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this was supposed to be my MUSIC entry....

Well well well. I'm at my laptop at la moment. And the last time I used it I wiped the screen, and now there's a band of weird light going across the top, making things permanently screwy. Now I'll never be able to sell this thing.

It's actually about 9:15 pm Monday night.

I've been burning off some of the tiredness/illness that was eating me up most of December.

Had a normal person's day today. Got up early. After Perkins and the library, I put up plywood on my burnt garage, (in an ice-storm) - looks pretty nice. I was determined to do it in my good clothes, (light stone pants), and ended up sealing myself inside the garage, (deliberately), so I had to worm through a panel-hole at the bottom of the door to get out. And still: pert much clean as a whistle! So this meant I didn't have to get changed or shower, just rested, and then I was off to the big P library to get some paper work done, but first called a business friend. I told her I LOVE her voice.

So, eh, this girl's husband isn't 100% comfortable with our relationship. It's professional, but liberal. Last time I saw her, I gave her a friend's hug, nevertheless. And we've both talked about sex and professional relationships. She thinks it's impossible not to think about sex - "it's THERE." But I'm not that way at all - I guess I'm just a Eunich or something. Well, today I went and saw her, and she said, "I like how you look," but was a tad hesitant after that. (Cause she likes me, and we get along great). I said, "Well we're both pretty sharp dressers, are't we?!" And she's like, "We'll, not me - I've got someone telling me how to dress!"... "You DO?!"..."Yeah, lucky me!" Well, later, I'm ready to leave, and she's supposed to put this pen back, near me, but she just starts getting all silly and confused, so I take the pen and put it away. And she goes, "Lucky me..." Then we ran off to Portugal...

OK the last sentence was a joke.

SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR MORE VANITY. But I have time to note a few ego-boosters: I was at the mall at CV (before xmas) and I walk by these girls, and one gives out this loud GASP, and says, "Oh my god, look! Look at him, he's so CUTE!" And the friend goes, "Oh, yeah!" - he he. And a little later I was in a shop, and I see this low-rider goth girl, and I mainly look at her bare-naked waist, (once or twice!), but she's with this friend with high, long, black pig-tails. I finally look, and it's a little guy. But I look back, and he's looking at me, and I'm kind of like, "hmmm..." And he's still looking into my eyes, so Low-Rider sort of has to pull him away. Weird, huh? Well, today, I was driving along, and this cute, pale, long-black haired girl looks at me and I look back - meaningfully - and it's nice to know she's in my neighborhood. She'd be someone I'd like to meet. A face I could love - beautiful, yet a little plain. Probably too young. As opposed to all the hot business women who were out of the woodwork downtown around 4-5 pm. Woe - this is ROCKFORD?! And, finally, I went to Taco Bell, where this long-blonde-haired girl was trying to get my attention. I was just in and out for my burrito, and was off to the Post Office, but I held the door open for her. So - I guess it's all the exercise and cigarettes making me look manly today, although I was wearing my black "girl's" shoes.

Bear in mind - I hate my life. I grasp at straws, I know. I am fully aware that I look ugly most of the time.

Now that that's out of the way...

There's a "travel guitar" selling at Damark for $100, and I think I might buy it, if I can manage. I've always been serious about starting a band. That's one reason I bought my little "mini-van" ska-mobile, so I'd be able to haul around amps, etc. It's also a great place for sex, but I've given up on that idea. At least for now. So, this guitar has it's own built-in amp, allowing for practice anywhere, but can also be hooked to an amp. I'd probably do plucky reggae riddem and Harissonish slide. Oh to play like the Sundays!

What would my band be like? Ska, romantic, techno, psychodelic, pop, dance. I really am an ace singer, but I might do back-up, because I can do great harmony. Plus harmonica. - and maybe 2nd guitar. I always thought it would be bass for me, so... And I played a girl's clarinette one night in San Diego - having never played one before - and I wasn't bad. (I also play penny-whistle, and grew up listening to Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw (who died the other day), and Glenn Miller - just because). So, maybe I'd do sax. What else?...

first guitarist - plays that James-Bondish twang as in "toxic "; that oldies romantic plucky-twang; as in "Band of Gold"; - must know Jimmy Hendrix; etc.

lead singer - gwen stefani would be fine

ska drummer - must also know how to do psychodelic Ringo beat, etc.

a second, Latin conga/drummer would be nice

bass - must know reggae and jazz

psychodelic keyboard - pref. female, possibly singer - also must know techno and reggae

first sax - like English Beat - "two tone"

ska trumpet and/or trombone - also must know Glen Miller

Well - I've got more relevant stuff about music - later...

Oh shit - "lucky me"... that's the Kris thing.

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