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Laundry IV / the psychology of rape

Posted on 2011.03.27 at 10:05
I'm almost done w/ the laundry - next comes a lot of sorting. (Also need to do some dirty blanket/rugs later).

http://www.wpr.org/book/110327b.cfm was about "CREATIVE PAIRS" (writing) today, including THE IOWA WRITERS PROGRAM, and BEN FOLDS/ NICK HORNSBY. (See also HOMEPAGE, 3/23 - Japan).

I never got into Ben Folds. I know he's good, but never really grabbed me. He reminds me of Mathew Sweet, John Edwards - and Ben Stiller for some reason... His latest albums lyrics were written by Nick Hornsby, who lives in England, and there can be comparisons made to BRUCE Hornsby's music...

Well, I don't know where Nick Hornsby ends and Ben Folds begins, but I sensed a lot of influences by 70/80's pop - Al Stewart, Squeeze, XTC - but some more fluid songwriters. I think of Folds as trying to follow in Paul McCartney's footsteps, (as Sweet followed in Harrison's, and Michael Penn followed in Lennon's - all of them were influenced by Chilton/ BIG STAR). I'm thinking that maybe Ben Folds was possibly an influence on that whole B-132/ Good Charlotte thing, and some Emo... (?). That would link them back to McCartney. (Emo has transmogrified into JUSTIN BEAVERS, who is today's Beatles - cuz of the hair, mostly).

One bumper song at the end of the programme was: "The 'In' Crowd", (CD:"Ramsey Lewis's Finest Hour") - and I'll put it on my list for my one-day personal LJ soundtrack. Also thought to add "Strawberry 22". Also, I heard one of the greatest pop songs ever, "Please, Baby, Go All The Way", by the Raspberries - who got their name from the Little Rascal's ("Our Gang") phrase, "Aw RASPBERRIES!" The magic of that song is that it jumps from the first line straight into it's ROUSING chorus. (Interesting that Folds dislikes this approach). Well, "Go All The Way" sounds like it was written by Harrison - but the genius in the Raspberries, ERIC CARMEN, studied Brian Wilson and others - he was a VERY astute songwriter.

Yesterday wasn't such a good day, but today should be better. I'll finally go in a read my email, and write letters, having finally accomplished my laundry goals.

I had to yell at my dog last night. It's so sad. But he kept running into off-limit rooms after I'd walk out of them. You know how they are: they want to be part of your action, and when you restrict that, they start getting defiant. He's not used to all this cleaning of mine. Well, I hugged him afterwards - but still, it hurts me so much to punish him. This morning, I let him up on my bed, and he was happy. But he'll be having growler nightmares soon. The sooner you resolve the issue, the sooner their nightmares come.

Two things, concerning my recent posts. I described the dream wherein the Sheriff projected his own prejudices onto my thinking. Well, another example of this comes from real life. I was singing in my bedroom once, along to George Harrison's, "I dig love!". My brother heard me singing the lyric, "I love dig!" - And he instantly assumed that I was singing, "I LOVE DICK!" It didn't matter if I explained how he was mistaken, he'd preserve that judgment forever, and file it away with all his others, cuz his life is an AGENDA, which was oppositional to me - like the GOP attacking Obama, no matter what he does.

And, when you catch a conservative in a mistake, well, they just despise you for that, too - they only speak their mis-truths even more insistently - because, they assume you have gone out of your way with THE INTENTION of attacking them personally. They CANNOT STAND it, to think that people are laughing at them. So, the agenda is a mechanical programme of lashing out - bullying - and taking sides with the "authorities" - when in fact they are nothing but cowards. The "moral agenda" is a ruse, driven by jealousy or spite... unbeknownst to themselves, of course. har har... And, so, that is the basis of the whole SHOCK DOCTRINE which is now trying to destroy our country, (see the book by NAOMI KLINE).

And in the other post: I was describing the idiots who attacked the homeless man, and how their militancy ended up costing taxpayers a lot more than the homeless guy did, much as our Military Industrial Complex presumes the right to parasitically suck away all our tax moneys. Well, they are like that vampire in other ways, like in their perversion or corruption. Because after that LJ entry was posted, thoughts of Abu Ghraib and Bradley Manning came to mind, to name a few similar military RAPES... Rape is a power game - all based on the inner self KNOWING that one's actions are grossly errant, but being driven by fear to continue, to destroy, to abandon oneself to insanity... Sadism... ends as masochism....

Empire... ends in capitulation... loss of head...

(NOTE: Interesting "Today's featured article" in wikipedia - about a dear Mentor, Jonathan Swift).

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