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slip kick - corrected

A lot of NAZI ideas came out of the U.S. Progressive movement, believe it or not. I've known this for a while, but there's a new book out there which discusses this - forgot the name. The early 20th century Progressives also tended to be racist Democrats, due to a strongly PURITAN background. The knife cut both ways. Thus, you had Williams Jennings Bryant defending anti-evolution, because he feared "Darwinism" would unleash uncontrollable chaos upon society, which it kinda has. So, he defended Fundamentalist bullcrap. He, a progressive - but moreso a lawyer, so that counts more.

Anyway, I found a connection between the Emerson/Thoreau TRANSCENDENTALISTS (whom I revere) and the NAZI Superman cult (which I despise). It was Oliver Wendall Holmes 2. Oliver Wendell Holmes 1 was a member of the transcendentalist "Brahmen Club" - or blue-blood Boston intellectual elitists - er - the FOUNDING PURITANICALISTS, yo. His son, Oliver Wendell Holmes 2, supported forced sterilisation of retarded people, in a case, I believe called "Buck vs. Belle". He was an out-an-out ass about it, too. Well, this attitude went on to inspire liberal EUGENICISM, which thought it had good intentions, and existed alongside demands for greater labor and civil rights. Then, this went on to inspire the NAZIs, who applied it enthusiastically to exterminating Jews, which, I think, we all agree was a BAD thing. Now, Alex Jones is all a flutter about how the N.W.O. is trying to Eugenicise US ALL, which maybe it is. So - transcendentalists dot dot dot NAZI genocides dot dot dot chem-trails, and flouride in our water.

On OWH 2: "These positions as well as his distinctive personality and writing style made him a popular figure, especially with American progressives, despite his deep cynicism and disagreement with their politics." - OWH 2's mother was an important Abolitionist, as well.

But, the ultimate Transci, Thoreau, (who became critical to the Abolitionist movement), also strongly influenced Ghandi, MLK, Addams, etc., so - I guess it's a wash, as usual. But, this is a whole area that liberals are unwilling to explore, and which right-wingers jump too quickly on, without much discretion. It's all too much. Well, you can't say I'm not an honest thinker tho can you no you can't but if you do here drink this hemlock my friend it's better than goat's weed for sure.

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