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"If I were president, I'd have them put it in a LOCK-BOX.... We need a Lloooooooocck Booxxxxxxxx!"

"Ha ha ha - why does he keep saying 'lock-box'? What does that mean?!"

"I know! But it's so funny cuz he's got a weird accent, ha ha! LOck BOxxxxxx!"

Give Al Gore an "F" for delivery. He sounded like a broken record, and completely out of context. I had no idea what LOCK-BOX meant. But he was trying to tell people that we needed to put OUR social security money OFF LIMITS, so the politicians would stop the government from BORROWING out of it. That's OUR money. It's solvent for many, many years. Social security is fine - it WORKS - except that it has been dipped into, and the government owes that money back.

And even though SOCIAL SECURITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL BUDGET, Obama and almost all other politicians are trying to convince us that SINCE THEY HAVE BORROWED FROM IT, and it HASN'T BEEN PAID BACK, we need to include that in the budget AND NOT PAY BACK SOCIAL SECURITY - BUT TO DISMANTLE SOCIAL SECURITY INSTEAD. In other words, they are telling us next months checks might not go out - and SOCIAL SECURITY ITSELF MIGHT BE DESTROYED - because the government STILL NEEDS TO PAY FOR THE T.A.R.P. BAILOUT TO THE BANKSTERS, AND FOR GEORGE BUSH'S WARS, while at the same time they refrain from cutting the military budget or from ending the wars.

Once again, they have NO RIGHT to threaten SOCIAL SECURITY, because IT IS OUR MONEY! They are trying to convince us to let them reach into our pockets, into our wallets, into our futures, and into our children's futures, and let them STEAL OUR MONEY and send it away to the RICH, who are benefitting from TARP and the WARS.

They are trying to steal middle-class and baby-boomer and disability money, and shift it up to the upper 2%.

THAT's why there is all this acrimony between grandma's and their grand kids. That's why there is all this arson in NYC an NJ and Minnesota. That's why they're trying to shut our governments down and steal away pensions. IT'S ALL TO PAY FOR THEIR GAMBLING DEBTS, AND TO ALLOW THEM TO GAMBLE MORE. They create false crises, to scare us into moving over money to their fat-cat friends. 70 times, the debt ceiling has been raised in the past - but it's SO important THIS time to let them steal our money. I don't think so!

But - good news from Wisconsin, yay. The PEOPLE all voted for legitimate Democratic challengers to the recallable GOP Senators, and did NOT vote for the FAKE Dem. candidates that the GOP tried to sneak through. So, now all six TRUE DEMS. will go up against the GOP terrible 6, and (if the election tampering and the legislative voter-quashing attempts by the Wisc. GOP don't win out*), they can get a Dem. majority in the Wisc. Senate and turn around the anti-union, anti-teacher, anti-people, anti-independence, anti-government, anti-American, pro-KOCHS laws which were passed, and hopefully some GOPpers will be sent to jail where they belong, instead parading around in white wigs and robes.

* - http://ontd-political.livejournal.com/8432964.html

Other good news - I FINALLY have a day to get some things done. FINALLY.

More bad news - Even though North Dakota actually HAS the money, the politicians won't vote to help the flooded town of Minot. Once again, the money doesn't belong to the politicians, or their lobbyists, or their pimps - IT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE.

PS - 2:45pm - Thom Hartmann reports that GINGRICH declares that the GOP-ACTIVIST-FIVE on the U.S. Supreme Court have been acting UNCONSTITUTIONALLY, (something like a Monarchy lording over the other two branches of government). OK - now Gingrich, appealing to centrists/moderates, is actually making sense for once. But beware. This could be the strategy requested of him by the Bilderbergers - to draw away votes from independents and Dems, (as Perot drew votes from Bush #1). Watch Gingrich to see if he really hopes/intends to win, or if he's just a ploy. If he comes close to winning, I'm thinking his selfish nature might nevertheless tempt him to go for the trophy. (I think it's possible that McCain played the same game in 2007/8 - and he clearly wasn't enthused about possibly winning - so that might why).

PPS - 7:15pm - Obama has walked out of a meeting w/ Cantor, saying, "Don't call my bluff. I'm taking this to the American people!" - Great - THAT'S what we need. He obviously has been reading my LJ. And I can honestly say for once that I don't see this as being an arranged stunt by a Obama/Cantor conspiracy. BBbbbbbbbbbbbUUUUUUuuuuuttttt...

Obama is fixing to downgrade the (SS) CPI, (Consumer Price Index), which is used to calculate Social Security cost-of-living raises, ON Social Security, from one that already cheats Seniors/Disabled out of their actual deserved increases, and which actually helps the rich by the way it is used to calculate each year's taxing brackets. Obama SHOULD be swithing to the "CPI-E", which WOULD be fair to SS recipients - instead he is moving DOWNWARDS from the CURRENT (unfair) CPI to the "CHAINED CPI", which cheats them even more, (goggle that term). Aaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd...........

Obama is offering to raise the retirement age from 65 to 67 - reducing SENIORS' benefits by 12% - that is another way he is proposing to TAMPER WITH SOMETHING THAT SHOULD NOT BE TAMPERED WITH, (see above). So, yes, the word remains, "DISINGENUOUS."

And we haven't even discussed MediCare / MedicAid...
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