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* - galaxy


Posted on 2005.01.13 at 19:50
From apophasis, who's pretty damn interesting...

...there is evidence that the simultaneous experience of conflicting emotions is more common for Easterners than for Westerners...East Asians also seem to have no trouble accepting apparent contradictions in their own emotions. Organizational psychologists Richard Bagozzi, Nancy Wong. and Youjae Yi asked Chinese, Korean and American participants tp rate their emotional states at the moment and their emotional states in general. American participants tended to report experiencing uniformly positive emotions or uniformly negative emotions. But for Chinese and Korean respondents there was little relationship between the intensity of positive emotions...and the intensity of negative emotions they reported. Reporting strong positive emotions was fully compatible with expressing strong negative emotions. Confucius was apparently speaking for at least a very large fraction of the world's people when he said, "When a person feels happiest, he will inevitably feel sad at the same time."

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