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party like a rock star!

Yo - I just had this instantly great idea. I like choosing great LJ friends, and a lot of you might like each other. So, if you ever feel like it, you can kind of make this a community by posting your own jnl posts right in the comments section of MY posts - even if they don't have anything to do with me or my blathering... But they should be special/interesting though.

Someone just gave me a set of 2 new watches. One actually fits and is kind of goth, so I'll wear it. The other one is a conventional man's watch but with a black face. Any guy with big wrists can have it if they want it. And don't forget about the size 7.5 ladies shoes I still have in my santa-mobile.

Woe - the new year will be betta...

WDEK 92.5 (Dekalb) was once the area's best radio station. Then, I think it's format got commercialised. Then it got taken over by a techno/dance station, which also operated as 92.7 and 99.9 (Chcago area) - which was WAY fun, and which I had on CONSTANLY. Sadly, those three staions then converted to a Hispanic format last year. The good news is that those three stations have now converted into a format more like the original WDEK! The're motto is, "We play ANYTHING!" - and they really do! From 60's garage/bubblegum bands to Smashmouth to No Doubt to lesser known 80's mx. Sometimes they do play crud that has been played over and over on redneck classic rock stns, but they come back to great stuff - and hardly any assinine DJing. It is a MUST for your pre-sets, for the variety alone!

Thank you, God.

I bought this can of some energy drink which claims to make you "party like a rock star!" at HiLanders. Yo - it really works. It has mega doses of vitamins, Milk Thistle, caffeine, electrolytes, etc. It was worth $2!

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