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the crushing irony which the poor must, (more and more), endure

Tonight is Earth Hour - lights out, from 8:30-9:30 pm Chg time, (or longer if you're cool).  So, check what time for your local area.

Today is also International Tom Hanks Day.  Yesterday, it was World Procrastination Day - so people are celebrating today.  Yesterday was also the 100th anniversary of the famous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.  This fire strongly influenced U.S. labor laws and rights.  Looking on at the fire, was a young Frances Perkins, who went on to become this country's first Secretary of Labor, under FDR.  I am fascinated by people like her, or Jane Addams, or Teddy Roosevelt, or the Abolitionists - and Thoreau who got them into the mainstream, and by so doing, brought on the Civil War - even though he had been the one to famously Civilly Disobey taxes levied for the Mexican-American (U.S. LAND-GRAB) War.  I am also intrigued by Lincoln.  These people saw common injustice in the places where they lived, and went on only to seek corrections, and, along the way, became Bigger-Than-Life historical movers-and-shakers.

Another interesting fire was "The Blast" in Roseburg, Oregon.

There was a news story on WBBM about a homeless guy who was wandering naked along Lake Michigan with a branch sticking out his butt.  That sounds funny.  But, actually, the man had been beaten and sodomised, left stunned and injured.  That's unfortunate.  Simply when you become poor, some people feel compelled, like rampaging male Chimps against a perceived intruder, to assault and even kill.  It's something sad and deplorable. 

I pondered how this could be related to territoriality, because usually this sort of thing is.  Often, a person may feel provoked, for whatever stupid reason or prejudice, but it depends upon the context of territory as to whether that person will or will not launch into violence.  Territory can be like gasoline on hidden, private resentments.  A lot of people assume they own whatever place they're in, simply because they've got a lot of alcohol in them.  But, as it is said, a drunk will seldom do what he/she wouldn't do while sober.  So, even if it is impossible to reason with a drunk or a zealot, it doesn't let them off the hook for any of their injurious behaviour.

So, I thought...  Here is a homeless guy, entirely dependent upon his environment for his survival - he has no other home.  And, maybe, because he is dependent on what is considered to be THE COMMONS, then he is considered far less of a person - so much so, that he has no right, ironically, to the territory upon which he is so dependent.

And here comes a gang of idiot jerks, who see him, and decide he is worth ridiculing and assaulting.  Why?  The other, converse, reason is that they see themselves as BIGGER than the territory.  In other words, maybe, since they really don't need this park they are wandering through - since they have their own homes and more important lives - then, ironically, they assume they have FAR GREATER RIGHT to this territory - to the very territory they are independent of.  So, they feel they almost have a duty to rid this leach upon the taxpayer, and punish him relentlessly.  Oh, the disgust they feel.

But, alas, my disgust is greater.  Think not only of the harm they have caused everyone, but the fact that they have made themselves far, far more expensive leaches upon the taxpayer.  A la: The Military Industrial Establishment.  Sometimes, it feels painfully shameful to partake in this race.
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