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tiny dog go bark bark

HERE COMES THE NOW! - (bow wow)

Posted on 2011.07.12 at 13:04

This is it - this "fake" election is of crucial importance to turning the illicit Koch/Walker agenda around - so please get and and vote, and please urge others to do the same!

Please BEWARE: The Wisconsin GOP has INJECTED FAKE "DEM" CANDIDATES! DON'T VOTE FOR THE FAKE DEMS!! Vote only for the super six! Please VOTE VIA TWITTER, and tell everyone you know: DON'T VOTE FOR THE FAKE DEMOCRATS! - JUST THE REAL ONES! (The real ones will later go into runoffs against the GOPpers).

CFS Report (ignore): Straining to recover, may be able to salvage day! But deep brain relapse now wants to be come an eyegraine. Can't do anything strenuous today, if anything. Only need about 2 free/active days to get most of the important stuff finished. Then maybe 4-5 such days for remainder/masters/kitchen. Then several more for shopping, arranging plans, stuff at the DMV, etc., and then a few more for moving. That clearly takes me up to August, when my SS/Disability Check isn't guaranteed to arrive!!

We all know that humans gained a great deal from hooking up with wolf pups and moulding them into the doggies we all know and love and hate today. The main thing we gained was the security to relax, and thereby spend all our new leisure time picking up after the doggies.

But what have doggies gained, if anything? Was the main benefit that they could sit back and smirk while watching the size of cats and their brains shrink through the ages?


Why do dogs prefer the company of humans over other dogs, (in the long run)?

Humans are WORSE.
Humans don't have many fleas.
Humans do the "hunting".
Incoming houseflies.
Neglected pork on the kitchen table.
Humans can see above savannah grass.
Vacations at the beach.
Brahms, the Smiths, & Alvin/ Chipmonks.
Ambulance sirens; & bones up the wazzoo..
It's fun to terrorise visitting Ministers.
Dogs learned how to HEAR language.
Health insurance. And protection from all the other humans.
Many entertaining days watching lovers' squabbles.
Many perplexing nights theorising about make-up sex.
You never catch rabies from babies.

Alert to self: Cute girl walked by at 1:15. Unfortunately, hot body means she is probably not legal. Mailman lady has hot body cuz she walks in the glistening sun, with a full calendar. Delivered only a letter from Google asking me to advertise madman101 in their search page. QUESTION: IN ILLINOIS, DO I NEED A NEW LICENSE TO DRIVE A BOX TRUCK? (I already have a regular CAR driver's license).

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