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* - galaxy

Around the world and into your face! dot dot dot

Posted on 2011.05.04 at 16:57
My dog is antsy to play. But he's better than dogs of the past, because he really does know that I'm ill. Today, he really sniffed away at my head, aware of the trouble going on there. And, it's been really TROUBLE. I'm struggling to break through this - it's taking a while. Rebuilding circuits, refreshing, opening up free-ways, groping for feelings I once had in the past - glimmers of possible futures. It's a real struggle.  Meanwhile, there was all THIS in the background, wtf...

"Dead: OSAMA following U.S. raid!":

"Thousands of Moslems riot in streets of Dearfield!":

"Wife used as human shield, happened to be there!":

"Virgins come down from Heaven: Photo-shoot proves Osama dead!":

"Countless Washington bureaucrats worked on Manhattan-like project!":

"Respected agent with astigmatism takes back claim that Osama was shot in left eye!":

"Initial suspicions raised when neighbours reported strange activity!":

"Artist's rendition of what might have been going on in the Complex!":

"U.S. surveillance focused on comings and goings of Osama body-guard!":

"BP execs present during time of Operation!":

"OBL being buried at sea, along with smartphone and box of DNA!":


"People at the Pentagon express relief, joke about invading Pakistan!":

Note: Actual date for release of truly Dead Osama will be night before election, 2012, according to latest Bin Laden video.


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