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gaga bumper

"Ban THIS!"... "Ban THAT!"...

Posted on 2011.05.02 at 17:24

That's right. It's been ten years now, and this banner finally becomes relevant!

(And, what?  Three trillion dollars or something?  Six trillion?  Who cares cuz we don't have money anymore, they say).

PS - Of course, there's a lot more to the story - which I'm not getting into just now. Yes, I see that the non-LJ people are visitting my journal to see what my opinion of all this is. I have had more hits today than possibly ever.  You'll have to wait for all the conspiracy stuff from me. I'm sure you're aware of much of it already... May Day = the day Hitler was killed, and also the special birthday of the Illuminati. The whole Trump thing. The rumour than Osama had actually been freeze-dried in a can of Folger's Coffee for 6 years. But I'm not breaking any navy seals right now - too much on my plate. I do have a special theory involving China. Also one involving Sheen and Bill Clinton. So, stay tuned, or you will be next. (I was only half-kidding about Orville Redenbacher, btw, as you have wisely gathered. You know me too well).

Here it is 6:pm and I'm finally able to start some kind of day... Some kind of GOOD DAY FOR AMERICA!!!

"Banner?! I know her even hardly!"

PS - When WWII ended, there was a popular Glenn Miller song out, called, "A Nightingale Sang in Barkley Square".  I expect we shall be hearing a song to commemorate last night, fairly soon, called, "Some woman climbed up a lamp-post and flashed her boobs."

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