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I am the person who will destroy China.


I've been trying to see how well I am. I ran an experiment last night by eating strawberries, (bad for me), and pizza, (gluten). This, and other factors, dealt me a migrainish relapse today. (And I'm not 100% sure if it's the oxygen in the hydrogen peroxide is what helps, or if it's simply that chemical in my stomach, killing yeast or something). So, I ate some children of birds this morning - eggs - for the cholesterol I need in order to re-mylenate my neurons, but that has yet to succeed. I also went upstairs to rest/meditate. I often do that when I think there's a chance of finally rising out of a relapse, and perhaps acquiring a DAY. I go there for to get away from everything,including my dog, cuz the "meditation" requires absolute protection from stressors and worries. This time, however, there was a bird flying around in the room, and it ultimately made my day worse - so, no go looky looky at apartymenty today...

A day or two ago, I deliberately left open the fireplace in that room upstairs. I was going to clean out the stuff - possibly dead birds - but first I wanted to leave it open in case any birds wanted to fly out. So, I'm up there today, talking to this bird. It was trapped behind a curtain so I freed it. Then I started talking to it. Fairly soon, it calmed down, and realised I was attempting to communicate with it. I saw that it began to notice when I was repeating important phrases, mostly, "Come here, bird." Of course, it also saw that I wasn't trying to harm it. So it put two and two together and realised I could be trying to help him/her. It would occasionally fly around. But it would sit there and when it heard me say, "Come here, bird," it would fly towards me, flapping in place in front of my face and just above my head.

Well, we were both stressed. So, this didn't work out magically. I slightly moved my head back cuz I didn't want a bird in my face. And the bird would basically be like, "OK - what do you intend to do?" And it would give up and fly to another part of the room. Animals in fight or flight, or even in curiosity, will try this sort of test, to see what will happen - to see if the intruder is confrontational or interesting. If the intruder acts afraid, uncertain, aggressive, then it should be attacked or fled from. The bird basically made no final decision, but, seeing no clear help forthcoming, and seeing my face back off a bit, it mainly remained in confusion and flew off.

NOW, if I had spent more time trying this, I'm sure I would have succeeded, especially if I had had the composure to have put out my finger to offer it a place to land or something. But I really wasn't wanting to spend the rest of my day talking to a bird. So I got an empty kleenex box, and - as the bird had made itself quite available/vulnerable to me - slipped that over the bird, whilst talking. I then covered it, took it outside, and allowed the bird to look out, and then fly away. Fly away bird, fly.

I think this was one of the children. There were no other birds to be seen in the fireplace. I figured that it was entirely possible that this bird had never been ABLE to leave the chimney, and COULD have survived eating bugs - as my dog and I would hear it in the night, flying up and down, like a damn bat. It was a plain but cute bird - very dark, almost black, but not black. It's entire underside was cream/white, which was nice cuz every time it would turn to look at me, the white appeared on its neck. It was not a sparrow, small fat and pudgy. It had a slender body and slender wings. Maybe 9' wingspan, or more if extended. Unfortunately, my bird book is packed away.

I did allow my dog in for a view, and nothing chaotic happened. Also, the bird kicked up a lot of microdust, and I ended up coughing. The bird apparently realised that I was coughing, and may be ill. Birds are extremely intelligent, they just have smaller, and DIFFERENT, brains than we do. Sadly, my face is now permanently imprinted in that bird's memory, and it will have too many dreams of me. On the other hand, this was all a symbolic act, where I freed the spirit of the past, or of a relative, from this house, and I will be rewarded in heaven with a very nice Easter basket. Now, contrast my life with the riots in London, and you will say, "What a wondrous planet this is!"

Read about corporations THAT CAME TO LIFE!!!! - "Unequal Protection"- by Thom Hartmann, http://www.truthout.org

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