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Gold and silver! - (Money, Part 4)

Posted on 2011.09.23 at 17:54

As you know, there was a big stocks tumble on Wall Street yesterday. That was because of fear due to the profiteereur's concocted Greece debt crisis. Now they are saying French debts may bring all of Europe down, including Germany. So, the U.S. hedge-fund/raiders have had their full success. And the frightened planet is either pulling out of anything on Wall Street, or are putting their money on sure-things. Unfortunately, they are still in the mindset that, ultimately, the U.S. dollar, and U.S. Treasury bills, (bonds), are the surest things. They are not. And this only proves that major lessons have yet to be learned, and that worse economic times, (severe depression), lie ahead.

(Conspiracy note: Why would the upper-corrupt inheritors of German NAZIsm want to sink Europe, and even bring down their original spawning place, Germany? Well, it makes sense. They are trying to get Germany "back." Germany is Democratic Socialist, and Green, which means "SOCIALISM!" to them - so they want to convert it back into National Socialism, (NAZIsm), if not into a "libertarian" monarchy. Once they bring down the Christian/Democratic Socialism government, look at all the wealth and institutions and land and gold and art and culture and COMMONS that they will be able to PROFITISE and CONTROL!!! - Not that there is this conspiracy, but it is viable).

The tumble was also due to other things... Well, primarilly because we are headed downwards no matter how we do it. Also, more bad reports were released, and Wall Street loves to react to those ephemeral things. And, neither the President nor Bernanke has been inspiring confidence. And, first they declare THERE SHALL BE NO QE3 funny-money printing, so they can rig the profit-making game for their friends, and then they turn around and say there WILL be QE3. It's an endless fucking con game, and most people continue to be drawn into it like suckers.

But, hell, academic economists REALLY BELIEVE IN THE VALIDITY OF THEIR THEORIES, (because it seems at least to be making their friends richer, so, of course... DUH).

Other reasons for the tumble: China appears to be slowing down, partly due to rising middle-class demands, (note also the anti-nuke protests there, yo!) And, importantly, the Republicans in WDC continue to be asshole imbeciles, gluing up the Congressional works. And, woops, destroying the government. Gee, how did THAT happen? Well, they're plugging up everything, opposing Obama in every possible juvenile way, not even able to do business within their own Party. And the end result is that the Government fails, and the Economy fails, and a CERTAIN SELECT GROUP OF PEOPLE WALKS AWAY LAUGHING, ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

Anyway, the weird thing is that the a-scared investors took their money OUT of gold, and put it into the dollar/bonds. Folks, that also involves some above-average U.S. Government interventions, so someone was making tonnes of money from last week's tumble. But, it may not have been so much that EVERYONE was transferring from gold to dollar/bonds - I think it was more that a LOT of people were simply getting out of EVERYTHING on the market. Therefore, gold went down with everything else. It acted like most other commodities, including oil, metals, COPPER, even silver: It was dropping because of a fear NOT of inflation, which brings some economic activity "improvements" in some sectors, but of true DEPRESSION - i.e., a falling off of all sectors, all production/trade, globally.

But that's very irrational thinking, to regard gold in the same class as other commodities, as least to such a vast degree, that it plummets. The joke is still to be laid out. But, for the time being, (which is a BUY NOW time), the money has been taken out of gold ON WALL STREET. And so the price went down to $1,639/oz. But here's the interesting thing. What happens on Wall Street, re: gold, is not representative of the true value of PHYSICAL GOLD (bullion/coins) in the real world, as I have often said. So, many actual bullion dealers didn't bring their selling prices down as much as the low Wall Street price. In fact, gold in bullion/coins is relatively stable. People who deal in bullion/gold have this tendency of actually THINKING, and also of treating gold not as a fast-traded commodity, but as a long-term retainer of wealth in bad times. So, they know bad times are yet ahead.

Recently, Donald Trump made the news by purchasing three gold bars, and speaking very highly of the value of gold. That caused a little rush of people to buy physical gold, and helped push the price up. Well, yesterday, I checked the price of a 1/2 oz gold coin being sold by the very same dealer who sold the three bars to Trump. Guess what it said the price was, after the major tumble with Wall-Street/gold... It was twice as much as it should have been - it was worth A WHOLE OUNCE OF BULLION GOLD, (according to Wall Street). It was marked up BY ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. That may have been a momentary blip, because it didn't show up elsewhere - although there were GIANT mark-ups on other gold coins, and by other dealers.

The point is this: Even during a dip in Wall Street gold prices, both rational-dealer and IRRATIONAL-trader psychologies can push the price of PHYSICAL gold UP. Well, here's my theory: With so many thousands of investors currently fleeing to the U.S. DOLLAR/BONDS, irrationally, the day will come when most of them will instead flock to gold, and a sizable number of them will want to investing in, or buy, in one particular brand of gold bullion/coin. What would that be? Irrationally, they will flee from the DOLLAR, and they will buy U.S. GOLD BULLION/COINS!! Not Chinese or Swiss, who's currencies are more stable than the dollar. Not the Canadian, which has the purest gold content.

No, they will insist in obtaining U.S. GOLD EAGLES! That means that if you want to gain wealth by buying gold, then buy U.S. bullion/coins, because a major BUBBLE will be pushing their price way up in a few years! You fucking heard it here, dudes. I take full credit for this theory.

Also, since it will be people with a lost of cash to dump, who will be buying these coins and pushing up their price, then they will be buying more of the higher denominations/weights. That is to say, they will be buying relatively more 1 oz coins, (and higher), than 1/4th or 1/10th coins, so you will do better if you buy the 1 oz "$40" U.S. Eagle (99.9 pure) gold coin, which is currently at about $1,900 to buy.

The same also holds true for gold (and silver) NUMISMATIC coins. These are coins, often of lower gold/silver purity, which are bought and sold as collectibles - little bits of history. These tend to cost much more than their gold/silver content. However, gold/silver market trends affect their prices. In fact, their prices have been pushed upwards so quickly, the U.S. mint has said that they need to readjust the pricing of their collectibles currently being struck or sold, so they have stopped selling them. Oddly, other countries are also suspending their gold/silver collectible coin sales. This will further drive up the price of collectibles, and create a serious black market.

So, you see, collectibles can have added benefits. But, they remain collectibles, and are not normally regarded as quick-trade commodities. But that may change if a black market emerges. Anyway, collectibles tend to be more stable, compared to bullion/coins, just as bullion/coins are more stable compared to gold/silver on the Wall Street (and other paper) markets, and just as (paper) gold/silver on Wall Street tend to be more stable or strong than other commodities and currencies, especially the dollar.

Another thing that people with money are doing is BUYING UP BAGS of old numismatic coins, especially old (90%) silver coins, like the Mercury Dime or the Morgan Silver Dollar, or other U.S. coins before 1965. Other bags contain 40% silver coins, like the Kennedy silver half-dollar, 1965-1969/70. These bags are being sold for thousands, or tens-of-thousands, of dollars - and they are being bought mostly for their gross SILVER content. But their extraction from circulation will drive up those particular coins prices in NUMISMATIC terms, eventually. So, just owning any of those types of coins is a good idea. Hang on to them for a good while.

The nice thing about silver, especially silver bullion/coins, (as opposed to numismatic collectibles), is that they don't presently cost so much. You can buy a silver round, (99.9 pure), for about $40, (even though Wall Street says they've gone down to $30 something). Buy one every month, and soon you will be doing well. Silver stands to gain significantly over the next 5-10 years. (The NUMISMATIC COLLECTIBLE American Eagle Silver ("$1", 99.99 pure, w/obverse "Walking Liberty") piece, costs only slightly higher than a round, but I feel it's value will rise higher and steadier than the rounds - a better long term investment). Well, with silver (bullion rounds) being much lower in value than gold, it makes them more convenient for trading and bartering, should the time come when that's how we must purchase food, etc. - i.e, should the dollar crash and inflation zoom upwards. Smaller gold bullion/coins also exist.

The bad side of silver is that it is more volatile than gold - it has wider swings. (Even so, it will rise IN GENERAL, considerably, in the next decade). One reason for this is that there is more of it - it is less rare than gold. Another reason is that it is partly COMMODITY in nature, to a greater degree than gold. Silver is used in a great many manufacturing processes, including of micro-electronics. So, when people think China is slowing down, they think these electronics will fall off in sales and in manufacturing, and so silver will be needed less - and so people pull their investments out of silver - therefore its price goes DOWN. Just like they pull their investments out of COPPER or palladium. But, again, the silver bullion/coin/collectible markets are more stable. Still, there is no better bartering back-up than silver rounds. Grains and seeds come next. Cigarettes and incandescent light-bulbs are a close third. Gasoline is fourth but try lugging THAT around. After that come pets as a food source. And children as prostitutes and so forth.

NOTE: Many believe that there is a natural gold-to-silver price ratio. This is 40-to-1, just like the 1 oz "$40" gold Eagle vs. the 1 oz "$1" silver Eagle. They say that this balance is out of whack, and that silver needs to rebound upwards a great deal. Also, when this 40/1 ratio is reached,it is time to sell off your gold/silver. This theory may be only slightly useful as a background guide of sorts. There are other forces at play which make it not a strong or really useful theory: Primarilly, the PAPER markets and artificial manipulations by the government(s) and bank cabals, namely Morgan-Case and BOA. However, it is good to have around. And yes, silver is due for a significant price rise.

Just as Lincoln said, capital is derived from labour, ERGO paper money is derived from (commodities: ultimately) gold/silver as barter money - REAL money. It is from our work that we seek and send to exchange or barter goods. We use paper dollars to do that - but we first used gold and silver. When paper fails, we necessarilly return to gold/silver. Well, look at gold/silver as barter money - as basic, real money - used to facilitate our LABOUR, the foundation of economy. The foundation of keeping ahead of entropy, of making sure bets, and investing into an orderly future.

Well, along came the capitalists and used paper APPROXIMATIONS of this gold money of our labour. They gambled it away, and they printed more of it, and more of it, and more of it, always pretending it was based on the same gross value at the foundation of the economy. And they circulated the lie narcissistically amongst themselves, economically-inbred and lacking virtually any productive value, investing less in jobs than CEO pays, hyperspace gambling and just plain covetousness. So much for SUPPLY SIDE trickle down theory. The invisible hand is the hand that takes. Manifesting this false value/love into perfidious THINGS, like yachts and mansions and baseball cards and other toys, essentially masturbating each other into an impossible dream, they made-believe that REAL ECONOMY was occurring when it was in fact a cheapening of national value and a ponsi scheme upon the falling poor.

They neglected to see they they were DEGRADING our foundational values. And, as they gambled away the now-pretend-money called paper, even in the form of NUMBERS in computers, "printed" out of nowhere, representing nothing real but greed - now that they have gambled this away and expect us to pay it all back for them, whilst we have little sweat and blood left to bleed, in comparison to this huge demand, threatening SLAVERY - we'll, what do we do but detach from this insanity and return to our golden roots of descent trade and commerce.

I make no revolutionary statements or recommendations. These eventualities are inherent in capitalism itself. In so far as economists and investors deny them, and require our obeyance to their paper/debt schemes, which enrich an every smaller upper class - THROUGH THE STRONG-ARM OF GOVERNMENTS - to that extent is revolution extracted and inevitable. I wish it were not so. It hurts to think about it.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - JFK, shot because HE TRIED TO CORRECT THIS MONEY SYSTEM.

gold prices/coins:
http://www.kitco.com - see graphs

Anyway, you may wonder why I have been wasting my time, writing this post. It's because I ended up far too ill to do anything else today. My greatest accomplishment was to have my dog run around like a madman in the attic. Sounds like a joke, but no - he does this for fun/exercise. He's really strong and sharp and can jump a mile. He knows he could tear me to shreds, but he treats me with such delicacy and respect, it is an honour to know him.

Well, I have a whole nuther topic I was thinking of getting into. But I'll make it a later post. Maybe called, "Conspiracy Corner." I will briefly describe:

It is with great sadness that I am reassessing the idea that drug companies may be trying to harm us via injections. I am very serious. It sounds nutso. But it's what I call the darker side of profiteering: which is to create scarcity, need and suffering in the greater population(s) and environment. This is both an inherent dynamic in capitalism and a serious flaw in HUMAN NATURE - it need not be called a "conspiracy," but a pathological need to make corporate profits via the idiot libertarian trick called, "COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS," where pushing destructive drugs makes more money than doing real science and keeping legal. The ethic of profiting from DESTRUCTION.

That's why injections may be making many of us chronically ill.

But, unfortunately, such dynamics in society and economy will ultimately be run by controlaholics of like mind, possibly the upper-corrupt inheritors of NAZIsm, (see "Bayer") - that is, these trends do sport a tiny class of managers and owners WHO ARE IN SERIOUS CONSPIRACY. The, "manic libertarian anti-communism conspiracy." CONSPIRACIES DO EXIST. More notes for your/my future reference:

uganda ecofascism; scarcity in Egypt - is... "reckless genocide" - genoslaughter... "wrongful death"
the dark side of making profit
manic libertarian anti-communism conspiracy
drug companies - cfs xmrs GMO mouse virus contamination
autism, gardacil, alzheimers,,,,

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