I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

warm and fuzzy conspiracy theory

If there is deep drilling secretly going on inside power plants around the world, there doesn't have to be a sinister reason for it. It could be that a government-backed programme of drilling to create GEOTHERMAL energy resources is going on. The only sinister thing about this would be that they are supporting the monopoly energy companies already in existence. And they may be trying to hide this activity not only from the public, but from most OIL companies. And, if there is nuclear detonation involved, they would want to keep that secret too. That would explain the "Top Secret/ KEEP OUT" signs, (and the giant fans). But WHY they'd want to detonate nukes (etc.) deep underground - I don't know. I'd guess it would be to create a space big enough to fill with water, which they could later pump up to run turbines, and send electricity, hot water, and heat to homes. Earthquakes may simply be a side-effect. Not to say that devious Cheney-like minds wouldn't think to detonate the nukes just when a crazy earthquake might serve their political purposes. This is a good hypothesis because the U.S./Army is NOT stupid when it comes to the energy needs of the future. I feel they actually DO believe we are in past-peek-oil-(per-capita). (The political/econ process is too slow in creating alternative energy). And they certainly DO have plenty of secret money to throw at this. Plus, it keeps energy centralised and in the hands of status quo monopoly/gov't control. YOU HEARD IT FIRST HERE ON MADMAN101. (PS - I don't think this would have anything to do with fracking, but they would need water available near by). (Note also: China is buying land in Toledo, on great lakes. Hypoth: Involved with tis. Involved with manufacturing steel w/in U.S.A. for large-scale infrastructure projects sponsored by Obama jobs/INFRASTRUCTURE Bill). (Also, a further hypoth: An attempt to vent sequestered METHANE, convert into "inert." Less likely cuz I don't see an abundance or problem with underground methane in these areas). My father wanted me to be an engineer, btw.

(PS - This would also be a possible way of disposing of nuclear waste, except that the HUM/quakes are not occurring only near nuke plants).

note: guess for market today: down 250, gold up $30, silver up $5, oil down $10, grains stable

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