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I am the person who will destroy China.

Sex, Mom and God, Part 1

That's the name of a book by Frank Schaeffer, former Republican, describing how Atwater/Rove schnookered well-meaning idiots on the right into placing sexual perversion above love-thy-neighbour religion, as a foundation for Republican policies of sending wealth to the mega-corps and the rich. Behind every tax cut, or deregulation, or war is a fuming private FEAR, primarilly of homosexuals. ha ha - but let's be fair - let's not forget RACISM... Well, that keys into another topic:

"Far-right Constitutionalist Libertarian (who sometimes patronises Progressives)," Alex Jones, is often extremely useful for info and some ideas, but he still demonstrates the ultimate reason why he remains right and not left: He's terrified - with the basic Republican fears - but most weirdly of gays, which he tries to hide. But when he gets on a rant about how the one-world government is turning men into gays in order to decrease population, it gets funny. He says that men are turning into women and so when women smell them they lose all interest in sex. And he says that the military has weapons which will spray the enemy and make them gay so that they instantly start having sex with each other, uncontrollably. Just like regular gays do, right? ha ha - But if these weapons turn the men into women, then they would smell their comrades and ALSO smell WOMEN, and lose all interest in sex - OR AM I MISSING SOMETHING, such as a penis? No, what should ACTUALLY happen is that the enemy would turn into womanly gays and drop their weapons, smelling the GOOD GUYS - OUR soldiers, and so they would all rush at them with flowers and kisses and all this talk about you never LISTEN anymore!

Actually, I think that would be an awesome thing if we just captured our enemies and put them in a camp where they are put on hormones and turned into trannies and forced to have lesbian sex with each other, and then our men walk in with american flags and completely dominate them. oh YEAH! Hot! Frankly, a world filled with lesbians having sex is something nobody could reject, and isn't that really the purpose of our military, to watch lesbian porn? Wait - wasn't that in the NEWS about a half a year ago? People at the Pentagon watching porn on their computers? Thank god there are a few real men left... (MORE LATER: blaming the victim; odd affinities for serial killers; running on a platform of choking, evicting, and impoverishing people - or else: HOMOSEXUALS! Found a package label, sent elsewhere, where my brother referred to me as "Satan," btw. Well, he should never have sprayed me with gay spray in the first place, huh)...


PS - Anybody out there wanting: 2 boxes of books: How to start a small business, etc. 1 box of travel books/brochures. 1 box of health books/brochures/newsletters. 1 box of CFS/FMS, etc., books/newsletters/brochures. 99+ bottles of micro-beers, (empty), 70 brands. SHOP-VAC wet/dry vacuum machine. 2-3 boxes of activist/environmental books. Other stuff.

CFS REPORT (ignore): VERY tired morning. Hope to get some activity started soon, though. That's lucky - 2 days of activity! Turmeric turns things red when you introduce Bicarb and oil - but I'm thinking that it works better with health if you leave out the bicarb. I take tiny spoonfuls of turmeric. Oil, though, complements it.

Good press conference by Obama, btw.
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