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Atlas Stalked?

Well, well, well. I thought I'd heard it all. But, the plot only thickens. What was this amazing bit of info I heard? Was it on Alex Jones, who repeated the news that JFK was killed ten days after he requested study of whether Aliens might be visitting Earth? No - it was info from the innocuous, and sometimes annoying, Thom Hartmann...

(But first: JFK was killed for many reasons: He was dashing and cool, he was a risk-taker, he was Catholic, he wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve, he tried to print REAL currency VIA THE GOVERNMENT, he threatened to end Nixon's war, the Mob hated him, he wanted to loosen up relations with Cuba, Nixon/Ike felt really pissed and embarrassed by the Bay of Pigs fiasco, etc. But the whole ALIEN thing is actually a pretty deep and intriguing story, to do with U.S. Intelligence Agents, the polio virus, and god know what else). OK, now:

One of the people responsible for the collapse of our economy in 2008 was ALAN GREENSPAN - someone everybody regarded as smarter than god. And, how can you disregard a Jewish economist from the Chicago School with "GREENSPAN" as a name. He sounds like MONEY INCARNATE. But, Allen Greenspan, himself, admitted that he had made MASSIVE ERRORS which lead to the infamous COLLAPSE - errors which were premised on his long history of venerating the Objectivist social/economic views of AYN RAND.

Ayn Rand is the false god whom all the Kochian and TeaBagger libertarian idiots, who have been destroying this country, have been adoring. When Alan Greenspan was but a young lad, he had a nutsy crush on Ayn Rand, and sat at her feet, lapping up all her words of SELFISHNESS, GREED IS GOOD, TRICKLE-DOWN, ABSOLUTE LIBERTY, FREEDOM FROM SOCIETY, etc., etc. - i.e./ergo: DESTROY GOVERNMENTS AND PRIVATISE EVERYTHING. Let the weak fall where they may. Let those with social emotions fall by the wayside, undeserving of love. For they have not the strength of WILL to practice SOCIOPATHIC VALUES absolutely.

As you may know, Neitzsche's "WILL TO POWER" was the concept which was twisted into the whole theme of Hitler's corporate NAZIsm revolution. For many many years, most people agreed that NAZIsm was a big mistake. Just like Greenspan's Folly was a big mistake. JUST LIKE AYN RAND'S "VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS" is a big mistake. (It only looks good cuz people compare it to touchy-feely new age hippy nonsense, some of which was valid, or to TOTALITARIAN "communism").

Well, Alan Greenspan became a central figure in the economic "Chicago School", which has been what has been behind the whole "Reagan Revolution", which is why we now have exorbitant unemployment, vanishing wealth, and so forth. It put into effect the Ayn Rand philosophies which were basically an edification of THE LORD OF THE FLIES. Briefly, it was nothing but bullshit, to serve the rich.

1980 - Reagan, Greenspan, Bush, Cheney, Rumpsfeld, Heritage Foundation, David Stockman, October Surprise, beginning of the OIL-STANDARD EMPIRE, BP wars, corporatism, borrowing, union-busting, taxes for the poor, tax break for the rich, deregulation - and one formerly scorned (B.I.S.??) BANKING ORGANISATION TAKES OVER THE WORLD ECONOMY.

Greenspan had a crush on Ayn Rand.  Well, whom did Ayn Rand crush on? Could it possibly have been a SOCIOPATH. Could it have been someone she idealised and idolised, as the perfect man, with no conscience or empathy, divorced from the realities of society and humanity, pursuing ABSOLUTELY his reckless will to power through a so-called "VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS".



Yep. Ayn Ran wrote endless praise and love letters to a man called William Edward Hickman...


Febr.2010 STORY ON HICKMAN!!!!

THOM HARTMANN - (listen: 4/19 show)

Michael PRESCOTT(?!) article

Ayn Rand - (obsessed with absolutist, "superman" independence, also accepted welfare from the government, and referred to normal people as "parasites" - so did Greenspan...)


"Atlas Shrugged"

Greenspan's "Parasites!" letter mentioned, (don't have a better link right now)


ALTERNET  - (also has a mash-up i can't find)

That's where this all came from, that's where all this is going. (How interesting that it brings together my posts: NEFARIOUS, MADONNA/WHORE - the previous post, and so many others). As it happens, Allen Greenspan not only had the survival sense to admit his mistakes, he now agrees with Obama's Geitner in the urgency of raising the debt ceiling, rather than sacrificing society in an austerity crucible - slashing Social Security, and so forth, all in mindless adhesion to AYn Rand. Unfortunately, Alan Greenspan's cautions are too late, and the great destructive reincarnation of NAZIsm rolls on... While Paul Ryan, felon in charge of our BUDGET, passes out copies of Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" to his staff members...

I regret that great virtues, as those from Thoreau or Teddy Roosevelt, or Paine, Jefferson, Whitman...  ADAM SMITH, have been twisted into this perverse current of mass sociopathy.

"Why would I want to hand over control of my life to the self-interest of a bunch of jack asses?" - mm101 (para), intimating what Randianism means: Big Koch corps. win out, and take away control from everyone else. That is the opposite of democracy. And people like Paul Ryan openly admit they oppose democracy.

"Go to Hell" - Andrew Breitbart, to the massive numbers of Madison protesters, whom the media later implied were TeaBaggers in support of Sarah Palin. To all those who see sin in society, in groups, in communism, in fascism, in the majority... "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster...when you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes back." -Friedrich Nietzsche Because, while there is such a thing as a tyranny of the majority, there is more often such a thing as a tyranny of the minority - and all those monsters you fight: they are not ideologies of the mass, they are ideologies of a few. Stand against all that society is, and you are a sociopath. There is no great strength in banding sociopaths together, to bring us all down in some righteous cataclysm. And, can man, the minority, really be so vain as to think that he can bring the rest of the planet down, in mass extinctions, and not lose his own humanity, his health and happiness, his wealth - or his existence - as well?
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