I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

In the springtime of my Hitler.

Well, storms are predicted for the next 40 days or such. Meaning my phone and internet will be almost completely inaccessible. If you haven't heard the one about the drowning nuclear plant out near Omaha, either goggle it now or leave the country.

Continuing on a theme:

Show love for males and you're a homosexual.
Show love for females and you're a womaniser.
Show love for children and you're a pedophile.
Show love for blacks and you're a wigger.
Show love for Asians and you're a Commie.
Show love for Moslems and you're a terrorist.
Show love for animals and you're weird.
Show love for nature and you're a tree-hugger.
Show love for the POOR and you're a LIBERAL. OMG! - Just like THE FOUNDING FATHERS!

No wonder love should never be SEEN! Philaphobia - and so Phobophilia - has become the major motor of the Republican assault upon the middle class. (Or, upon the WEAK, and then proceeding to create MORE WEAK, upon which to wage war). Each tries to out-do the other in proving himself brave and cold, and therefore, "Objectivist." They seek to corral the people away into sheering houses, and then meat lockers, threatening to expose them for the crime of LOVING. "Love not thy neighbour, and then we'll come for YOU!"

And the people are told to repeat, "We'll leave these matters now only to the Bullies. Let THEM adjudicate where once love filled the hollows. Let them take up the reigns of heritage and history. What are we, but the unlovable? Ours is not to SEE love. Ours is not to DEMONSTRATE love. Ours is to pass on to heaven or hell, and hope for love thereforth. Let the chips fall were they may, and let God eventually judge the Bullies."

Show love for ANYTHING, even life itself, and you are CHEATING - stealing attention - challenging the authority of the Bullies!

"You are allowed to love only two things in this world: Fatherland, which we own - and Try our new Iranian Hamburgers, with 100% Sargento Cheese!"

Let the bullies report back to us on what they see, through their technocrats and bureaucrats and mercenaries. And let the Fall of "Man" be forever extemporaneous, and beyond our vote, beyond our Commons. Yay, we shall erect statues of the bullies, and so they shall never fall, with spines as strong as granite. And beneath the statues, we will etch the words, "Bring me you poor, your tired, your hungry - and we shall rape and pillage."

We may even erect a Golden Cow-ard in 2012. Look for this:

Romney/Perry - GOP/ Banksters choice

Bachmann/Paul - siphon up Teabaggers until they step out of the race and give their votes to the above, or the below.

Gingrich/Palen - GOP back-up plan.

Chris Christy - fluke antichrist manages to steal election

Ed Schultz - relents, throws hat in ring, and goes down somewhere in Sumatra.

Barack Obama - leaves in middle of race after being exposed for not actually having been born. http://www.truenews......

Where they allowed for an invisible hand, there arose an invisible government.

CFS REPORT (ignore): I might start adding CFS stuff at the end of some of my posts. It's good for me to keep a record of my days and symptoms, because since my doctor has retired, I have no other evidence right now, in case my disability ever comes up for review in the future. And, let me tell you, going through that, or application for SS, is complete hell - completely humiliating, taxing, offensive and insulting.

Although everything seemed to indicate yesterday would be a good day, I went into another crash - brain problems, not exactly an eyegraine. Even thoug I was in SLIGHTLY better shape than the day before, the symptoms were different, and I had to be confined to bed even MORE.

My relapses can include WAVES of different prominent symptoms, lasting days. And then, following any type of relapse, I must undergo an equally debilitating "recovery relapse" - wherein, e.g., brain damage is repaired, which can be painful. And relapse, wave, or recovery can cause difficulties wherein the likelihood of incurring FURTHER, or ANOTHER, relapse or symptoms is sharply increased, especially if I try to push things, accelerate recovery, or push beyond the limits of my "energy envelope". Finally, after all is over, I may incure an ADDITIONAL relapse, where "fungal" infection may proliferate, most severely in the brain, and itself cause CFS symptoms.

Not contagious, CFS is a bizarre OVER-REACTION of the immune system, to common viruses, etc., that otherwise would not be a problem. For example, almost everyone may have HHV-6 in their system, but in CFS, it may be made toxic to the brain. Latent cold or flu viruses may be activated, and colds and flu symptoms may never end. HOWEVER, while most cytokines, immonoglobulins, prostaglandins, and immune cells are over-ACTIVATED by CFS, a few are not. Some are actually DIMINISHED, such as NATURAL KILLER CELLS. For this reason, I believe that, following relapses, opportunistic infections, such as "fungal" in the heart and brain, may proliferate - and these may be considered additional relapses in their own right.

I believe some sort of "fungal" infection occurs in my brain. I call it "fungal" but it may be mycoplasmic - but I still haven't figured it out. It may be eminating from the area of my front teeth, where one tooth was once broken, and lay exposed for a few years. Well after dental work, when the CFS was starting, I noticed that my gums became PALE, from this tooth UPWARDS. Now, after one of these "fungal" attacks on the brain, and sinuses, which are awful and destructive to the whole body, I often feel a small pain in the area of my front teeth as the "fungal relapse" finally resolves, assumedly as that area is once again being "healed". If these infections are treated, this would not be treating the underlying CFS, (and may influence the CFS negatively).

However, it often seems that these "fungal relapses" may affect similar areas of the brain, body or systems as do actual CFS relapses, and/or "healing relapses". And for this reason, I feel there may be a collabouration between any causative agent of CFS itself, WITH some "fungal or fungal-related" agent - which may be mycoplasmic or chlamydial. Well, they are saying that bat "white nose syndrome" and bee "colony collapse syndrome" both may involve a COLLABOURATION of some causative virus and a fungus, or such. Yet, both of these syndrome may be triggered by pesticides. My CFS was triggered by taking a few steps through a tiny creek saturated with pesticides.

Anyway, yesterday was, for the record, a terrible and fully disabling day. (Despite feeling better today, the "life-threatening underlying symptoms" have gained somewhat). I remain TIRED this morning, as I feel the need for healing FROM THIS is urgent. However, I do finally foresee a good day wherein I can accomplish some things. And, of course, the PHYSICALLY-DRIVEN anxiety is much less today. I must rest now. (NOTE: Most of the rest of this post was written earlier yesterday).

PS - serious phone probs, difficult staying online, logging in... But while logging in to LJ, right after getting online, I was scanned from 1-Israel and 2-Virgin-Islands - That is the very upper eschelon of NWO - or else it's just RIPE trying to route me.

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