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the unlistening conspiracy - part 1

Posted on 2011.04.06 at 21:25
The end of the world will come when we are incapable of hearing it's approach. Thunder only forewarns of a storm, not of the lightning bolt that hits you. In war, it is the falling bomb you don't hear, which is the one to land on your building. It's the same with bullets - you don't hear the one that cuts through your heart - sometimes, you don't even feel it.

As a society, we are making certain that we do not hear the fall approaching. During the economic crash, part ONE, we stifled the voices of progressives with TeaBaggers, and failed to mention the trillions of dollars which went to even healthy corporations, or overseas banks. Mum was the word on unemployment, while we dawdled away a year and a half on an absurdist healthcare "debate".

When the BP disaster occurred, we were presented with a crisis with Korea, and other insane news stories, and the Gulf of Mexico became the property of BP - who shut off all information of the disaster to the outside. The amount of oil, the amount of Correxit, the amount of sea lives killed, the amount of illness or destruction. We were never told of the subsequent disruption of the North Atlantic gulf stream conveyer. When CFS and cancers arise in the South, we will not be given the connection to the BP spill. We were not give the connection between Thyroid cancers and the Three Mile Island accident - and Russia still witholds evidence of the far more extensive death and damage from the Chernobyl disaster - now eclipsed by the Fukushima disasters, while Libya overtakes the news cycle...

And now, our radiation detectors are being taken offline, and the government is declaring new health thresholds for radiation - setting the levels for "UNSAFE" much higher - so that magically is supposed to mean we have nothing to fear from the current levels entering the country from Japan. Japan has declared that their various radiation levels - 7.5 million times greater tha normal being dumped into the ocean, due here in 6 weeks - they have declared the levels are now INCALCULABLE. Beyond measurement. It's like the ozone hole over the Antarctic - it's rate of disappearance was so LARGE that our discrete instruments didn't catch it - they only measured tiny, not massive, changes.

Now, the ozone over the ARCTIC is quickly disappearing, allowing in Cosmic/gamma radiation from space and from the Sun. We do not see the next giant solar flare charging at us, possibly to knock out our electrical grids. We cannot read sun-spots like tea-leaves. We mainly ride along, tell ourselves that we are "RIGHT", and we, as a society, completely miss the time and the date of our coming demise.

I'll have to do part 2 of this mini theme post later - too exhausted...


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where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2011-04-07 16:15 (UTC) (Lien)
i agree

except possibly "near global nuclear exchange"

we were once only a handful

if a handful survives, that's pretty darn close

but i'm more thinking of the collapse of our present systems of civilisation

good contribution
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