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I am the person who will destroy China.


Apparently, fruit pectin is supposed to help remove radiation from the body. That's in apples, berries, etc. "Chagra" also is supposed to do this. You should also be eating anti-oxidants - found in berries, green tea, vitamins, and etc. I'd also suggest broccoli, a proven anti-lung-cancer food. Of course, you REALLY need iodine - in kelp, chlorella, clams, potassium-iodide supplements! Sunflower seeds are also supposed to help. (See also, earlier post).

It's in Russia now: Within a week, the Japan radiation will be in - Japan! Cuz the wind blows in a circle. It's a closed system.

How convenient that the Libyan rebels are, after Obama's "rousing" speech, now in retreat. Because, see, what this is supposed to be is ANOTHER QUAGMIRE to feed the world military-industrial establishment. Plus, BP/OP get their cheap oil - pretty much the finest crude in the world, btw. Well, a news report offhandedly noted some Libyan rebel saying, "They told us we had enough ammunition for a charge. But they didn't give us enough! So we had to RETREAT!"

Just another urban myth? Doesn't know what he's talking about, cuz he's a dumb weird foreigner? Or, possibly, was this true, and was it coordinated by the CIA/ Al-Qaida? We KNOW Al Quaida, and their military equipment, is the spearhead of the rebels. Now, Obama et al are trying to cover over that little leak about the CIA aiding the rebels WEEKS (or more) ago, by saying, "We are now considering providing the rebels with covert aid. That might include cell phones, maps, blah, blah, blah..." What bullcrap. The whole damn thing has been covertly arranged!!

Capitalism is basically an extrapolation or extension of feudalism or regular trade - it just involves a lot of borrowing and lending of "capital", (a kind of "materialisation" of the luxury or ease provided by the sweet and invention of humans who labour, assumed to continue into the future), based on guarantees and gambles towards some anticipated FUTURE. That is to say, capitalism is based on the concept of moving in a straight line, from a defined "past", ("history"), to a defined "future".

Oddly, the EMPIRES centrally invested in capitalism, and it's linear logic, always seem to, eventually, FALL APART. They fail at gaining that planned future, (the American Dream), ultimately. Why? Because they have been applying a LINEAR system to a CLOSED or CIRCULAR system, planet earth - and all it's expositions of so-called externalised costs.

And God was our Magician. With all his shell games, and bait & switches... And death: it was the Afterlife, that kept us carrying those stones... "Six foot, Seven foot..."

The more we try to fit this straight line upon a recalcitrant circle, the more we need to come up with bullshit, LIES, about the so-called "future", and all it's associates. This PROPAGANDA is meant to keep the poor, and then the middle class, and then the upper middle class, (and all the developing and under-developed nations and businesses), riding along, providing investment money, or taxes, in the ever-more impossible "future". It's a scam, hiding a global PONZI SCHEME.

As capital itself becomes more and more a lie, it abstracts and centralises into fewer and fewer hands AT THE TOP - the ultra-rich, ultra-duplicitous, bastardly elites. Really, they don't know any better, cuz the fricken economy is destined to work this way, in the favour of whomever is left at the top of the pyramid scheme. ACTUAL WEALTH - actual capacity, actual luxury & ease, actual labour, fundamental capital - actual wealth is in swift, relative, geometrical decline. Line to circle = pyramid goes up, everything else slides down the sides.

And, so, the more and more we seek to apply our linear geo-political agenda on a world of circles and interconnecting communications, needs, economies, resources, etc., meaning to more and more MAKE US RICHER, (or at least keep our middle class from waking up and/or falling out of bed), then the more and more we need to apply LIES, including foreign propaganda, and foreign COVERT OPERATIONS. All in the name of this basic thing called "oil". Rather than switch over to alternate fuels, and alternate futures, we are addictively, dysfunctionally, BS/PSYCHOLOGICALLY, locked in a death grip for a dead future - OUR OWN PAST - only capable of actions serving to preserve the EMPIRE, even whilst we go insane.

A bit more irony... I awoke at 3:am, my sleep/wake cycle destroyed by a headache. Today, (Wednesday), was in fact another completely lost day. I am now not only recovering from my system-wide eyegraine, but am dealing with the consequent brain damage headache in my left hemisphere. I am now trying to recover from recovering. And that's a shame, cuz it means regenerating NEW CELLS.

Attempts to regenerate new cells is precisely what provokes CFS to start all over again. Because CFS is driven by, apparently, a retro-virus. A circle. I have lost my sleep. I have lost my circadian rhythms. I have lost my linear future to it.

There's a fire, amid...

If only the answer were as simple as fruit pectin...

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