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My dog is jumping all around with his butt in the air playing with his ball. So that's pretty good. You've got to rejoice in the small things in life. Viruses, for instance.

So, a train starts headed for an encampment of homeless people, a-sittin on the tracks. And the camp is called America. The black guy says, "There's a train a comin!" And all the white guys go, "He's just DEMAGOGING!" On the surface, that's what's happening with Obama: A reporter asks him if SS checks can go out on August 3rd, and he says, "Possibly not," and the Republicans say, "He's just demagoging!" So, everybody sits around and waits for the train to crash through. And such.

On a deeper level, Obama actually IS demagoging - or such. It can be said to be sort-of true that he can't guarantee that the checks will go out. But there are ways to push out those SS checks and he knows it. But he, and everyone else, is talking about depriving the old people and the poor, but do they say a word about making cuts in the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX or THE WARS? Hardly. Whereas Social Security has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BUDGET, the WARS - and bail-outs to the BANKS - IS WHAT HAVE DIRECTLY CAUSED THIS DEPRESSION!! And were stolen mortgages ever addressed - NO. But the banks were basically reimbursed for their failed bundled-and-gambled-away mortgage packages, as well as ENCOURAGED to continue their crazy investments into hyperspace, thus encouraging a future crash. Glass-Steagall was never repealed, and if that is not disingenuous, nothing else is.

"Look. Everybody is hurting," Obama says, suggesting that we all make sacrifices. But it's a lie. EVERYBODY IS NOT HURTING. Banks and mega-corps have made RECORD profits, yacht sales go through the roof, CEO's take baths in money, Wall Street makes love to its own orifices, and yet the banksters get BAIL-OUTs, and the rich continue to get THE LOWEST TAX RATES IN HISTORY, while corporations have so many tax loopholes and off-shore shell games and lack of tariffs and taxes, and subsidies, that they are being CODDLED rather than called to sacrifice. Meanwhile they send all investment and potential-govt-revenue, and JOBS to China. And the majority in the House INSISTS that this continue! So, when Obama says that he can't guarantee that SS checks will go out, you can pretty much guess that that reporter's question was pre-arranged, and Obama is using this tactic not only to scare the GOP into raising the debt ceiling, but also to prepare THE INNOCENT PEOPLE for unfair AUSTERITY - just like the UNDERWEAR BOMBER prepared us for fascist NAKED BODY SCANNERS and illegal SEXUAL-ASSAULT GROPING at our airports.

So, what has happened with the GOP? They don't want it advertised, but they've apparently agreed that raising the debt ceiling would be a good thing. Why? Well, yes, Obama's SS comment - which scared a lot of old TeaBaggers. But they were prepping for the position even before that - and I can guarantee you that more YELLING has occurred amongst the RIGHT in this country on Monday than it has in ages. Why the switch? Because the conventional, or "moderate" big corps notified their GOP puppets in the BONER camp that they would please like you to stop spooking Wall Street, and please would you shut up about default because those are our bonds and investments wrapped up in said default!! So shut the hell up and raise the debt ceiling!

What I didn't understand was why the CANTOR camp wasn't also falling in line, because of their scared TeaBaggers and their OWN corporations telling them what to do. Instead, they are pushing for not only no raised debt ceiling, but refusal to increase ANY taxes, no matter WHAT the deal is. And on the latter, so are many in Boner's camp - as well as Mitch McConnell, (who actually hates Boner).

But I figured out why: First of all, not all TeaBaggers are on SS - and even if they were, they wouldn't see the connection, being insane and all. There remain many Ron Paul TeaBaggers who are opposed to taxes, and raised debt, out of purely, simplistic philosophical reasons. AND, the Bachmann's and the Rand Pauls and the Cantors and the Rick Perry's out there have found it convenient to have USURPED the RON Paul messages, and RUN WITH THEM, so wooing over the whole Sarah Palin phalanx.

But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the greatest portion of TeaBaggers, and radical Republicans, are co-opeted and FUNDED not by MODERATE corporations, BUT BY RADICAL LIBERTARIAN KOCH-DRIVEN corporations. And this is where the greatest threat to the country, as well as to the moderate GOPpers, comes from. It is the idiot Ayn Rand ideologically-driven LIBERTARIAN CORPORATIONS, who spout messages of NO TAXES and NO GOVERNMENT, WHICH ACTUALLY WOULD SMASH THE LITTLE-GUY TEABAGGERS AND SMALL BUSINESSES, (and U.S. labor, etc., of course), who are driving the Cantor camp into saying, "Not only DON'T raise the debt ceiling, do NOT fund SS, or unemployment comp., or other social programs; and do not tax the rich or corporations, and DO NOT BRING IN MORE REVENUE - because we are in favour of destroying the government, and reducing most of the population into poverty, thus reducing labor costs. See, they can now take this stance, because their lucrative consumer markets are OVERSEAS, whereas the more moderate BONER GOPpers and corps. still have this notion that we still need some Americans to be able to shop and buy products, even if that means them doing so via credit cards.

Nevertheless, some in the Cantor camp are not so opposed, secretly, to raising the debt ceiling, cuz they saw what Reagan did with that in the past - borrowing means lots of fun bubbles. On the other hand, the banksters, and those who invest in their hedge funds, stand to GAIN from the raised interest rates associated with the U.S. going into default, and they also do appeal to the TeaBaggers and Kochs. But the Boner camp, and some in the Cantor camp, may have made an economic calculation that the economic times are such that interest rates would not actually go up significantly, if at all. And I tend to agree. There just isn't enough liquidity, and there won't be until Obama is out of office and the white-power-structure bankster/mega-corps actually release their capital, (much of it stolen via TARP), into the economy, where it belongs. So, the one unifying theme of all GOPpers is to do whatever it takes to make Obama a one-term president, even though Obama - like FDR - is the best friend that high capitalism ever had.

Therefore, the GOP has switched over to allowing the debt ceiling to be raised, (which is what I agree needs to happen), but they want it done in a way that evades blame from the TeaBaggers, and shifts blame to the president. Also, I believe that they have come to realise that Obama would WIN a Constitutional crisis, should he ultimately raise the ceiling even if the GOP voted against it. And they know that if they voted for no raised ceiling, Obama would come out smelling like roses, because the American people tend to LIKE SS, and Medicare, and Veteran's benefit, and unemployment comp., and A BOLD PRESIDENT. THEREFORE, the GOP came up with this scheme where, they would, "VOTE TO GIVE THE PRESIDENT THE AUTHORITY TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING," and after he did, they could vote to say that they disapproved of this, and yet the president would be allowed to continue if MERELY ONE VOTE went in favour of him doing so. Now, is that not THE BIGGEST CROCK OF SHIT YOU'VE EVER SEEN?! ha ha - like I said - it's too easy! The GOP is self-destructing! They've given up all their negotiating points, basically, and yet they are INSISTENT on continuing to act like THEY ARE RIGHT. It's insane. But the one thing they are looking forward to oing is: CAMPAIGN ON THE TALKING POINT THAT OBAMA RAISED THE DEBT CEILING - AND TAXES - BUT WE DIDN'T, REALLY!

CFS Report (ignore): Still pushing back brain "plus" and deep dizziness, but today will probably the activity day I was expecting for Monday.

A bird flies down the chimney and all the baby birds shout, "Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!" But my dog is going crazy cuz the flapping wings up and down the chimney sound like a bare stomach rumbling over a wet rubber raft and he does not understand. (I'm hoping that they're bald eagles or something but they are probably just sparrows).

Dear LiveJournal: It is not Valentines Day.

Oh, yeah - this post was supposed to be about light bulbs, ha ha - next time...

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