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* - galaxy

on victory over pain

Posted on 2011.10.08 at 00:37
Wracked by a migraine, I finally managed to get my photocopies together, and walked out the door, to the Post Office. I must have returned by around 4:50pm. Afforded a little play with dog. In all appearances, I looked well. But I had to decide to go to sleep, to resolve the migraine and salvage some kind of day tomorrow.

I sat down, felt her presence, had a beer, took the phone off the hook, and went to sleep. I had decided that I may visit her tomorrow, or even Sunday. As if knowing of my decision, she could not wait longer, and she decided to go.

I feel my hand pursed in hers.

Heaven is created by a handful of people, and she is one of them. So, I know she will be happier, and wiser, and be free of her pain. She may find time to look after me. I can only hope.

When I freed that bird from the fireplace some weeks ago, that was a good enough goodbye. Look down now and watch us walk and watch us play and know it is all in your spirit. Goodnight. I love you. And God does too.

(Aug.9 - http://madman101.livejournal.com/954175.html)

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