I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

more on tsunami supermodel

Courtesy of saraara:

negative: i turned on the tv as i was getting dressed this morning to see a story on the morning news program which relayed the tragic saga of a supermodel who was caught up in the tsunami in the indian ocean. the supermodel had broken her hip and was shown smiling and looking just fine in the hospital. the newscaster said, "it just makes it so much more real when you put a face on it like that" this is what it takes for americans to feel for people there?! what the hell is wrong with us? 155,000 people are dead and the small handful of americans, and even smaller handful of beautiful supermodel americans are what it takes for us to "put a face on it" despite the saddening images of people who watched their loved ones be torn away, watched their houses be torn away, and are lucky to be alive even without shelter. everytime some tragedy happens, it has to be said that 1% of the people injured were americans. at the same time, however, we expect everyone else in the world to care when a relative handful of us are killed. poor supermodel, she has a broken hip. somewhere a tiny violin man plays a sad sad song for her.

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