I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

house of cards

Who warned yous guys to get your money out of Bank of America?! madman101!

BOA's stock is down from $50.00 to $5.76 cents, and it is destined to go below $5 in a day or so - in which case it becomes a worthless PENNY STOCK, and that's when a run on the bank is predicted to erupt. I.e., people will be trying to take their savings out, and close their accounts. BOA website/computers has not been down because of Anon/Hacking - it's been down because people are trying to remove their $$$ and BOA is trying to stop them.

If there is a run on BOA, FDIC does not have enough money to cover it all. That means a bank run threatens to expand into other banks - (and so to a declaration of a "BANK HOLIDAY" - where no one has access to their money). That means the Fed will most likely come in and try to bail out BOA, but that's NOT a real solution. It's been bailing out Europe, and now USA banks will be bailing out Greece via the IMF. We are way overextended, and inflating. (The end-game comes down to Germany, China, and a move towards war on Iran via Israel/Greece through Turkey. Any Israeli attack on Syria will invite an attack on Tel Aviv by Saudi Arabia, and that means we move against SA to save our oil).

The BOA problem seems to have surfaced after they decided to levy a $5 fine on ATM/ debit cards - but in fact it goes several years back. And, it could have simply been predicted by their move to fire that single employee, Jackie Ramos, who posted on YouTube, 2009...


It always comes back to PSYCHOLOGY... Now, see this...


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