I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

problem is the solution

I have a car that runs on lies. I fill it up, and go as far as I can. Then I have to fill it up again, with some other lie. My car takes me from here to there - from one imaginary location to another. Everybody who sees my car is filled with envy, and if they can't buy a car like mine, they languish in hope and scheme to build one one day. At least, this is what I believe. I believe people envy my car - just as the people in Rush Limbaugh's head are thought to be in envy of Rush Limbaugh's head. And, like Rush Limbaugh's high-grade fat, my car protects me from the outside world - all the radiation and the labour unions. So long as I'm cruising along in my imaginary car of lies, these things do not exist, as far as I'm concerned. It's just me and my car - and all the elves who built it - driving safely into the future... To that City... Up thar on the Hill... That... Emerald... City.... Must... have... oil... must drink! Must reach Nirvana... drink glass of water... skin... is... peeling... away... So very cold...

So, right, that's what civilisation is like these days. Everything is about HOW TO KEEP THE LIE GOING FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Then, do a bait-and-switch, and fill the world up with another lie, to eventually run dry. For example, run for office on a platform of "LOCAL CONTROL", then get in and bust the unions, or fire teachers, or even remove city governments and replace them with your own Czars.

I grew up with that. I know how it works. Buy up the relevant people by allowing them to cash in on the latest lie, force down all the others. Money is like the grease which then allows you to slide from one lie to the next. You don't really get anywhere, you just add a lot more junk, acrimony, disease and children to the world. "The one who dies with the most toys WINS!"

We saw all that unfold in the BP Crisis, didn't we? The invasion of Iraq - remember those lies? And now, Japan declares that their continuing multiple-nuke meltdowns are a "Level 5" - making the emergency almost as bad as Three Mile Island. How about THAT ridiculous flub? Not funny, because it's true? - NO - Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl! And Obama declares that no problem is expected here. Well, good then! I wish I was as smart as Obama.

Did you know that planes, luggage, people from Tokyo are setting off radiation alarms in U.S. airports? Did you know that PLUTONIUM alpha radiation, the richest kind, doesn't, in fact, set off Geiger counters? It isn't even detected, but it KILLS. And it LASTS FOREVER! Just like my invisible car!

How about this lie: The hedgefund and quant econo-zombies have been blowing up a new Wall Street bubble - in hyperspace derivatives, and all that crap - all that crap which represents NOTHING REAL. Because, the idea that we passed legislation to prevent another CRASH caused by such CRAP has been a LIE.

There has been nothing real to feed our necessary growth - no new industries, no new employment, markets, or investment in infrastructure.

Helping to rebuild Japan will eventually spark some manufacturing, trade, and investment possibilities - but RIGHT NOW, we not only have been building our house-of-cards economy on a foundation bubble of hyperspace derivatives, Japan will be pulling back it's cash, and we'll be left needed the FED to buy U.S. Bonds instead, printing FAKE MONEY, and so adding to inflation. And, the cost of all energies, including green and oil, will go up, and will be commandeered by China and the Middle East - while we bury cruise missiles and tanks and jets in a mass grave.

Reality: Second crash is coming, as soon as people try to flee derivatives, et al. Putter putter putter...

I just realised my roof leaks. So, if it rains radiation, then I'm not too happy about that. It only takes one microscopic germ of plutonium - or other - to kill you, one day. Your body becomes a lie - it is eventually exhausted by reality.

I've also been thinking: Now that I can't stand the sound of Obama's voice, was there ever a president whom I didn't hate? Well, I don't remember Carter - but Clinton didn't seem to bad - only because I was stupid. I don't think I hated him, though, although I might have at some point. I generally didn't hate Bush #1, because I pretty much ignored him. But I probably hated him during Iraq War #1. I thought Reagan was a foppish grease-ball, and that was enough at the time. I didn't think he really seemed like a president, like a Founding Father - or those spineful guys like Lincoln, Teddy, Jfk or, my fav, Peewee.

Last night I dreamt that I spent a lot of time dealing with a hot Hispanic gf. There was also a secondary plot involving a trouble-making schoolkid. At the end, hot gf was turned on by having her hair combed, and we ended up hugging for a long time. All the macho dudes looked over and,"HAeeeeey!!" gave me a thumbs up.

People who hate kids either have a brain disease or they were brats when THEY were kids. Now they are brat adults. OK - I'll make an exception - most American kids are a pain in the ass - as a group. I mean, you find one good one, and suddenly there's a bunch of other bad ones telling you to give them your pizza or please can they put a firecracker in your dog's butt - you know exactly what I mean, I'm sure....

I'm tired.

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