I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

The Law of Inverse Consequences - Part Two

Apparently, the China hackers are rolling out a whole new slew of IP's. And I don't know about you, but I am now receiving ZERO hits on LJ from non-LJ viewers...?!?! And I couldn't go to my "Guests" (stats) page. So LJ is up to something here, I just hope I'm not the only jnl they're dealing with. I have enough trouble dealing with THEM. My brain is going through some bizarre changes today. I hope it's healing-type, but it's powerful. And yet I can talk, looking normal. Some kids came by and axed if I wanted to buy a cat. No. But I gave them a bunch of electronic stuff for them to sell and they were all happy. If things I do can, in any way, also help someone else, it is not time wasted. Damn my brain feels weird.

So - to the damn theme here: From the great land of insurance and banks, the Dodd-Frank Bill is being quietly introduced, saying that it will be illegal to buy/sell gold, over-counter, by July 15. Do any of you know how perverse this is? They print fake money out of thin air, they rob our taxes and pensions, they destroy the economy and now INFLATION of our PAPER dollar currency looms - but if people try to hang on to their wealth by buying gold, THEY are somehow the "counterfeiters" - because they are dealing in TRUE money.

So, they want to take the gold and send it cheap to Goldman-Sachs, et al, because we owe them one, yes? Bizarro World - where the parasites become "too big to fail" and WE THE PEOPLE fall into their control - we, the new "parasites" - we, the "worthless eaters."

Introducing: The Law of Inverse Consequences. More later. I'm dyin' here...

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