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the world is coming to a bend

I want us all to pause now and contemplate the deletion of vampchristine and fatcowsheila. They moved on to that big myspace in the sky...

Who called me last night?!?!?

Anyway, most of yesterday was errands. Talked for an hour to some black lady at the auto shop.

I am way tired, but on the normal human scale. Determined to get out and get more writing done. Not really writing YET, but constructing. Installing parallel Arthurian and Jesus mythology.

What they did to ma carsywarsy: They didn't do the freaking DIAGNOSTIC because their $10,000 machine was unable to talk to my car, which is a combination of Mitsubishi, Chrysler, and Jeep. So, I still don't know if the main prob is the tranny, or the sensors controlling the tranny. I may never know. It'll just break down and I'll rampage through Rockford with a paint gun in my hand... They said there's a leak in my new radiator, which just replaced my other new radiator, which we think is being caused by THE MYSTERY PROBLEM. But they did clean up the induction system, $140, which makes the car engine run so much better, and I think helps fight cavities. I idled the car in 2nd and then 1st, believing that heat in the Tranny helps, and it did. So, my car ran pretty well today, despite below freezing, so I am making a little progress against inevitable heat death...

I'm a furry little hamster.

Received a big box of NON-SUGARY crumpets, english muffins and scones in the mail. For me and my coffee. Which is good because there was a muffin crisis here earlier that morning.

And - you bothersome Americans - IT'S PRONOUNCED SCAWN - AS IN GONE!!! (NOT SCOAN, AS IN BONE!!!) How many more years must I endure this assault on my heritage?!?!?!

That is all. Resume.

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