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I am the person who will destroy China.

Incredible Political Edibles! - (meep meeeep, me meep meep...)

I experienced an unexpected crash this morning. These things can happen even on "good" days, and cost me hours and hours. So, as I try to pull out of it, I do two things: I make a wee postie, and I breath into a big baggie. CFS is like Anxiety Squared. It's a light-bulb turned up so high that it is burnt out. So, sometimes breathing into a garbage bag can help deliver CO2, which I believe is necessary for crucial nitric oxide processes. Without THAT, all your cells lose communication with each other. That includes mitochondrial failure. But this is only a temporary, "cosmetic" fix, cuz it doesn't deal with deeper causes.

And that's right, you guessed it, MAY 12 is INTERNATIONAL CFS* AWARENESS DAY. You are invited to do drugs and read all you can about CFS, (*CFIDS/ME). I'm telling you this now because I am still living in May 12, 2006...

Well, Scott Brown made a delightful little "FAIRNESS DOCTRINE" speech to the nation this morning. Wasn't he the original LEATHER Underpants Boombah?! (And, I say "Boombah, cuz if I said the REAL word, the Illuminati will delete my journal again. It starts with a B and ends with a B, and rhymes with "Mom"). Anyway, he'll never be President, cuz he's silly, which is unfortunate cuz he's the best they got(?!).

Butt, his message entirely lauded the men and women involved in Operation Boombah Osambah, (in Abodabod - meep meeeep, me meep meep...). Let me tell you, my friends, yet again, NOTHING the GOPpers do is not laced with meanness and ulterior motives. NOTHING. Brown's speech, it seemed, apparently never mentioned Obama, (aka, Barry Panerobread).

More than this, it was a way of getting back at Obama for: 1 - not giving Bush enough credit for capturing Osama, which is complete idiocy, and, 2 - Taking all the credit, which is also BS.

Re #1: They apparently haven't looked at Bush's fine record of basically SUPPORTING Osama through benign (benighted) neglect. (It's a joke - look up his many failures here, yo). MAYBE what they mean was that Bush deserves more credit for STRATEGICALLY PRETENDING not to care about Been-Lately. Yes, he signed on to the intelligence project to find him, while doing all he could to LOOSE him. OMG, there is just too much to all this it would take an INFINTE POST.

Re #2: "Talk about yourself again". Well, for one thing, that's ALL Bush EVER did. And for another thing, this opinion that Obama is trying to take too much credit can only be contrived by people who think Obama deserves to be absolutely excluded from the Country Club called Our United States, just as the perpetual demand for his DOCUMENTATION is racist. Because, fact is, it's plain CRAP.

And Obamanoodle continues the temptation to allay and legitimise these attacks, just as he negotiates with GOP TERRORISTS about social budget cuts - these are the same people who held us all HOSTAGE so they could keep their billions in tax breaks. So, Obama goes to NYC "ground zero" - which should be the GOP motto: "GROUND ZERO: We have zero grounds to any of our arguments!" - and Obama makes a speech saying, "I'm too choked up and respectful to give a speech about those who were killed on 9/11, and their survivors." How about that for sucking up? This was followed by yet more outrage from GOPpers. It NEVER FRICKIN ENDS!!!!!!

So, well, the third reason why Scott gave his massage-to-the-nation, was because it was like, "OK, this is the kind of speech YOU should be giving", and so, once again, trying to steal his thunder - his credit. Let me tell you, folks, I sure know how that goes.

But I don't know what's all this "SCOTT" crap is. If your name has "Scott" in it, you will be put into office and you will proceed to crush unions, cuts social services, badger the liberals, and so on... Is it because TeaBaggers are all Scottish? Is it some attempt to roll out Scottish CALVINISM across the nation?

Calvinism basically says this: "If you sit in a hole covered by peat or sod and do nothing but eat porridge and thistles, then maybe the English Lords will leave you alone, except for taking away all the land surrounding you. Because, well, you know, THOSE WHO HAVE THE WEALTH ARE THOSE WHO ARE FAVOURED BY GOD AND THEREFORE THEIR DECISIONS ARE ALWAYS CORRECT AND RESPECTABLE LET US PRAY. What? You DISSENT?! You act like you don't LIKE being screwed saved!!!"

I wish that silly fellah hadn't made that apparently-innocuous speech this morning, because it sure made this post much longer than I wanted it to be. That's what SHE said...

All I really wanted to say was that I've come up for a solution to racist profiling - you know, at airports and por-toilets and such. There was a case in the news about some Arab-sort U.S. citizen being profiled and abused, at a U.S. airport, in some otherwise justice-loving state, like Arizona or something. Well, this got me thinking:

All we need to do is to bring all various skin colours and races into ONE state, where racist profiling is 100%. EVERYONE there is profiled and abused from morning 'til night. And, somehow, despite the constant anxiety, these people will find a way to have sex and make CHILDREN. These "children" will then be taken to another state to live, where profiling is only at about 90%, and where they'll one day have sex and make more children.

THESE children of mixed race will then be taken to ANOTHER state, with a little less profiling, and so on. Gradually, everyone will end up in Kansas, and everyone will look almost identical, and there will not be ANY NEED for racist profiling in that state, which will then be called "America."

The idea will then be to have these people gradually emigrate outwards to the other states, and gradually turn them into virtual clones as well. Anyone coming from "America" will not be profiled. Is this genius or what?!!

The main problem will be that, once maximum homogeneity is reached, in Kansas, someone named something like, "Sir Walker Scott," will be paid by the Kochs to become Governor of Kansas, (the "Mongrelfied Mut-state"), and he will declare that people with wider noses shall henceforth be called, "Tooties," and move to west Kansas, and everyone with narrower noses shall be called, "Fruities," and move to east Kansas. Some dumb commercial about Sargento Cheese will somehow ignite hatred between these two clans, and there will be unimaginable bloodshed.

This will lead to the much ballihood, "Second Coming of the Civil War," as prophesied, and it will spread across the continent - (cuz it will be easy for either side to recruit supporters from the more genetically diverse population beyond Kansas).

After this, Lawrence will be made one Capital and be named, "Walker's Shortbread," and Wichita will be made another Capital and be named, "Obamaluvsyoo," (some kind of Native American word, I assume). And everyone will be living in sod-covered holes, eating genetically-modified cornbread, thinking themselves happy, whilst English and Chinese Lords prey and say, "Let us pray!" Yay!!!

I bet you didn't think I knew my Kansas history, did ya?! DID ya?! (See what I did there? I repeated myself!)... OK - that part is over. Now I just have a few final thoughts: Now that Osama is agonna, how do we rationalise the TSA sticking their hands down our pants, looking for more Under-there Boombahs? I mean, security is now an INDUSTRY, right? We have to SUPPORT it, somehow. How? (These suspenders are KILLING me!).

Simple: Take U.S. Citizen Anwar Al Alaki and say, without any trial or evidence, that he is WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. He is the new THREAT #1. The War with Oceana can continue, ("1984"). And it's really OK for Obama to illegally declare DEATH SENTENCES for any U.S. citizens, innocent or god-knows-what, BECAUSE DOT DOT DOT...

Because Al Alaki works for US - the See Eye Aye - the national security state. He's not REALLY an enemy. Just like Bin Laden, Al Alaki is a shadow figure, used to legitimise U.S. invasions into foreign countries, on behalf of MONEY - and to feed the MILITARY budget and contractors - and to keep us IN FEAR, and easilly manipulated, on behalf of MONEY.

I am telling you here and now. This whole "terribleism" narrative - IT'S ALL LIES. I have done some profiling of my own. And I believe this - with a criticality of 99%. You don't have to believe it too - all I suggest is that you QUESTION what's being fed to us. Such as: Edible underpants. I honestly don't have enough time to document all my reasons and arguments. Who should have to? This isn't ME. This is THEM.

Anyway, I'll tell you one thing: I would have been a hell of a lot more entertained if they had created a PRETTY PINK LACE PANTY BOOMBAH instead. Then, anyone going to Neil Diamond concerts would rightfully be put into concentration camps.

I wish I lived in a concentration camp because my A.D.D. really sucks. *Makes graceful exit*...

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