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Hey ho. Still digging up notes on my laptop. Here's some fun, obtuse songs for your January amusement. All by ME ...

Walk The Maze

Dark hair and nylons
Gliding through the masses
Careful not to tip the Chip
Rolling eyes in red sunglasses
Crack a smile when I slip the kick
You're so slick
I'm in a haze
But Jenny can you walk the maze?

Camus and Pylon
A genius from Mt. Aires
Careful not to leave a space
You might have a hairy canary
When you contemplate my face
A hopeful case
You're in the thick
But Jenny can you walk the maze?

Come on down into my mind...
A heart won't be too far behind
These rooms in here were meant for dancing
To the left you'll find a flight of fancy
My roommate hasn't been seen for days.
So Jenny can you walk the maze?

Caffeine and Kerowack
Flipping through the pages
Careful not to drop a line
Rolling words like bottled rages
Reading lips when you speak my mind
You're so fine
It's just a phase
Hey Jenny can you walk the maze?

Come around, let's go back in time
The tragedy won't be hard to find
Daddy was an accident without feeling
Now your heart's beating up against the ceiling
Looking for the light of day
Jenny lets us talk and walk the maze

Step on up, lets take a climb
Don't you leave your heart behind
These walls could use a little more graffiti
To the left you'll see King Nefretiti
My lab coat hasn't been seen for days
But Jenny you could walk the maze

Giving Up The Ghost

Life is a dream
Turning corners in our sleep
And the more that we dream
Its the less that we think that we know
Giving up the ghost

You look at me
Through the weekly magazine
And there's something you mean
But you're guessing its something I know
Giving up the ghost

Bronzed wee spoons and attic rooms
Come tumbling in a whirl
Broken hearts and bicycle parts
Conspire and then unfurl
Life, its your life
Burning moments in your hire
And the more you desire
Its the more that you lose of your soul
Don't let it go
Giving up the ghost

Love is a crime
Taking liberties with time
Once I think I find love
Then she turns as I walk out the door
Giving up the ghost

Free, love at love
Painting eggshells of our past
And the children just laugh
They're haunting our chambers of hope
Giving up the ghost

Autumn leaves and rusty tweeds
Descending like a cloak
Kangaroos and barbecues
All go up in smoke
Life, its my life
And the more I expire
Its the more that I cease to grow old
I'm letting you go
Giving up the ghost

Vanity Fare

He's watching you soap in an ivory tower
Handing you rope in your celebrity shower
A federal case living off of your premises
He doesn't have a face but he could be your Nemesis
Charging vacations to a twist of fate
Deep in a cover-up you can't make him wait
If you ever possess him
You'll only divest him
For the love of money you can only make him hate
He's your Vanity Fare

Its a small price to pay for the insulation
The world never ends in your imagination
Connecting the decibels between quick paralysis
Closing your spectacles to Freudian analysis
Donating all your parts to the Tasty Freeze
Trapped like a mouse with your hooks in me
You've lost that connection
That Dorian reflection
Isn't it choice how we'll die to be conceived
At the Vanity Fare?

The Vanity Fare
Your love's everywhere
You answer the phone
And then time hangs on like a Siren turning to stone
Your heart's on parade but you'll go out of your way to bury your bone
Stir the Vanity Fare

I'm pitching your coins in an underground fountain
Chanting the runes of The Certified Accountant
Unbuckling your heart but I don't know where to cross it
I'm lost in your dug-out, could I make a safe deposit?
Bearing interest enough to compound your fracture
Returning to base should I fake the capture?
Frozen in slow motion
A drop in the ocean
Chained to a bankdraft the drip has you gasping in rapture
Pay the Vanity Fare

The Vanity Fare
Your love's everywhere
You get a postcard from home
And your eyes close around it like Medusa inventing the comb
Abraham Lincoln changed his address to the home where the little fish roam
Eat the vanity Fare

Nancy Of Infinite Stomach

Supermarket shopping
On a Saturday night
Superwoman dropping
Suggestions of heightened fancy
My question is could this be Nancy
Nancy of Infinite Stomach?

She's batting her eyelids
I'm out for a fly
She's catching my coldcuts
This introduction is just shy of chancy
But I'll soon be ruminating with Nancy
Nancy of Infinite Stomach

When I went into the world I made a vow
Never promise a girl a house with a cow
A house with a cow will eat up your taxes
You will pay all your life for the bull that it faxes
Thanks, but no thanks, I'm not in the mood
To go shopping forever for infinite food

We dance like two monkeys
With mixed nuts and bolts
Electric Space Junkies
Expecting a jolt from heaven
Me and Nancy at the Seven/Eleven
That's Nancy of Infinite Stomach

Stepping into my Flatland
On a Monday morning
The keys in her fat hand
Its time I should be forming a band see
I can't stand living with Nancy
Nancy of Infinite Stomach

I've got a gal in heels seven hundred feet tall
When she stepped into my pad she ripped out the walls
Ripped out the walls and set up a restaurant
Sent out for reinforcements from the weather front
Called in the tanks when the masses got unruly
Became, overnight, the Goddess of Infinite Food

Now I'm sitting here thinking
Almost every night
My headache is sinking
Into my side, Mama was right, it seems We're a strain of acidophilus dancing
In Nancy's Infinite Stomach

When I went on a fast I had a master plan
How to dig my way out and land in Japan
Land in Japan, singing Beatles and Zen
But then again, I can't stand the food
And the folks over there don't know how to be rude
Nancy of Infinite Stomach - Guess I'll stay and be stewed

Nancy of Infinite Stomach - Like termites in the nude

Nancy of Infinite Stomach - Only tomatoes are leud

(Assorted grumbles and growls)

Holiday Girl

Trinkets and postcards in a box on my bookshelf
Come crashing like thunder from the back of my mind
You're sitting before me in a satin Kimono
Philadelphia's free but Manhattan is mine

A voice from the din dogs ghosts in my hallway
A message from you before I left town
I'm coming unglued and I'm screwed in a small way
I'll open your present when my heart touches down

She's a locked-away clown
Hides her love in a frown
Got a slant on the world
She's my holiday girl

Waiting for me she's my holiday girl
Dressing the tree with a cinnamon twirl
Shooting the stars with a licorice stick
Licking the bowl of my holiday mix
She's up to her tricks, my holiday girl

Snowflakes and chips up in smoke in the backyard
Toasting the wassail, desecrating Berlin
You're dancing with me up the spirals of Babel
Doing Dante's Inferno with a prayer and a grin

A voice from within says this could last forever
A Christmas with you every day of the year
So maybe I'll stay, Peace on Earth, but however
I don't want you to make me look like I'm queer

She's a saint without fear
Full of holiday cheer
Took my heart 'round the world
She's my holiday girl

Waiting for me she's my holiday girl
Dressed in a T-shirt, hair up in curls
Stealing the car with the gears out of shift
Running some drugs down Route Sixty-Six
She's up to her tricks, my holiday girl

She's a locked-away clown
Hides her love in a frown
Got a slant on the world
She's my stir-crazy girl

Daydream For Two

There I was wallowing en masse misanthropy
Swallowing my pride playing the drone in a bee movie
Honey I broke out in hives when I breezed into your office
My heart waxing cold you broke my spine with your soap opera glasses

West is East everyone knows how the story ought to be
Little Boy Blue makes it big in the Emerald City
Maybe I'm green but not before I got caught up in the envy
I thought you could dream but were vane on the train to S. Narcolepsy

I'm losing no sleep over you
Your seasonal passes are past overdue
I've weeded the laundry your ring's in the stew
Give me a call if I remind you of you
I don't have the time to go daydream for two
Daydream for two: A month in Hiatus
Daydream for two: A mountain of beer-nuts
My Spanish is rusty and dry
Lets just say "bonus snowshoes"
A wet bird at night will never fly
Baby I'm a stick in the mud daydreaming for two

(During the drought on a star-lit night I heard my chromosomes
Crossing the Continental Divide getting close to the ozone
On a grain train singing of buffalo in harmonic convergence
And babes in the woods spinning the world in their web of insurgence)

East is West but you can't tell that to a worldly sophisticate
Little girl in the red dress her head filled with TV syndicates
Out on the make looking for daddy and taking blows for daddy's mistake
Waiting for the touch that says she's bending the wounds of her first lucky break

I'm taking no pills over you
The thrill of the chase is shredded into reviews
My wastepaper basket is filled with shampoo
Cut me some slack if you move to the zoo
I don't have the heart to go daydream for two
Daydream for two: Swimming into your pupils
Daydream for two: Spending millions of ruples
Pardon my Russian roulette
Lets just say Glasnost has slowed to a dribble
A firefly in heat should never get wet
Baby I dropped my umbrella daydreaming for two

Time stands still remembering your timid insanity
Where once I saw longing I noticed a lapse of humanity
My fault I'm sure but at least you could have mentioned my member
You put me on hold my smile stuck in your throat and dug in for winter

I'm crossing the planes over you
A face on mass transit a wall with a view
I'm washing my dishes my suds down the tube
Throw me a towel if your heart needs a lube
Mine has gone dry daydreaming for one so I'll
Daydream for two: One last beginning
Daydream for two: A lottery winning
My English is broken and lame
But a fool in the rain should never complain
Baby I'm crazy daydreaming for you

I'm Out Of Your Face

I'm thinking of a time
When love was a crime
I'm making up my mind
To skip out

I'm speaking of a man
Who's dreaming of a plan
He's living in Japan
Running some race

My heart's out of pace
I feel out of space
You look like a guru from Mars
Canning your wisdom in jars
Selling it all by the pound
You'd better take a fresh look around
I'm out of your face

I'm out of your face
I'm out of your face
Your nose was a waste
Your mouth full of paste
Kiss off I'm out of your face

The world is an oyster
Closed for the summer
Somewhere in Las Vegas

You talk like you knew me
So go ahead and sue me
My loft is nice and roomy
On the Isle of Thrace

My heart's in a case
I'm hot for a chase
I'll take in a movie or two
I'll stash all my shoes at the zoo
I'll smoke this cigarette to a stump
You can take one last look at my rump
I'm out of your face

I'm out of your face
I'm out of your face
Your teeth needed whitening
Your eyebrows were frightening
Wink wink, I'm out of your face

Love Is A Virus

I watch you walk by from the swing on my porch
I think of ways to sway you with the right approach
Playing Apocalypse Cockroach and wearing medical gloves
There's no explaining this headache called love

We're having a party climbing the walls by the door
Between elbows you say I'm the host that you adore
You've said it before its a rumor floating down the hall...
A tale told by Delilah under the influence of alcohol

And while we're on the subject of biblical history
I've been reading about Eve's mitochondrial mystery
It seems were all descended from the very same disease
We caught from some Apple on a mission from space
Love is a virus I can never erase

Love is a virus
Dancing in a diamond lattice
Eating up boyfriends like a mantis
Chewing up the logic of my DNA
Love is a virus I can never escape

Here I am talking of building us a house for two
Selling my serum in a hospital that feels like a zoo
A hermetical guinea pig with a human predilection
Hope I don't get a staff infection

Your having a baby, I pace the floor at the station
Wondering how do I negotiate the gas after inflation
Feeding while you get your kicks I pour vinegar and oil
I bet indigestion killed the dinosaurs

And as I meditate on love's oncogenesis
The television glows to the tune of Earth's nemesis
Manna from heaven is extended in every direction
Fighting for space and time in some manic intersection
Love is a virus I can never decode

Love is a virus
Stalking my cranium like a demon
Rocking my cradle without reason
Beating up the tender vittles of my heart
Love is a virus I can never contract...

Love is a virus
Pulsing light in an LED
Ripping the sky like a flock of geese
Eating up the software of my core

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