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I am the person who will destroy China.

what i learnt although i have no brain

- Dr. Oz controversy about arsenic/cyanide in apple juice made me wonder if maybe killed a dog by putting apples in her dog-food. I found out, no. But CFS is like chronic arsenic poisoning, except the part where you die. I know that I (cfs) have problems with: ATP, Protein Kinase, Mitochondria, Aerobic/Lactic, Nitrogen/O2/CO2, and LOW ACETYL-CHOLINE, ("cholinergic chemical"). I can be like a walking coma, like for the past 3 days.

- I've always known CFS resembles Alzheimers in some ways, as well as various other - all having to do with a loss of planning/motivation/etc. via the VENTROMEDIAL PREFRONTAL CORTEX. Also, AZHEIMERS IS LOW IN ACETYLCHOLINE, "ACh". I kept telling my docs was sure I was low on ACh, but they never ever heard me.

- I've been taking too much benedryl. It occured to me that Benadryl could be exasperating bad cognitive abilities, lately. I seem to be having CEREBELLUM problems, balance, etc. Well, just now found out that BENADRYL is anti-cholinergic, i.e., anti-ACETYLCHOLINE. So, yeah. It's also very bad for people with ALZHEIMERS - some people think maybe it even causes it.

- Anti-statin drugs remove cholesterol. Cholesterol is necessary for healthy neurons, myelination. AND SO ARE VERY BAD FOR PEOPLE WITH ALZHEIMERS. So, there's two drugs not to give alzheimers people, and people w/ CFS, and autism, and other.

- I've also had a chronic low grade chest cold, kept going by CFS, and it has been intensifying my CFS symptoms. Too much exertion, like seeing that apartment last week, disables me for at least a week. NEED TO GET A CAR ASAP. Must sleep more, no more beer for a while, NO MORE GLUTEN, IF WE'RE EVER GOING TO SURVIVE!

- Must needs to putter putter putter all day today, rest, rest, putter putter. That way, I ease oxygen back into my insulted and pouting brain/cerebellum. Pushing myself to see apartments today would only incapacitate me deeper. Push= lower aerobic= more lactic/stress= BECOME A ZOMBIE. Can't jump from relapse into activity. Never works. Must putter. Must stay within envelope... MAKING WORLD'S BEST PEA SOUP. MADE PSEUDO-HISPANIC CORNBREAD. MUST PAUSE TO SIMPLY LIVE AND DO SIMPLE THINGS LIKE SURVIVE.


"Any medicine that is anticholinergic (works the opposite of aricept) will decrease levels of the neurotransmitter needed for thought. The result is increased confusion, agitation, and increase of psychosis.

Meds that are anticholinergic include:

- antihistamines (benedryl, tylenol PM)
- conventional antipsychotics (haldol)
- benzodiazapines (ativan, valium, xanax, klonopin, benzo sleeping meds restoral, etc
- anticholinergics and antispasmotics for urinary incontinence (Detrol, etc)"


"Patients should not have to choose between bladder control and brain function, but some medications prescribed for overactive bladder can have a negative impact on memory and concentration.

In a recent study, researchers followed more than 800 older Catholic nuns, priests and brothers for eight years, testing mental function annually. Those who were taking medications called ANTICHOLINGERICS, (drugs for overactive bladder, Parkinson's disease, stomach cramps, motion sickness and ulcers), had greater decline in test scores.

This finding should not come as a great surprise to doctors. The neurochemical acetylcholine is essential for nervous-system funciton. Anticholinergic drugs interfere with its ability to bind to nerve cells.

Loss of bladder control is extremely distressing to older peole and their families. That's why doctors prsecribe drugs like Detrol (tolterodine) or Ditropan (oxybutnin). They don't always warn people however, about SIDE EFFECTS SUCH AS DISORIENTATION, DROWSINESS, INSSOMNIA, AGITATION OR HALLUCINATIONS.

One reader dsescribed her mother's situation: "my mother was recently prescribed Detrol. She has becomes increasingly disoriented nad has a lot of trouble sleeping. It's really heartbreaking to see her go ths way in bits and pieces.

She has no appetite or energy, but they keep piling on more and more medication. HER KIDNEY DOCTOR SAID DETROL HAD NO SIDE EFFECTS, BUT A REGULAR DOCTOR SAID IT COULD CAUSE DISORIENTATION. Her quality of life (and ours) is suffering. She is becoming less and less able to take care of herself."

A study at Wake Forest University School of Medicine found tht older people taking such anticholinergic medicines slow down physically as well as mentally. They walk slower and are less able to care for themselves.

Drugs for overactive bladder are not the only problem. A surprising number of medications can interfere with the action of acetylcholine, leading to negative effects both physical and mental well-being.

In addition to medications for bladder control, many old-fshioned antidepressants such as amitriptyine (Elavil) also have anticholinergic activity. These drugs are not prescribed as much for depression these days, BUT THEY ARE INCREASINGLY BEING USED TO TREAT DEBILITATING NERVE PAIN.

MORE SURPRISINGLY, THE ANTIHISTAMINE DIPHENHYDRAMINE, (BENADRYL), ALSO HAS SIGNIFICANT ANTICHOLINERGIC ACTION. Because this drug causes drowsiness, it is frequently found in over-the-counter sleep medications such as Nytol, Simply Sleep, Sominex and Unisom SleepGels. It is also a key ingredient in popular nightime pain relievers such as Advil PM, Alka-Seltzer PM, Excedrin PM and Tylenol PM.

Many other medictions also have an anticholinergic activity. The list is too long to reproduce here, but some of the medicines include scopalamine (Transderm Scop) for motion sickness, prednisone for inflammation, nifedipine (Adalat, Procardia) for blood pressure control and phenobarbital for sedation.

NO ONE SHOULD STOP SUCH MEDICATION WITHOUT CONSULTING A PHYSICIAN, but older people experiencing symptoms of disorientation or memory loss shouold have their medications evaluated. A family member may need to request this if the patient is unable to do so."

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