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Took my car to shop today, as told. I asked if they were busy today. They said I was a walk-in, so come back thursday. And it's a good thing, because my car has been running GREAT today, so they wouldn't have found anything doing an air-intake manifold sensor diagnostic anyway.

How often does it happen that you see the same stranger in 2 dif places the same day? Some blonde goth girl was sitting across from me today at the A library, and then she was across the street while I was parked at the County. There also was this little boy at the library who kept looking at me, probably because I looked like an older version of him. One of my many bastard children obviously.

Which reminds me. If you're a guy, you can be a bastard (which is a fatherless male) or a son-of-a-bitch. Notice how the parent's are central. But if your a female, you can be a bitch or a whore, and these have nothing to do with parents. Guys get blamed less. But it's also a fact that guys are more influenced by their parents to fly in one extreme or the other. And this is prolly also because guys also are seen as carrying the family name. Patriarchy. Our chance for ending it has passed. Now we can only look forward to a traditional decline of civilisation into

OK - some bands to check out...

KINKY - A latin-jazzy group that sounds incredible.
JEM - A hip-hoppy, jazzy poppish group a bit like late Tom Tom club
Cherche la Femme Rumba - this is a SONG from a group, I don't know name yet. Really EXCELLENT!
HEARTS AND FLOWERS - This sixties band sounds like a modern imitation of Beatlesque psychodlic mx, but they actually were THERE - they did some song... "An ode to...?????" in 1968. Very good.
TFF - speaking of which, the new song from Tears for Fears has been getting some play, and the CD is said to be great. But the sound is a little psychodelic pop, like the La's, etc.
MARGO GURIAN - I have no ide of the last name, but she inspired Ornette Coleman and the Beachboys, and is a bit like Sinatra/Springfield - put out an album in the sixties called TAKE A PICTURE.
MICHELLE BRANCH - She obviously influenced Avril Levigne and Vanessa Carlton, and seems to have several great influences. I mention her because I only recently bought her 2001 CD. The last song is GREAT. She is creative, but her voice style doesn't have staying power compared to Levign.

EMINEM - NO - I liked him, but now what sounded like genious ryhming rhythm now just sounds like schitzophrenic babbling on his latest CD.

I got a new 3-CD ska set, which has most of the artist from my 4-CD SkaWars set, but is better produced, and better mx. Some remixes. And Madness is included, under the name of Prince Nutty and the S.O.S. Weird...

(Oh, and another good thing the set has a place for a CD I'll burn).

English Beat has been/called:

Beat (true name)
English Beat
International Beat - on the ska sets
Fun Boy 3 (I think this Specials spin-off included Beat)
Special Beat - includes members from Specials
General Public (spin-off)
Fine Young Cannibals (spin-off)
And others????

"Ghost-town" is one of the best songs in the world, done by the Specials, possibly under dif name.
And so is "Free Nelson Mandelah!", ditto.

I know Gwen Stepany has been influenced by the Police, ska, big band swing, and 70's/80's disco, but I feel her vocal style was heavilly influenced by Siouxie and the Banshees.

It was Marley who most influenced the Police, and etc.!! Funny, I heard song "Siprits in the Material World" the other night, and, with the accoustics, and the heater going, couldn't hear the bass or the drum well. But the repetitive horn-like keys were so prominant, (and more like horns), it was like I was hearing a whole new strange song. I've listenned to this song w/ emphasis on the keys countless times, but this time they completely altered the beat, made the song sound backwards, and it was just cosmic! I don't think you'd be able to hear it this way unless you got high.

I am always amazed at some of the interesting old Bluegrass and Honky Tonk (and some Country) songs I hear - they are so fresh lyrically and musically, they could all be made into Rock hits no problem. I need to start taking notes on them.

One pop song I know would be great to cover is "What If God Was One Of Us". I need to make a REMIXable list in my bio.

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