drug running to Mexico in exchange for cocaine), and so would be a COVER-UP. My knowledge of LYING and the human voice and behaviour immediately told me Holder was lying about the so-call Iranian terror attack on the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S.A. I DO think, however, that this all was caused by BUSH carry-overs within the Justice Department, and beyond, but now the Obama Administration has become a prisoner to it. Also, many sources: The shipment of weapons and bunker-busters to Israel is true. War as a diversion for a bad economy, and to expand control? Always true. (It even mustered during solar flares, and is falling on a full moon). And so on. SO.

What isn't true? Iran as a threat.

What is true? China, and other countries, are threats. USA is a threat!

That's it: a very sloppy war, which our military opposes, is coming, and it can lead to WWII. Because SINCE WHEN DOES ANYONE IN POWER KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING LATELY? They spend all their time dealing with being buggered by the crazies from the right, WHO'S SELF-FULFILLING PROPHESY IS NOT ONLY TO RAPE RICHES, BUT TO BEAR WITNESS TO THE END OF THE WORLD.

Tend to your welfare, now.

It is the War of the Worlds. Corporations have become people and they stalk us like great looming TRIPODS, hungry ghosts, zombies - intent to ultimately drink our blood. I hope I've scared you, because we need to act. The best way to end war is to prevent war. Wait too long, and the MASS INSANITY consumes everyone and everything.
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