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oor wullie


Posted on 2011.09.29 at 21:55
"I am monarch of all I survey."

This is also, "PRESENCE - PART 2."

Roll a marble down a bannister, Grasshopper. The marble will soon fall, off one side or the other. This is how the universe has decided. The universe thinks in one direction, not the other. The clock runs in one direction, not the other. Grasshopper. A distance so vast sits unused in space, and it is too stable to last. And so, it must fall in one way or the other. A galaxy is formed in that space. And the galaxy spins.

Throw a rock into the water, Grasshopper. Waves will stretch out, one within the other, as the water allows. As the water knows. The waves come from the rock, but they are of the water. How far do they go, until they are no longer of the rock?

Throw two rocks into the water. And the waves from both shall meet. From the two rocks, there is interference in the waves. It is an interference pattern - same as when a plane passes overhead, and the signal on your FM radio flutters in and out. There is a dialogue, a sorting through - which wave, which rock. These are the stars at night.

One ball of light, one ball of dark. An infinite continuum of greys in between. In interference. And the ball of light wonders, "How far may I go, and no longer find light which of myself?" And the dark ball wonders, "How far may I go, and no longer find dark which of myself?" But the "water" knows. The water goes in one direction. And we of the water think the light outshines the dark. But what is NOT of the water? Those who are NOT of the water know differently. And they think the dark - the dark matter, the dark energy - outshades the light.

How far does this go? Has the universe decided in one direction, only to expand, and so accommodate all bias, like our bias towards the light? Well, what of that which is not of the universe? Does it know oppositely, and so ever contract? There is no beginning and no end.

We see a galaxy. This is the white ball. We see a black hole at the center. This is the dark ball. Between them, there is infinite interference. But not so much where they border each other, but in the regression of stars and dust and energy off into the edges of the galaxy, and infinitely beyond. These are the stars and the dark stars and the particles and the virtual particles and the black hole particles and we the people. And, the further out extended, the galaxy thinks, "How far may I go and still be me?" And the black hole thinks, "How far may I go, and still be me?"

And we, Grasshopper, we are rife with ambiguity. But someone, something, somewhere, always knows a little better than us, and it says, "This way, not the other."

You would like to visit across the universe? But you can't quite fit it into your schedule? Not a problem. You may go there in mind. But, mind you, how far can you go, and still be you? Be prepared, if you visit these places, instantly through space and instantly through time: It can only be done as a dream. A true dream. Thinking is the best way to travel. You present your perfect information, as consciousness, to life across the universe, and you get this response: "We, like you, are GHOSTS. Neither here nor there. But one thing is sure. We feel your PRESENCE. Your presence shows us all. We see all you see, as through your eyes, here and now - but only as a dream. Only as a chimera shimmering in and out, like dejas vous, from one dimension into another, and out again. But we see and feel you as presence. We want you to know, we are here. We want you to know, FULL MESSAGE RECEIVED."

And Morrissey sings. Why?

In order for presence to be felt, from one body to another, one mind to another, one point in space/time to another - it must be carried faster than light, and so TRANSCEND the constraints of time and space - and become PRESENCE. Shared. Like empathy. Or prayer. Or voodoo. Or maybe even pain. And, so, consciousness is a loop beyond space and time, carried in QUANTA, or in NEUTRINOS SUCH AS THOSE FROM THE SUN, or in radiation, or in things we cannot yet understand. And these things happen - consciousness occurs and presence occurs - and yet they don't. They do and they don't BECAUSE THEY ARE BEYOND OUR MEASUREMENTS OF TIME AND LOGIC. Do you see, Grasshopper? Or are you drunk?

You present your perfect information, like the cosmic wisdom transmitted by a crystal - you - you are a liquid crystal, presenting your perfect information across the universe. And, in that land, of their time and logic, and this way but not that, they open your package and say, "What rot is this? It's all a bunch of unscientific nonsense, meaning nothing, going nowhere! We know from the start not to EVEN begin to be drawn into this absurd and bewildering tangle!"

But, "In wildness is our preservation." - Thoreau.

In wildness is our presence.

And a few who remain wild, and innocent, and wise through all adversity, they would dare to peer into the package, despite all scorn and ridicule and hardship and loss, and say, "Oh, majesty! Hello, spirit! Full message received!" For that is life. Across the universe. That is the consciousness across the stars.

The Sun sends out neutrinos, and other unnamed forces, and instantaneously, they are here on Earth. They influence RADIATION, and they excite MICROBES. And it is another 8 minutes before the Sun's LIGHT actually reach the Earth. And another 2-3 days before the particle-dust from its solar flare reaches the Earth. But, simultaneously, synchronistically, we experience the consciousness of the Sun. The Sun thinks, and we feel it's presence, all around and throughout us. And it happens and it doesn't. For 8 minutes, at least, we assume it is JUST US. Just silly us. Life is but a dream.

The Sun wonders, "How far out may I go, and still be me?" So, it sends out its perfect information. And, suddenly, there are corn stalks perfectly bent by infrared radiation. There are globes of lights about, called UFOs. There are crop circles, containing perfect information, like the information of crystals - exact and cutting and perfectly placed. AND ALL ABOUT, THERE IS PRESENCE. In the same way there is presence when one is visitted by a dear loved one who has just passed on. In the same way that there is presence from the ghost of a lot spirit. Or in the same way there is presence around the site of a UFO, or a creeping pack of wolves, or a suffering animal in the woods. It is all SUPERSTITION, and it is all NOT SUPERSTITION. It is CUTTING EDGE. Perfect information, in presence, being divined, as one would try to interpret a lucid dream upon waking.

But, in this tragic age of ego and excitement, many will stand there, and look upon the crop circles, and say, "What is all this rot? This makes no sense! How could this happen here if this didn't happen there and this happened then but this can't happen now..." They have decided, "This way, and not that way." (But, are they the final authority(s)?)

However, few may peer in and say, "Sun-made and divine, or man-made and profane - I think it's WONDERFUL."

And that is what matters.

Life is now.

Recent research suggests: Black holes and galaxies emerged together from the birth of the universe. This is somewhat contrary to prevailing, "collapse/ spin-off," theory.

(Note: Several phrases in CAPS can be goggled for more info).

"Look, Mommy! It's a helicopter up in the sky!"

"Oh, that's just a grasshopper."


bobby1933 at 2011-09-30 04:32 (UTC) (Lien)
In the movie "Contact," when the Jody Foster character reaches the apex of her intergalactic "journey" she lands near an island with a palm tree which resembles a picture she drew for her father when she was a child. Her father comes walking down the beach toward her. As she acts puzzled, her father tells her that "no, this is not what is "out here" but it is as much of "it" as she can understand. But then, nobody believes she made the "journey" anyway.

On the other hand, we have the symbol of the Tao. What is black is also white, what is dark is also light; each complements the other; each grows out of the other, both are manifestations of the non-being out of which all being emerges.
I am the person who will destroy China.
madman101 at 2011-09-30 16:40 (UTC) (Lien)
thank you for reminding me of that interesting movie - yes, it is quite relevant to my post - both the "dream" and people not believing her!

also very relevant, the symbol of the Tao. moving in one direction. i have noted the paradoxical interactions as regressing wave patterns, but same thing, and both of the same nonexistent water. or consciousness. or nothingness.

i have used the 2-ball idea for my own thinking for several years. but i have also appreciated the Tao symbol, incorporating it into a multi-religion symbol poster i once made when i once tried to create a litte mini "movement" from nothing.

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