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Laundry V / Privatisation & Rape - (updated)

Posted on 2011.03.28 at 11:42

It seems I have another full day of laundry stuff ahead of me - luckilly, I'm fairly functional. I decided to make some non-gluten pancakes, but this time I used one cup of Bob's hot cereal + Scottish Oats, in addition to 1 cup of my pancake/multi-grain flour. That really made a dif - good rising, consistency, browning. Also, I added a small amount of my pro-heart powder, which has turmeric, cumin, cocoa, tomato, etc., in it. And a little cinnamon. That not only made them redden-up, but it lending an unusual taste. I was amazed that I figured out what it reminded me of: June Berry, (Service Berry, Sarvis, Shadblow). So, if I tinkered with the recipe, and added Juneberries, it would be a formidable plate.

I've heard that it's OK to have some grain in dog food, since, in the wild, a predator eats the intestines first - where all the grain exists. This has possibly answered a long-running puzzle: Why would humans suddenly decide to go out and pick grains off of grass, and then to eat them. Answer: They ate to cooked grains in prey intestines first, then developed the habit of making grain-cakes. Grain-cakes go way back. That soon became bread. Now, just where beer entered the picture, before or after, I can't say - so it still remains a puzzle.

In a recent post, I spoke of those idiots who raped the homeless guy, and discussed territoriality, etc. In another post, I noted how their militance reminded me of Abu Ghraib and Bradley Manning's treatment. I now have an additional take:

PRIVATISATION. Idiots, indoctrinated by Randianism, Faux News, etc., assume that whatever belongs to us all - WE THE PUBLIC - is socialism, and it must be turned into private property - THEIR private property. This is their "moral" agenda - based on personal private resentments, greed, controllaholism, etc. According to them, when common property is so privatised, the added profit - the exploited CAPITAL - will easilly trickle down to all the people. Well, even if the business world were made up entirely by benevolent Libertarians, like, (the pro-NAZI, racist), Henry Ford, this is a CROCK OF SHIT.

The COMMONS belong to us all - for various reasons: We don't function well if we are not allow some degrees of freedom, opportunity, civil intercourse, sharing, etc. Plus, facts of nature mean that only some UTILITIES can manage resources like water, etc., properly, and these must not be allowed to become profit-making monopolies - tyrannies.

Everything which is not private to the common individual SHOULD ultimately be considered the commons - such that we should not allow a few profit-making monopolies to control ANYTHING - thus jacking up prices, destroying unions, driving down wages, controlling government, requiring wars... There IS no common morality, but law, to guarantee against such rape! To the contrary, a common morality is stillbirth without a FREE COMMONS.

All it takes is one actor to violate a violable commons, putting their selfish ends before society's means - i.e., CHEATING - before another steps in to compete - and then another, and another. Thence, we are all brought down to the common denominators we share with the long-extinct DINOSAURS.

But, to these destructive opportunists - foisting off all their external, secondary costs, like pollution, upon the rest of formerly-healthy, happy society - the commons is not hallowed - it is a WILDERNESS WAITING TO BE TAMED, or dominated. Women, indeed, are, in some ways, a commons of society - but to the privatisers, women are OBJECTS of OPPORTUNITY, needing to be controlled!

All else in the commons, include what has been naturally wild, like biology itself, appear to the privatisers as threats to their freedom - AND THEY MUST BE TAKEN - RAPED! The poor, the weak, the liberal, and ultimately the Jewish, the Arab, the Black - these are all, seen as threats to their PRIVATE JEALOUSIES, FEARS AND CRAVINGS, demanding to be dominated. By definition of their mere existence.

Ultimately, what the privatiser wants is nothing but a universal extension of his narcissism and ignorance, all others be damned. There is no limit, there is no shame.

Thus, those idiots who raped the homeless man: They were justified in projecting, and forcing upon, a "wild commoner", their own screwed-up private dysfunctions, simply because the homeless man existed. What is that but primal evil?

My skin is becoming iguana skin, my voice is sounding strange, my heart hurts, and I look like I'm aging too fast. I am always completely overwhelmed with my CFS plus ADDITIONAL fatigued. All because I still don't have thyroid meds. But it is simply impossible for me to arrange and keep appointments - new prescripts require TWO appointments - esp. while I am locked in all this work. If I WENT to an appointment, it would set my progress on the work BACK BY AT LEAST A WEEK. And yet it is because I am so dragged down that my work goes so slowly!! And I don't have a doctor anymore. When I can, I'll set up an appointment for next month - someone will be able to drive me then. These people who advise me NOT to get a car - SERIOUSLY! HUH!!!!!!

btw - Scott Walker, through his cronies, went AROUND a court order NOT to publish the new outrageous anti-union, privatising budget bill. They had it published via some OTHER bureaucratic agency, and declared that, since it HAS been published SOMEWHERE, it is now THE LAW OF THE LAND. You know what that's called? CONTEMPT OF FUCKING COURT!!!

From barnaby_d :
Image - "It's hard to imagine how the outrageous attempt by anti-choice lawmakers to redefine rape as a way to block access to safe and legal abortions could get any worse. But this week we found out just how far the most recent radical assault on women could go.." - http://act.credoaction.com/campaign/no_abortion_audits/index2.html


asmallcrime at 2011-03-28 20:16 (UTC) (Lien)
Oh wow, those pancakes sounded *awesome* - I'll have to try out that recipe for myself sometime, since experiment with recipes is one of my favorite things to do. =D

And that was really interesting about where humans first got the idea to eat grains. I never knew that that's what happened but it does make a lot of sense, really. So thanks for sharing that with us!

And ugh! Don't get me started on the dumbass Right Wing rants regarding what is and isn't 'Socialist'. Yeah, even though we have things like public libraries and parks and transportation systems - so what's wrong with something like Universal health care for all, etc. *snort* And god, Rand Paul scares the hell out of me. I can't believe that asshole actually got voted in - and he even represents the state I'm currently living in (Kentucky) and that makes it even *worse*. >.>

Edited at 2011-03-28 20:17 (UTC)
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2011-03-28 21:48 (UTC) (Lien)
Well, I didn't know you were in KY - interesting. Hal Sparks is from KY. I think Lincoln was too.

That stuff about grains - that was just my own idea - I don't know if it's true or not. I'm eating lentil soup right now, and all I know is TOO MUCH PEPPER.

I'm glad for your perspective re: the right wing! We need universal health care!

I say "Randian" when I mean Ayn Rand - but your comment made me realise that it perfectly covers her + Rand Paul as well, so thanks for that. Rand takes his name too seriously, and is a selfish foolish bastard person ha ha - but his father Ron is half-way sensible.

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