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paris - librarian

Waterloo Sunset - 2

Posted on 2011.08.30 at 08:41
"But philosophy doesn't DO anything!"

- Well, look at all the people you think are "DOING" things. Look at the system rewarding them. We are destroying the planet, creating a mass extinction, overpopulating and increasing disease & poverty, breathing and eating toxins including radiation, using products that increasingly fall apart, threatened by corporations and governments wanting to milk us and invade our lives, we're in the middle of a depression with inflation looming, and we are hooked on a system of GROW GROW GROW which is coming up against itself and cannot be sustained, and so the future looks bright with a lot of turmoil and suffering, except for the few fools who step on faces and let their faces be stepped on while they scramble to the top of the body heap, where they become sociopathic, controlaholic narcissists. We have an economy where shooting yourself in the head may mean "doing" a "good" thing for Wall Street and the GDP.

And: You're telling me there is no need for PHILOSOPHY?!

One could do worse than be a swinger of syllogisms.

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